Saturday 14 January 2012

Injuries and Premier League conflicts

So there is at last some good news on the injury front, Carl Jenkinson has had positive scan results and is back in training, TV5 is not far off and may be back for Manu.  Per looks unlikely to beat his flu in time for Swansea, while Johan Djourou is back from suspension.  It still means that our back four this sunday will be rather ropey and may contain Squillaci, not good.  Swansea away is going to be tough.

Arsene has had some interesting words to say on the Premier League fixtures and the way in which he feels certain clubs can influence them, it wouldn't be the first time this has been said.  It is easy for certain lazy journalists to just ignore the point made and write his comments off as mad 'conspiracy' theories.  One should always remember that pointing out that a system may not be fair is not the same as madness.

A conspiracy doesn't have to be several bearded men meeting at the cover of dark in a small smokey room, if a system is open to being influenced by certain vested interests then this may be a conspiracy of sorts, and it is just weak to write off a fair complaint as a mad 'conspiracy theory'.  I don't know what truth there are to Arsene's allegations, but what I do know is that a lot of people will write them off without even bothering to research them.

Generally whether it relates to the FA, the PGMO, the PL, I am continually amazed at the rank laziness and the complete lack of any proper journalistic investigation in the sports press of this country. A lot of  journalists are either too slack or too scared to bite the hands that feed them, consequently we see the media accept glossy PL booklets as gospel and just write off claims without even bothering to research them.  Whatever you do, don't believe everything you read in the media.

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