Wednesday 17 February 2010

Arsenal - Porto

So the line up was almost as expected. Fabianski and the expected back four. Denilson in the midfield, with Cesc and Diaby. Then up top Rosicky and Nasri on the flanks of Bendtner. My first thoughts are that we do not have enough pace in the attacking positions and that Denilson needs to do more than he has done in many games of late.

There were a couple of hairy early moments, Hulk missing a particularly good chance from a neat cut back. This heralded a sign of the defensive dodgyness that was to come when Clichy was skinned by Varela, his poor cross was then completely blundered into the net by Fabianski, a truly terrible error. Strangely this seemed to stir us into action, while looking fragile defensively we also looked potent going forward.

Nasri was lively and beating his full back with ease, Cesc was finding some space, Bendtner came very close with a powerful deflected effort. Then from the resultant corner Vermaelen flicked on, Rosicky cleverly headed the ball back square and Sol Campbell was in the right place to react with his bonce from point blank range, one one and an important away goal. This was not going to be a dull game, both teams seemed to be going all out for goals while neither seemed to be able to defend solidly.

The action did slow a little as the half wore on, Fabianski will have taken heart from an excellent low stop from a belting twenty five yarder destined for the corner of the net, Bendtner forced a good save with a flicked header. The pressing and work rate of the midfield and front three was most impressive, Nasri and Rosicky were excellent offensively and defensively, Diaby was the outstanding midfielder, Sol equipped himself well. As the half drew to a close we seemed in the ascendancy, Porto was slightly running out of ideas.

The second goal we conceded was a complete and utter shambolic disgrace. The ref cannot be faulted, Campbell touched it back to Fabianski who stupidly picked it up, free kick and who could argue, well we did and in the meantime Porto took the free kick and slotted home, awful, truly f*cking awful and I can't blame the referee. What I can blame the referee for is a clear penalty we should have had moments earlier as Rosicky was taken down from behind having got past his man with ease.

It was such a bad goal to concede and at the time we were looking the better side, Porto were generally restricted to long range efforts, although Fabianksi did have to make a couple of decent stops. Denilson was frustrating, trying hard but too weak in the tackle, he also took too many touches on several occassions, resulting in the space running out and the ball being given away. Clichy was also erratic, getting caught out of position far too frequently and repeatedly giving the ball away with stupid passes.


Jarred Grimshaw said...

Arsene Wenger - Its time for you to start admitting your mistakes and I hope you pack your bags.

We all know he will blame the referee, yes!! we should have had a penalty and fabianki is a complete joker.

Back to Wenger - Failure to buy a striker is a disaster, failure on tactics especially for this game. No theo until the last ten minutes, No eboue.... Such a wide open game is perfect for these two. Failure to bring in promised players, failure to build a complete squad.

We may well win at home but im about sick of four years of the same shit. If we do make it through we wont beat one of the better European teams. God help us!

Im sick of it..............

P.s How is it that Gael Clichy now looks like he is the shakiest left back in the team?

Anonymous said...

fabianski is a dumb polack cunt. he should fuck off back to warsaw.

Danish Gooner said...

This shambles of shambles will never come close to winning the Cl,Bye Cesc thanks for all unfortunately your cunt manager will not allow you a decent sidekick to play with.

AfriX said...

Fabianski is the crappiest keeper i've ever seen at Arsenal, makes Almunia look world class. Arsene Wenger how long will u keep on letting these stupid weak players disgrace the Arsenal shirt? Arsene Wenger please leave this job u were once great but yo obsession with penny pinching with has turned u almost senile. The Arsenal faithful doesn't deserve this circus!

Anonymous said...

when you havent got a good keeper your team always looks shaky. Minutes before sagna almost got himself in a mess with fabianski. And why did rosicky, nasri and diaby fade so badly.

Anonymous said...

is anyone else sick of seeing us absolutely raped down our left side for years. Can wenger not see this weak link that every other team does

Anonymous said...

i fuckn fink wenger should leave the club..u cnt win anyfink wiv denilson,diaby nasri,walcott,bentner,vela..this is so shamefull..the are other people than can do better..can some1 tell me wat wenger as done that no 1 will do or can do??
cesc you deserve better and you should leave the club..fuck wenger

Anonymous said...

fuck fabianski and wenger.... they better win at home

Anonymous said...

Van der sar. Reina. Czec.
We got fucking manuel falty and crapianski !!!!
We will win fuck all with these two
and how the fuck can wenger keep playing denilson
in front of Ramsey???
No wonder cesc has got the hump it's a joke
and if we loose him and others it's wengers fault
pissed off big time

Anonymous said...

Fucking joke

Anonymous said...

What can I say that hasn't already been said?
Laughing stock, especially AW saying, and I quote "it was an unlucky backpass" WHAT?!?
Flapianski shouldve booted it out, but no, that's too technical for a pro (haha) keeper on £30,000 + a WEEK!
Cesc will go, well get £50 odd million, won't buy any new players, AW won't sign a new deal and us the fans will be left with a great new stadium with a Championship team playing in it!

Rhinogooner said...

How frustrating was that to watch?

I don't even know where to begin. So I won't. But I will leave a few thoughts.

That was a completely winnable match. And yet, somehow, we contrived to lose it. Porto was not especially good. In fact, I thought they were poor and there for the taking.

In 65', I thought to myself, I want to see a reaction NOW! Not in the 85' when we're chasing a goal. Let's get the goal back now and go for the win then. Well, the doubled efforts I was calling for didn't come. The 85' even came and went, and still I didn't see players that could be arsed. If some of these players had 1/10 of the passion that the fans have to put in a shift.....

And there are only a few players in the side that actually have the courage to step up and take responsibility to make something happen. Too many of them are cowards and push the ball to someone else because they don't want to be culpable for blowing a good opportunity.

Well, this season's shareholder's meeting ought to prove interesting. Open season on Silvestre last season might be extended toward a few others....and it's quite understandable. Mr. Wenger won't accept it. But while I'm in this ruthless mood tonight - Fabianski can jump on the same plane as Denilson out of North London as far as I'm concerned. And I'll even pay for their tickets.

Rhinogooner said...

I should add, we're still in this contest. In fact, I'm confident that we'll go through.