Saturday 3 March 2012

Perspective on that game called football

I know this is a football blog but sometimes one has to put things into perspective.  Events in Syria are absolutely shocking, I would urge everyone to watch the above video of Sunday Times photographer Paul Conroy speaking about the systematic slaughter of men, women and children that is going on there.  It certainly puts football into perspective for me anyway.

Last weekend was fantastic from a footballing point of view, a great win and a great comeback.  However certain things happened at the Emirates which again it all into perspective for me, there is unfortunately often a minority of football fan, that uniquely stupid and unpleasant breed of scum, who has the capacity to take the shine off such a great win.  There were some idiots spouting racist abuse, there were some wishing Adebayor dead and there was far worse than this.  I hope the club can clear this class of filth out for good, these morons should have no place at our football club.

The injury situation doesn't look too terrible for our trip to Anfield, there are doubts over Vermaelen, RVP and Rosicky, but they may well all play.  It is always a tough tough fixture and even if Liverpool aren't the force of old, any point at Anfield is always a good one.  Anyways whatever happens at Anfield, it is only a game of football, there are many things more important in life.

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