Saturday 2 June 2012

RVP: I think we can keep him if ambition is shown

An extremely interesting article has been published in the FT, written by a journalist, Henk Spaan, who reportedly knows RVP well, it highlights several of the key issues surrounding the future of our Dutch talisman.  The big question is how much to read into this piece?   I would say the general theme is worth our attention but some of the smaller details may well be just the author's opinion, and should consequently be taken with a pinch of salt.

"Can the Premier League’s best player fulfil his ambition with Holland – and Arsenal?"

The title tells the reader what the article is about, in simple terms, RVP wants Arsenal to show him they mean business by signing some top class talent this summer and if the club does this, there looks like being a cracking chance of him signing a new contract.  If the club haggle over small amounts of money, do not clear out the squad and bring in the quality, then RVP may well be off and I don't think many fans would hold this against RVP, if the club does not show the required ambition, we want the club to make us competitive again and show this ambition.

"Andrey Arshavin was expensive, inefficient and unpopular in the dressing room, Marouane Chamakh a mistake, Gervinho inadequate for the Premier League. And manager Arsène Wenger’s protection of the young midfielder Aaron Ramsey, with his deficient view of the game and meagre statistics (only two goals and four assists all season), doesn’t help much either."

Arshavin has been a failure and needs to go, we all know this, Chamakh has been a flop, yes.  I would take issue with the Gervinho comment, I think he has what it takes and will come good, many excellent players have taken a season or two to bed down.  The Ramsey comments are also spot on in my eyes, he has been overplayed and the manager has probably got this one slightly wrong in the way he has handled his exposure to the first team.

On the whole it is a very good piece by Spaan and I agree with the general theme, I will not be angry if RVP leaves because the club have not shown ambition.  This is another warning shot across the club's bow, they need to pull their fingers out this summer and money has to be invested, otherwise it could have significant long term effects in terms of keeping the club at the very top of the European and domestic levels.  RVP is hungry for success and if the board show they are also as hungry, I feel there is a good chance he will sign up with us for a few more years.


Danish Gooner said...

wenger is getting his signings horrible wrong but that is what you must accept as long as you shop in the bargain basement shop.

1979gooner said...

Danish Gooner

disagree that you cannot get good value signings

he has done it in the past, many of our greats were not top money signings, decent money yes, but not in the 30/40 million bracket

Liverpool have shown that you can spend big and fail miserably too

I think the right signings could be done for 10-20mill a head max, I don't think you have to go up to 40 odd

There are also some handy players around with <1yr on their contracts

Anonymous said...

We (fans) no longer have a clue where we are heading with AFC, what's the long term goals, if any, of this club. But one thing we do know is that those at the top, including AW, either have no ambition or still living in their own fantasy that school boys can deliver them triumph. Stop going to the games as a protest.

Anonymous said...

I agree wenger has made a lot of wrong signings, and question weather it was wenger or David Dean making thoses signings, investment and ambition is all RVP wants to see and I believe he will stay

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that slowly but surely we have declined ever since David Dein left the club. We had better sign 2-3 top talent players or you can expect to be in the 3rd spot or lower for many years to come.

danish gooner said...

Park,horrible signing real bottom basement panic signing absolute trash wasted 3 mil quid and probably mil quid in wages.Santos,washed up brazilian totally out of his debt 4 mil quid wasted.Arteta and Mertesacker the jury is still out.What Pool does is really not our problem but Wenger has talked for donkey years how special this team is the only thing it is special at is falling apart at the worst times.

Anonymous said...

Its quite apparent that AFC have settled for a model where vast amounts of money are generated from buying low, and selling high.

Clearly there's money to be made from selling our best performers every end-of-season, and replacing with cheaper, inferior ones.
Since moving to the Emirates, I can't honestly say I've been overwhelmed by any of our new signings.

We're at a point where we need to utilize some of our vast resources as there may be only one 4th place spot to contest with he likes of N'castle, L'poo and the Spuds. Anything else and I will really have to question exactly why we moved to the Emirates.

Anonymous said...

AFC have probably calculated that the investment required to push-on and actually win either the PL or CL as not worth it. We can make more money by selling the few gems that we have.

I really cannot see any change in that strategy, and consequently question the club's objectives, and ambitions.

We're suppose to be 6th richest sport club on the planets yet we're shopping at Lidl and Aldi whilst our main competitors shop at Waitrose and Harrods. Mind you we pay the highest tickets prices!

Anonymous said...

We can keep RVP because he is under contract. After that, he can die of gonorrhea and rot in hell.

Anonymous said...

It's not just signing players but also....
1) playing them in the right positions.
2) quickly selling them instead of keeping useless players ....denilson, alumia, sylvestre, squillaci, ETC.
3) DONT BE STINGY ALWAYS BUYING BARGAINS ALL THE TIME. Top and experienced players are worth investing in.
4) Stop kicking the water bottles and make the players nervous

Anonymous said...

Meaner says... Firstly, don't fool me by telling me David Dein is the cause of our failure.

We have to accept some signings that never fail to deliver.

But I cannot accept keep playing some of those forever promising, and improving player like Ramilson.

Wenger knows. But he has to be ruthless.

Anonymous said...

Meaner says... Typo, i mean fail to deliver