Saturday 3 March 2012

More diving and Halsey shocking

Not a great Arsenal performance by any means but considerably better than an absolutely terrible half of refereeing from Mark Halsey.  Firstly he gave a penalty for yet another piece of Luis Suarez cheating, the man really is one of the least sportsmanlike and biggest cheats I have ever seen on a football field, add that to his racism and you have one of the most vile footballers of all time.

He got numerous small decisions wrong and I won't bore you with these, but the fact that he missed two reckless Liverpool tackles that took place right in front of him without even awarding a free kick says it all.  The first from Spearing, another piece of proper vile scouser, was a nasty straight legged lunge on Rosicky's shin, it could have been red, at least a yellow, Halsey did nothing.  The second studs up lunge from Kuyt on Arteta was not as bad but was a pretty certain yellow and Halsey did nothing.

I really struggle with this Liverpool side, they are full of some rather nasty individuals and Steven Gerrard isn't even playing.  Carragher does nothing but foul, RVP scored with a header just after Carragher had tried to push him down in the box, an obstruction later in the half on RVP in the box was a clear deliberate foul.  Suarez' cheating, fouling and whinging is beneath contempt.  Spearing is a nasty violent thug.  The rest of them are constantly moaning and intimidating the officials, appealing for free kicks and thrown ins that they know very well are not due.  What a sorry state football is in these days, so much cheating and so little sportsmanship on show.


Anonymous said...

You never know and cannot trust these guys in black.The ref chief has been promoted to the post overseeing the roster of refs.Is it any surprise MD has officiated in 13 matches with the gunners winning only one game.
And that is why come end of the season the red faced will be holing the epl trophy.Fortunately his dream of dominating in the cl will nevre be achieved even if he were to continue to 99 years of age or 109.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to see an unbiased piece of writing for once. Well done on pointing out Arsenal players rolling around on the floor with nothing wrong with them.

Anonymous said...

You need to watch the replay mate cos there's definite contact.

Other than that, WELL DONE.


Catapult said...

Almost every arse players diving all over the field. jammy cunts

Anonymous said...

Arsenal were bruised and battered and if it were a boxing match the ref would probably award the game to Liverpool that is untile RVP scored.
I don't know. The gunners seem to have problems with teams that stop them playing ie like Sunderland in the cup tie. Deny the gunners time and space and chase them all over the pitch.
next stop :AC. If the gunners can take a 2 goal lead at ht,anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want "Thugs" but you still lost it at the end of the day ..heheheh!!!!!!

Jekyll said...

Reckon you thought we'd lose when you were writing that stuff, getting the Wenger style excuses in of blaming everything but the performance. You should have waited for the final whistle - now you can focus on the smash 'n' grab victory and ignore the irrelevancies.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous:

I notice you called it 'rolling around' rather than 'diving'. That suggests - I kicked you, but not that hard.

(For diving see Suarez/Bale).

It amazes me that some fans equate going down easily with reckless tackling. One is cheating, the other is an assault.

Anonymous said...

If only that was true. Take a long hard look at yourselves.
Pathetic Liverpool morning losers

Anonymous said...

Moaning losers