Thursday 27 December 2012

Ferguson intimidating his way to another title

How much longer can the pathetic footballing authorities allow this to go on?  The disgraceful abuse and intimidation dished out to the match officials yesterday at Old Trafford was typical of the bully who has built his success on fear.  Even Gary Lineker commented on Ferguson's disgusting behaviour yesterday, although MOTD stopped short of really dealing with the issue properly.

Alex Ferguson, his managerial staff and his players have done this for years and will continue to do so until the authorities clamp down on it, unfortunately there is precious little chance of that happening given the weakness and clear vested interests in football's governing bodies.  Yesterday the officials had to back away from the abuse as the physical element of the intimidation was obvious.

The bottom line is that officials are afraid of Ferguson and Manchester United.  This means that Manchester United continue to get the rub of the green with the big decisions and the small decisions, and anyone who understands statistics will tell you that this adds up over the course of a season, it most definitely doesn't even out.  It is like having a weighted coin, even if the odds of a heads being tossed are 60% versus 40% for tails this quickly leads to some very significant differences.  The penalty statistics, the lack of ref cards and other evidence all points to a clear systematic bias in favour of Manchester United as a result of this systematic intimidation of officials.

I have no respect for the scum bag that is Alex Ferguson.  He is a pathetic coward and a bully.  His success has been built on his unpleasant personality traits and on scaring people into doing what he wants them to do.  This is not a human being we should look up to and respect, this is not someone who is a good example to our children, this man is an appalling human being and it is about time that the FA stood up to him.


Michael said...

Strangely enough, I blame Tony Blair.

If he hadn't courted the celebrity vote by elevating no accounts like Ferguson to knighthoods this problem could well have been dealt with by the lame-brain sycophant authorities. Now the media is scared to death of him, and football is the loser.

Sandinista! said...
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Unknown said...
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slideglider said...
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Ratiz David Nzomo said...

why should Man U get points unfairly?

Unknown said...
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1979gooner said...

To the illiterate Manure fans who seem to be deliberately avoiding the issue,

do you find Alex Ferguson's behaviour acceptable?

If so, how can you justify the abuse and threatening of officials during games?