Tuesday 21 July 2009

Nasri injured, lucky old Arsenal

The club have confirmed that Samir Nasri has broken his fibula whilst training at the Austrian training camp. Not good news. Apparently the injury was as a result of a Diaby challenge, I suppose at least it's a sign that Diaby can have an impact on occassions (bad joke I know). However having a bit of medical knowledge and making a few assumptions that are likely to be correct, it appears that this break is highly likely to be an undisplaced crack at the end of the fibula bone which is a very benign injury. He'll just have to rest up for a few weeks but should be able to start gentle activity by around the six week mark, sometimes they are managed by allowing weight bearing as soon as the pain allows. Personally I'd guess he'd be back playing in the reserves by around the eight to nine week mark. So it's bad news, but it's not that bad, after all we do have a wealth of talent in the attacking midfield department.


BelfastGooner said...

Desperate News just when things seem'd to be going Good for us
I wish Sammy all the best and hope He mends quickly

1979gooner said...


i told you so!

Rhinogooner said...

Nice work fella!