Sunday 7 February 2010

Gerrard the thug, Evra, Almunia and Chelsea await

Watching the highlights from yesterday's games I was struck by some blatant cheating and thuggery that was ignored by the mainstream media. Firstly Wayne Rooney's fall in the penalty box at the slightest of touches was completely ignored, it was a blatant dive, it was cheating, but it was lovely classy Wayne Rooney so we shall just ignore that and say no more.

Then Gerrard's antics in the merseyside derby. Firstly he dived just outside the box when barely touched by Cahill, one could see what Cahill thought of this, his knowing smile said more than words. Then his follow through on Pienaar, he won the ball first but then clearly followed through with his straight leg and studs into Pienaar's body, the fact that Pienaar was defenseless on the ground made this Gerrard lunge the most cowardly of violent acts. His final act was to feign a head injury to get Pienaar sent off. Every time I see the man play he tries to break legs with two footed tackles, he dives, he cheats, he moans, his behaviour on the pitch is an absolute embarrassment.

Just remember this man is now the England vice captain following John Terry's sacking. This is the very same thug that brutally attacked a man without provocation in a Southport bar last year. Somehow he escaped prison for his assault, even when his co-defendants had pleaded guilty and when he was caught pulverising the victim on camera. I wonder how many thousands Gerrard slipped to the partisan scouse jury, they should also be ashamed of their ridiculous judgement. Gerrard is an arrogant thug off the pitch and an arrogant cheating thug on it. The man is a disgrace to English football and he is now the England vice captain.

Elsewhere Patrice Evra has revealed himself to be one of the most bitter mouthy tossers around, one wonders why he feels the need to speak about Arsenal so much, is it because Manu are not loved in France as much as Arsenal? I can't think way Patrice, maybe it's because you are such an annoying whinging twat, you may have won a lot in your time, but your arrogant behaviour and endless boasting will not make you a popular figure, it makes you a c*nt.

Onto the Bridge today. I feel a tad sorry for the criticism that Manuel Almunia has received recently, it has become a bandwagon and it is rather mindless. If you look at any goalkeeper negatively, you can find fault, it is a impossible position if people are looking to knock you. I would readily acknowledge he has not been at his best in recent weeks, but he has been ok, he saved us with a magnificent save at Villa, he had a very solid game away to Bolton and when you look at the goals we have conceded of late very very few have been his fault. Fabianski has come in and been no better, far worse in my opinion, while Mannone made a glaring error in virtually every game he played bar the Fulham game. Maybe his position is untenable now because a lot of supporters are on his back, but I do feel he has been unfairly scapegoated for the team's failings when he actually hasn't been that bad. Thomas Sorensen would do nothing better than Manuel, those who can't realise that the grass always appears greener are fools, I think it is rather unlikely that Arsene made any move for the Stoke keeper by the way.

If Arsene had listened to Arsenal supporters all the time then Alex Song would have been sold a long time ago, many rather prominent bloggers thought he was useless, it is remarkable how Alex Song has proved his critics to be completely wrong. One player I cannot see proving the doubters wrong is Denilson, I hope he is dropped today as he has done nothing to justify his position in the starting eleven of late. If Bendtner is fit I'd start him, but it sounds like he isn't, I'd be tempted to start Theo just to give us some pace to scare their defense, then I'd slot Arshavin on the left. If Diaby is fit he will obviously play, otherwise I'd go for Ramsey or Eastmond, or I'd slot Nasri or Rosicky into the midfield three. So assuming the fitness of a couple of players I'd go for:
Sagna Gallas Vermaelen Clichy
Diaby/Nasri Song Cesc
Rosicky Arshavin Theo

I agree with Goodplaya in that we need to see the kind of endevour from Arsenal as Hull gave against City yesterday, we need to see some rampaging hustle and bustle, we cannot see Chelsea left with time and space with which to play. We'll need to give our all, we'll need Mike Dean not to be shit which is rare and we'll need a bit of luck. Here's hoping. Come on you Gunners.


Unknown said...


1979gooner said...

illiterate garbage, is that a scouser?

Tenz said...

Erm I'm not sure if you've watched Arsenal for the past 2 seasons but Almunia is the WORST goalkeeper I have ever seen at Arsenal. Your comparison with Song is idiotic as Song was a young, inexperienced player new to the country. Almunia in his last 20's/early 30s and is clearly not good enough. If you can't see that then your as blind as Wenger.

