Thursday 16 July 2009

Mirko Vucinic gold dust

Morning all. Just a quick mention of something that was in the papers this week and made me laugh.

Mirko Vucinic, the Montenegran striker at Roma (who was excellent in both legs against us but missed the crucial penalty) is being linked with a move away from Rome, and one possible destination is Spurs. This is what he had to say on a Roma website interview:

"At the moment it's useless to talk because there aren't any offers," said Vucinic. "If one should arrive I will talk with the club and we'll see.
"Obviously there are places where I would not want to go.
"Tottenham? Let's reject that.

Well said Mirko. Well said. Apart from being quite amusing, its also refreshing to see a player who is interested in more than just his paycheck, since Spurs would no doubt offer him a bagful of money to waste his time at the Lane. Better luck next time Harry.


1979gooner said...

yeah, f*ck off harry

1979gooner said...


what a tw*t

if adebayor screws up his city move because of money/greed then he should be loudly booed everytime he is seen anywhere near the Emirates

Ted said...

Adebayor really does take the piss. said...

Has anyone read this?

Ted said...

thanks lagooner - good link to a good post.

p.s. lets all send a card to big john hartson. the best number 14 arsenal ever had. apart from thierry henry. and martin keown. and theo walcott. anyway, sounds like big john is in a very bad way. get well soon!

Uncle Mike said...

What's that saying they have at Millwall? "No one likes us, we don't care!" At Tottenham, it's, "No one likes us, we can't figure out why!"

Even in Rome -- even in Montenegro! -- nobody wants to play for Spurs. I guess when you live in the former Yugoslavia, you want to stay away from a place that looks like it was recently bombed. (Not to be confused with fans getting bombed, although that happens to fans on both sides.)

If Vucinic doesn't want to go to Tottenham, might Arsenal have a use for him? We know he's got talent, and clearly he's got taste.

Rhinogooner said...

I watched the match v. Barnet today. Obviously we can't put a lot of stock in the performance at this early stage. But I would have felt better with a smooth 7-0 win though.

It appeared that we are still struggling to deal with the ball over the top. What price a good defensive coach being brought into the side this season? And to what cost will it be to us if we choose to continue to ignore this weakness?

I'm losing the plot again though - as I stated earlier, still early doors, so I will try to reserve judgment.

We can't relax though. We must get up to speed quickly this season so that we are at full pace for the Champion's League qualifiers and the tough Premiership matches we have right at the start of the season. The high calibre of the matches we have right from the off this season has me a bit twitchy.

I would have liked to have seen Eduardo and Bendtner play today. I expected to see Ramsey as well. But it was great to see Rosicky back. He looked decent without pulling up trees. And he went into some physical challenges without apprehension and showed no signs of ill effect from it.

Sounds like Ade just about gone now. Goodbye Adebayor, and don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!

Obsinho said...

Watched the barnet game too & am equally apprehensive. The aim of these games is fitness and integrating new players (!). On that front tommy was impressive, vermaelen ok and that's it really. Wenger put out 70% kids in the first half and 100% kids in the second so lets not read too much inyo it.

What annoyed me was watching the play in the final third where even in a pre-season the team always look for a threaded ball into the box. Very little variety going forward, conceding 2 isn't great, butwe played 4 cnetre backs in the first half.

More annoying was hearing the old "returning players are like a new signing" spiel from wenger when explaining ade's sale. Where are the quality DMs we have returning from injury to justify not signing one?

It was only a friendly and Arsene knows what he's doing,It was only a friendly and Arsene knows what he's doing,It was only a friendly and Arsene knows what he's doing,It was only a friendly and Arsene knows what he's doing.........