Friday 28 December 2012

Pardew spot on as Ferguson shows his nasty colours

The fallout from the Manchester United - Newcastle game continues.  Alan Pardew said some very reasonable things in very reasonable fashion including:

"I think Mike Dean might feel slightly disappointed he didn't do something about it, I think the pressure that was on him was tough for a referee to take......Sometimes when you reflect on a game you think you might have acted differently. You do that as a manager and I think he might have done that as a referee......But it's an emotional game and apparently they had a cordial discussion. I've had a few of those myself and sometimes I've ended up in the stands as a result of that cordial discussion.......I think there were a lot of things the FA could look at. But it seems they are looking at none."
Pardew's words are understated and entirely reasonable given what was obvious to anyone that saw the appalling aggression with Ferguson showed towards the match officials.  Unsurprisingly 'Sir' Alex has responded in typically aggressive fashion.  As always Ferguson took zero responsibility for intimidating the officials and tried to attack Pardew.  It was fascinating that Ferguson hints at 'help he gave' to Pardew, it appears Ferguson will use his power to make Pardew's life difficult in football circles from now on, standing up to Ferguson's bullying has severe consequences it appears.
Interestingly Arsene Wenger has made some very cryptic comments which hint at what many of us have known for a while, it has become clear that the rules are selectively enforced, that Manchester United can do what they want and that the system is corrupt.  The FA are either scared or corrupt, neither being good for the future of football, with their 'respect' campaign being an utter shambles, discipline will always be non-existent if rules are not consistently enforced.
'Sir' Alex Ferguson is a cowardly bully who cannot bear to look at his own ugly behaviour in the mirror.  A key part of his success has been down to his, his players' and his clubs' systematic manipulation of referees and officials.  The intimidation is clear, it is unpunished and it influences results.  The referee selection process is also dodgy, hidden from public view and arguably subject to huge bias.  The PGMOL, Mike Riley and the Premier League seem to have a lot to hide.
In Alex Ferguson's eyes it is all someone else's fault, the disgusting abuse and intimidation that he and his players have been guilty of over the years is just someone else's problem, it is just because of his club's profile, is he so stupid that he expects us to buy this?  Does he really think he is harshly treated by the media?  What utter cods wallop   His aggressive reaction smacks of his guilt, he knows that the momentum against his nasty tactics is building.  I suspect Ferguson's legacy will not be one of great football, it will be one of the nasty side of human nature and of a corrupt bully being exposed for what he is.


Ra.1 said...

I just think everyones looking too much into it. It doesnt help that the British media chooses to focus on all the negatives either. The man showed his passion for his game at his age. We all act at the spur of the moment when we're angry and do silly stuff. Happens to the best of us. Get over it. Dont let the incident overshadow a thrilling match between 2 good teams. However, I do not agree with his comments on Newcastle or its fans. I think that bit was childish and could have been avoided. I think what he meant to say what that when Manchester United do anything, its amplified more than when other clubs do it (In reference to Pardew pushing a linesman sometime back). Although this could have been conveyed in a much better way.

pm said...

Ferguson a bully - no bully would get that far in life, just not possible. Also did you hear what ferguson actually said to the ref? No you didn't or you would have quoted it. He was angry because the goal was offside. Though cisse didn't interfer with the ball he certainly influenced evans and thus interfered with play. Therefore he was offside. The ref didn't report it because it would have brought to light he didn't understand both the rules of the game and the game itself. I don't know one manager who would have been less animated than ferguson when faced with that situation and if they weren't well they wouldn't be caring about their team. However I also agree that the images were not good to watch.

Lebogang B said...

The EPL will be better when Fergusin is gone. Hs is bad for football.

jon said...

"No bully would get that far in life" ..hmm? Hitler? Stalin? Pol-Pot? Shall I continue? All dictators, all megalomaniacs and all overly fond of the colour red.

His rant at Newcastle is both untimely and ungentlemanly. To claim that a 60+year old man flailing his arms around was not ranting and raving but demonstrative shows less a scant disregard for the refs but more one for the English language.

He was so demonstrative he 'demonstrated' his chewing gum.

or was that bile and hate coming out?

Gunnertim1992 said...

couldn't agree more with this article just sums fergie as a bull in a china shop & has always been this way and then the tables turn in his foavour numerous times when the results are in the oppositions favor fergie effect saddening, to all clubs who act properly and try to play the way fergie seems 2 be the gordon ramsey of football.

Unknown said...

To paraphrase: Forgive him??? For he knows exactly what he does!
Billy C

goonermichael said...

the man is a typical bully. I can never understand why a twat like him got a knighthood. Pardew apologised for what he did and took the punishment. I'll be glad when his disgusting, alchy face is no longer on my TV. Every expert says the goal was correctly given but manc fans still try to tell us it should have been disallowed. read the fucking rules.

Scarmag said...

For the avoidence of any doubt the haranguing of the 3 match officials by Ferguson including the linesman who had signalled an offside(and of the latter by Phelan whilst the referee was simultaneously being "addressed" by Mr Do No Wrong) occured over a half an hour after the incident and following half time break. This was therefore no moment of passion but an orchestrated attempt to influence future decisions by the officials. Dean showed bravery in awarding the goal especially at OT but overleniency in allowing Ferguson to encroach onto the pitch, delay the start of the 2cnd half by some minutes and have his colleagues harangued. Abuse isn't only swearing at officials.
Decent fans of all clubs will see this for what it was except for those blinkered M U fans who will defend their hero no matter what. The FA are a joke to consider action against Mancini and Redknapp (no matter what I think of those 2) but find their hands again tied where Ferguson is concerned. His later disparaging remarks on Newcastle being a "wee club in the North East" are fine for other fans to make but surely not another club's manager - especially that of "the most famous in the world".

Uncle Mike said...

Never trust Manchester United. They lie, they cheat, they steal. You'd think they were members of America's Republican Party. All that's missing is bigotry.

Unknown said...

Double stand from FA and its referees. Arsene Wenger was sent to stand in a very humiliating fashion for even lesser offensive remarks toward referee in the same MU Stadium by a FA referee while MD couldn't even be brave enough to report to FA.

Sign of senile dementia in Sir A Ferguson memory. When Benetiz as Liverpool manger branded Everton as a small team Fereguson came out openly calling Benetiz as an arrogant. What about him coment on Newcastle club?