Anonymous said...

you got that wrong my friend. It isn't that Almunia is a bad keeper, he's just not good enough to be in a title winning side. Look at chavski and manure, both have world class keepers who do not make school boy errors even with VDsar being at the end of his career. Manuels OG last weekend was school boy and I have no doubt that cech/vd Ser would have saved it. Goal changed the game and the rest is history. On top of that I've never seen him command his box....he needs to open his mouth!
Denilson isn't a bad player but iws going through some terrible form at the moment and doesw need to be dropped. That said, much like Song I think he will come good.

Tenz said...

Name me a goalkeeper who is worse than Almunia in the Premier League... I bet you can't. Disagree about Denilson too, the guy wouldn't look out of place in a midfield with Hillier, Selly and Morrow.

Merse said...

Top article fella. Gerrard is a cheating, snide twat and gets away with murder (well, no doubt, sometime in the future he will) as does Rooney, simply because they are English.

AS for the goal keeping position, I disagree. Almunia has got to be dropped and Fabianski made the number 1. He has more ability and will make the game saving saves Manuel simply cannot. Sure Fab2 has been shaky at times, but that is not a surprise given the fact he has not been given a run in the team.

I am positive he will be a top class keeper, but he needs to come in asap.

The whole team were poor last week and they need to show up today. I just cannot handle watching another piss poor performance!

Come on Arsenal! We beat em last season, let's do it again!

Anonymous said...

Tenz - at least Hillier, Morrow and Selley had some fight about them.

I didn't see the Rooney one as I was on the laptop but I heard my flatmate pipe up in disgust about how the commentator suggested it was a penalty where he thought it was a dive.

Anonymous said...

f**k ARSEnal..don't u eva accuse gerrard of cheatin'..i hope chelsea win 3-1..

Ted said...

Sorensen might not be the best, but its telling that AW looked to sign him on the last day of the window.

Its a vote of no-confidence in Almunia, which I agree with.

1979gooner said...

I think it's bullshit that Arsene tried to sign Sorensen.

For one Sorensen is far poorer than Almunia, did anyone see his gaffs yesterday?

The point I'm making is that Almunia has been reasonable of late, true, he has not been good enough but he has not been anyway near as bad as some people have been saying.

It's always convenient for some to scapegoat one or two players but in reality way more than one/two have been letting the side down.

Worse keepers in the League?

There are many. As I say the grass is greener when you look at things with rose tinted specs all the time.

Almunia hasn't actually made that many errors.

It's very easy to criticise but how many errors has he made that have led to goals?

The Nani ball was a very hard one for him, Park was going to knock it in if he didn't get anything on it, if he got a bit more on it then he would have saved a goal.

ps Anonymous scouser- I will criticise Gerrard all I want, the man is scum, he is a thug on and off the pitch, he cheats and is a disgrace to your football club, pretending him to be a God only makes you look like a fool

Anonymous said...

Anonymous scouser - I won't eva accuse Gerard of cheatin' cos he's a god.
Why not pull yourself off to his finest moments


Unknown said...

now i wonder wht arse-f-ked fans can do-----only blogging nothin else.........u r only big mouthed...nothin u call them will rip ur ARSE OUT N OUT AGAIN...........WHEN WILL U LEARN TO RESPECT WHTS RIGHT RATHER WHT U DO JUS GIVE THEM SILLY NAMES......WHICH SATISFY U MORE THAN BEATING THEM ON THE GROUND.........PLZZ LEARN FROM MISTAKES.......

Anonymous said...

I don't understand what you're saying technobrat. come back when you've worked your way through this...


1979gooner said...


you beat be to it!

technobrat may be beyond help I reckon

'chavski' very appropriate given a large proportion of chelsea fans and the way in which their captain behaves

thw writing of technobrat are also, dare I say it, rather like a chav

Anonymous said...

We'll win nothing with Almunia between the sticks, worst keeper in prem imo.

Anonymous said...

we do need someone else but Almunia isn't that bad. its always nice to have someone else. there is eboue for sagna, gibbs (broken) for clichy, etc.

even almunia was there for lehmann. our other keepers aren't ready yet.

Cech has been just as bad/good at almunia with his flapping etc, but the team plays better defensively in front of him, so he doesn't get as much stick. i'm just saying they've been comparable.

anyways, almunia, have the game of your life today like you did in the first leg of the champions league semis last year.

lets go Arsenal.


Rhinogooner said...

23rd minute and it's 2-0 to Chelski. Arsenal have looked good on the ball, but a train wreck defensively.

Can we please fire Boro Primorac and bring George Graham back to coach the defense???

Unknown said...

hahaha........drogba runs the riot once again.......but the post match comments we were better team we infiltrated their defence but we not able to score.............poor arshavin n nasri n co......booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo