Monday 28 June 2010

The case for video technology

Firstly one must say that England thoroughly deserved to lose to Germany yesterday, we were utterly woeful almost to a man. The one man to come out of the game with some credit was David James who pulled off a series of fine saves. The reasons for England's failure are many, in my opinion a big reason is the lack of tricky technical players available because of our overly physical and clogging domestic league, international football is a completely different game, so players who are excellent in the Premiership are often not excellent at international football. The lack of pace demonstrated by our centre backs was also rather key.

Now onto the main point that is how the idiots in charge of football at FIFA have not introduced the use of video technology to wipe out clear refereeing errors. Blatter and his corrupt cronies in FIFA continue to resist video technology at all costs, yesterday proved why this approach is so so stupid and wrong. England had a goal not given when it was at least a foot over the goal line, a video referee would have easily cleared this up and the score would have been 2-2. Why do the morons running the game resist the use of technology when all other sports use it with good effect? Blatter and his fellow numpties should hang their heads in shame, they should now have no place to hide.


Uncle Mike said...

The goal was legit, no matter what I think of Lampard. But that doesn't provide a satisfying answer to this question: If it had been allowed, would Germany still have scored their 3rd and 4th and won the game anyway? Only the most deluded of BNPers would say no, England would have won it 3-2.

Anonymous said...

Why did England deserve to lose? Because they could not overcome an unfairly denied goal?

I think it is a panacea to console oneself with the thought that it should have happened anyway, so what does it matter if FIFA shows the fans the middle finger every day of the competition. It is not ok.

The game was not played fairly. Sometimes, the better team wins, if the game is not stacked against them -- that's what sports is all about. It was not fair to England, or the team, or the fans, to make them work so hard to qualify, make them spend so much to go to South Africa so FIFA could put on a spectacle that nets it billions in TV revenue, and then not provide a fair playing field. That is wrong, and it taints the whole event that this careless disregard for the teams and players seems to be ratified by bloggers and fans with the comment that the losing team deserved to lose -- they did not deserve to lose this way.

Why do refs exist? To provide a fairly run environment for two teams to compete within agreed upon rules. What is the problem with referees? They make mistakes.

How can that be dealt with? Some sports add more officials on field -- it is ludicrous to think that one on-field ref and two people who can only patrol half of one side of the field can keep track of what is being done by 22 men, but one option would be to add about 5 or 6 more refs, each with specific responsibilities.

The other is to use technology -- every other sport does it, why not FIFA?

Anonymous said...

video technology would be great. there could be more set pieces, and maybe they could split the game into 2 30-minute halves, with a clock, and each team gets 30 minutes on the other end to do whatever it likes. that way each team would get to play offense and defense, like cricket, baseball and american football.

also it would be great to allow substitutions. i think there would be a lot less diving if the guys were less tired, a lot less moaning on the field, etc.

it would also be good because you could take out a guy that has a yellow, but bring him back in for the last 5 minutes or whatever.

i think 2 more refs on the field would be good too. american football has three, i think american hockey has two, but i don't remember for sure, basketball has two and its a smaller playing surface...

maybe goals from outside the box should count for 2 pts.

maybe we should have set of judges that rate each goal after a video review.

its not fair that each goal counts as one. all goals aren't equal.


Anonymous said...

England deserved to lose because they suck.


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