Monday 9 January 2012

Two words - Thierry Henry

Need I say more?


Anonymous said...

Love you LEGEND! welcome home

Unknown said...

NO Sir you need not say any more!!! The King returned in style but also exposed just how poor we are in attack. I hate to be chamakh & Park right now... Ouch!!!

Uncle Mike said...

It's not just the talent, it's the commitment. Henry still cares. Something that Man City kid who showed up will never figure out. (I hope we made him pay through the nose for his ticket, he CAN afford it.) Let's hope Chamakh -- and Walcott, and Arshavin -- figure it out.

PBSport27 said...

Loved every second... Haven't had that feeling as an Arsenal fan for a long time but when Henry scored... Speechless.. Even on Facebook the non Arsenal fans were commenting saying the legend returns. The sum up for me was when one of my mates a Leeds fan tweeted "oh well if we were going to lose I'm glad it was to such a superstar".

I'm also going to enjoy those fans both Arsenal and non winding their necks back in after saying it was a bad move bringing him back. Arsenal runs in his veins I'll never forget his reaction, my reaction, everyone's reaction when Thierry Henry scored on his second debut.

He returns :)