Sunday 4 March 2012

Lazy media sucked in by Riley's propaganda

One could be forgiven for thinking that refereeing was brilliant and at its best ever, that is if one lazily believe all ones reads that is written by some rather lazy journalists out there.  Many of these so called journalists appear not to have time or brainpower to do any decent investigative work or analysis of their own, so they are being sucked in by the same old tired propaganda from Mike Riley's PGMO.  The headlines read:

 "Referees winning the percentage game whatever managers and media say"

Apparently we just have not right to question these 'impressive statistics on officials' accuracy' and anyone doubting them must be cooking up  a 'half-baked conspiracy theory'.  Interestingly the claimed statistic of 99.3% of offside decisions being correct is not backed up by UntoldArsenal's analysis of these decisions.  UntoldArsenal's referee statistics make for far gloomier reading that Mike Riley's.

One can see just how weak Riley and the PGMO's case is by the claim that the 'Respect' campaign is working because bookings for dissent are down!  This was perfectly demonstrated yesterday by Mark Halsey complete inability to punish Liverpool for some really blatant dissent and intimidation of officials.  It is clear that dissent bookings are down because referees have stopped punishing dissent on the whole, things are so bad that if dissent were punished we would sometimes not see a single player left on the field.

I have already done a fair amount of research on Mike Riley and the hidden non-transparent workings of the PGMO.  It is clear that whatever ones theories on referee selection or referee performance, the workings of PGMO are hidden from public view and their propaganda cannot be trusted.  Apparently 92% of the 'major' decisions are correct, but the important thing is according to who?  Well, it's apparently down to the match delegates who watch in real time from the stands, this system is obviously entirely useless and the very opposite of objective in judging the performance of referees.  UntoldArsenal have done an excellent review of how flawed these statistics from the PGMO are, it's well worth a read.

The great irony is that so called 'professional' journalists are invariably quick to criticise amateur bloggers, yet these 'professionals' are repeatedly caught with their pants down around their ankles reproducing propaganda from various official bodies as if it were unquestionable fact.  Anyone with a decent brain and a bit of training can tell you that you should always be sceptical of data, one should always look at where the date has come from, the methodology of its gathering, its interpretation and any flaws in this whole process.  The mainstream media have yet again been caught producing some very lazy and shoddy work, and then when this is pointed out to them they don't like it.

It is clear that so much done by Riley, the PGMO and referees is completely hidden from the public and the media.  Whether anything dodgy is going on is unknown, it is just rather obvious that we cannot know either way, too much has not been revealed about the inner workings of the PGMO.  The latest round of PGMO propaganda adds nothing to the arguments despite what certain lazy hacks have trotted out in their columns, referee selection and standards in the Premier League are a story that will simply run and run.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post

ClockEndRider said...

Keep up the good work. The sooner we kick these, at best amateurish, at worst corrupt officials out of the game, the better.

Anonymous said...

i have never trusted these guys. Recall the 50th game of 04-05 season at OT.THE UGLY BRIT BULLDOG was tackled by Campbell outside the box.A penalty was given.
Earlier in the game Reyes was kicked all over but mo yc or rc give until much later in the game.
It's no wonder the red faced has been winning even when losing.
That's why for all the red faced dominance in the epl,he can't duplicate in in the cl. It's obvious. He has no bald ref to give him favours especially penalties.

Anonymous said...

It's great that you and UntoldArsenal are keeping the fires burning under the PL referees. Their bias is blatant, and it's extraordinary that people who don't regularly watch the matches where the referees' bias is most egregious dismiss the critics as being conspiracy nuts. Remember, some extraordinary refereeing decisions stole the league title from Arsenal in the 2007-2008 season. It is statistically very, very improbable that the penalty decisions against Arsenal in the sequence of games starting with Eduardo's horrific meeting with Birmingham were not from anti-Arsenal bias.

Mike Dean gave a penalty to Sunderland (correctly) this morning not realizing that a Sunderland win would help Arsenal. He must have realized his mistake at the half because he just red carded Sessegnon ha ha ha...After being crowded out by three Newcastle players, Sessegnon reacted and shrugged his elbow back - after a few seconds, Tiote went down as if hit by a sledgehammer....

Anonymous said...

I remember the game when Eduardo was cruelly and deliberately injured.The ref did not give an automatic rc immediately after the inhuman tackle.Five minutes later he sent Taylor off.
For some inexplicable reason,he gave Blues a penalty.Bear in mind the Blues boss was a former protege of the red faced.That's why I believed the gunners were
unable to win the epl that year thanks to the machinations of the refs and other reasons.
And that's why the red faced has been unable to dominate in the cl. It would be the case even if he were to manage until he is 100.

alex said...

Good response to that crap published today by Daniel Taylor on The Guardian

Anonymous said...

I like the comment about the rf. It's about time he suffers a blip.The sooner the better.He is being a danger to the epl by making it uncompetitive thanks to the refs.
I sincerely hope MC win the epl this season otherwise England will soon be like Spain and Holland where only two or three teams win the trophies with conniving refs.

Uncle Mike said...

Don't forget the large number of proteges that Alex Ferguson has. In addition to the aforementioned Alex McLeish (who played for Sir Gumchomper at Aberdeen), there's Steve Bruce, currently without a job but beneficiary of that Darren Bent goal at 94:15 after 4 minutes were awarded at the Stadium of Shite.

How many gifts did Mark Hughes, now at QPR, get when he was managing Man City against Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea?