Thursday 31 May 2012

Close season musings and shut up doomers!

The close season is a strange beast, one would think that people would chatter less as so little happens, but in fact the reverse seems to be true, there is more chatter because so little is actually happening.  The great problem with this of course, is that people get very over excited by the most flimsy of rumours and I have to say a lot of it is extremely tedious.

Hence the massive over excitement over Eden Hazard's transfer, he is a fantastic talent, but he is just that, he is unproven at the international level, he is unproven in the Champions League, he has been outstanding in Ligue 1 only.  Many greater players than Hazard have moved leagues and failed to adapt, despite being excellent players with proven track records in better leagues and with top international sides.  I think sometimes people are a little bit quick to get excited, a bit of perspective please people.  Over £30million quid seems a lot of money for such a player, but such is life in a football world run by the arrogant unsustainable bully boy spending of Chelsea and Man City, the clubs that are extracting football's soul at pace.

The Arsenal rumours continue.  The M'Vila deal is off, done or on/off depending on whose rumour you read, countless other players are being linked, many of whom have probably been seen on Arsene's copy of Championship Manager and nothing else.  The fact remains that it is early early days and very few deals have been done by anyone, we must remain patient and remember that we have already done one fantastic piece of business in landing Podolski for a decent fee.  Ignore the crap that journalists peddle in order to sell papers when there is no decent news around, rise above it and turn the other cheek.

One thing I must mention and it may not be popular in all quarters, is the fact that a certain repugnant breed of Arsenal 'fan' is already writing off the club's activity as a gross failure, despite the fact that the window hasn't even opened in a lot of mainland Europe!  It really infuriates me and it is utterly pathetic that some of our so called 'supporters' are so keen to see the glass as eternally half empty, I think some people need to grow up and join the real world.  Get a grip you negative dooming whingers.

Onto the England side, well isn't the squad and eleven just a tad average?  In my opinion the style of the Premier League is not conducive to England developing the right type of players to be successful at the international level.  The PL is rapid, breakneck and physical, possession is nowhere near as vital, it can be more like pinball than a game of chess, it is so different to the international game.  We lack players, especially in midfield, with the right touch, technique and class on the ball to retain possession and play the kind of game needed to win a big tournament.

Players like Gerrard, Lampard, Parker, Milner, Barry, Downing et al are all just not good enough or they are too Premier League typed, they lack the necessary craft and technique to keep the ball and play a patient game of high possession footballing chess as some top international sides can.  Despite this, it is strange that the media often chooses to pull up Arsenal as being the root cause of England's failings, why is a club that does actually produce some good technical players blamed?  Especially when there are managers around like Pulis and Allardyce, they are not going to help create a new generation of top technical talent, are they?  Let's all blame the easy option, Arsene Wenger, because he's French, what pathetic lazy thinking....


Anonymous said...

Wow! My thoughts excactly. I feel like I wrote this.

well done.

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Good Post !

Cent said...

Good post mate, its hard for England to succeed because they keep shying away from their problems and are always blaming other people for it,the players,coaches and most especially The F.A. Must learn to take responsibility if not,English football will continue going down the drains.

Anonymous said...

Well said mate.

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