Monday 14 December 2009

BBC farce, Rooney disgrace and media blackout

Despite being a Manu player I have to say Ryan Giggs is a great footballer and he has had a fine career, however the decision by the viewing public to vote him as the sporting personality of the year merely demonstrates just how bereft of intelligence so many people are. How can a player whose form last season was decent at best have picked up the PFA player of the year and the BBC sports personality of the year?

I would argue that it shows just how many stupid people believe a lot of what they read and hear, without stopping to think, engage their small number of haphazard grey cells, and come up with a decent bit of rational sense. The PFA award showed just how dense footballers are on the whole, the BBC's shows just how many moronic Manu fans are out there and this explains a lot about the way the media works.

The media is constantly trying to keep this collective of imbeciles happy by refusing to highlight the disgraceful behaviour of certain Manu players such as Rooney's routine cheating and by praising Manu incessantly. You can tell I'm sick of this horse sh*t. Let the facts do the talking. Ryan Giggs started 15 league games last season, in fact he only made 28 starts over the whole season scoring 4 goals. I know it's not bad for a geriatric sheep shagger, but come on, it's hardly the stuff of player of the year is it?

Wayne Rooney's utterly pathetic bit of cheating against Aston Villa was quite remarkable for a number of reasons. Firstly it was one of the worst dives I've seen all season, far worse than Eduardo's or Ngog's. Secondly the media appear to have pretty much ignored it. Funny how Thierry Henry was pretty much a paedophile mass murderer rapist carbon dioxide producing member of the Taliban after his handball against Ireland. Saint Wayne the granny-shagging chav who behaves like an estate dwelling ASBO child can do no wrong in the eyes of our lovely media. What hypocrisy and double standards.


Anonymous said...

The bbc Sports non-entity of the year is a joke. Now recently demonstrated by Giggs winning it.

David Haye has a massive personality, a top boxer, and now a world champion in circumstances where the bookies gave him little chance.

The fact that jenson button was tipped to be favourite was a shambles.

Plus why the fuck did Usain Bolt win overseas personality again. Presumably for services to the doping trade. No lanky cunt can run like that without being dosed to the eyeballs.

Unless Theo has a dramatic improvement in the next six months, I am supporting Ivory Coast at the World Cup.

Gerrard, Lampard, Terry, Rooney et al can fuck themelves.

U S A!
U S A!

marcus said...

I'll never understand the worship of Ryan Giggs. Of course he's a fantastic footballer and seems like a perfectly deceny guy off the pitch, all power to him. Great icon of the game. But this deification based on very very little actual on-pitch time in recent seasons just never seems to end.

Patrick Barclay has a great piece on the xenophobic double standards re diving:

And surprisingly, there's this from the Sun:

Uncle Mike said...

Marcus, it's The Sun. You've probably figured that out, but it bears repeating.

Cue the "Special 1 TV" Rooney puppet: "The worrrrd of the day is... HYPOCRRRRITE!"

1979gooner said...

good spot re the barclay piece:

"Of all the contributions made by Scouse players to our game, the least attractive is cheating. We saw it nine days ago when Steven Gerrard was booed by Blackburn Rovers supporters for apparently trying to earn Liverpool a penalty with a simulation technique well known to web-surfers and we saw it again on Saturday, when Wayne Rooney was shown the yellow card for diving over a nonexistent tackle during Manchester United’s match against Aston Villa.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the tendency to go over without good reason outweighs all the good things Scouse players have brought to our football. Players such as Gerrard and Rooney have thrilled us with their technique and etched memories of heroic deeds, while Joey Barton is another whose legacy is assured. The Scouse factor adds much to the footballing landscape.

But we have enough problems in the game without the diving accusations that seem to dog Gerrard and Rooney in particular. A stand needs to be taken against such behaviour and it may be that Fifa will have to ban Scousers from the World Cup to preserve the integrity of the fair-play campaign.

By now you will have smelt a rat. Substitute “foreign” for “Scouse” and you have the kind of rubbish we hear every time a non-English player falls. Substitute the names of Eduardo da Silva or, until a few months ago, Cristiano Ronaldo, for those of Gerrard and Rooney and you have the careless xenophobia always liable to embarrass those seeking to do something for England, such as bring it the World Cup in 2018.

To the credit of Jon Champion, commentating for ESPN on the Old Trafford match, he immediately linked Rooney’s attempt to cheat Villa with the furore over the penalty recently awarded at Anfield to David Ngog when the French striker fell after hurdling a tackle by Lee Carsley, of Birmingham City. But Match of the Day did not even discuss the Rooney incident — although it did mention a rumour that a French player, BenoĆ®t Assou-Ekotto, had become involved in an altercation with a Tottenham Hotspur fan.

Without meaning to be hypocritical, the British do have a complex attitude towards cheating. The eye of the beholder is extraordinarily selective. Only attackers cheat — never defenders. Every excuse is made for defenders; they “stand their ground”, or “just do enough to put the striker off”, or “ease him off the ball”, or “make minimal contact” with his shirt or trailing ankle.

And when the attacker dives, he is shown no mercy. He must be banned. His sin is so great that when he goes home — this was the most eloquently damning verdict on Ngog, delivered with passion by Carsley — he will be ashamed of facing his family. Such is the hue and cry against anyone suspected of diving that referees, endeavouring to answer it, make ludicrously unjust errors such as Mark Clattenburg’s in giving Craig Bellamy a yellow card — a second one, condemning the Manchester City forward to a suspension — for being the victim of a slightly late tackle by Paul Robinson, of Bolton Wanderers.

Should the Watford-born Robinson, whose career has featured many slightly late tackles, have taken the advice of those who wished Thierry Henry had gone to the referee of the France-Ireland World Cup play-off and confessed to handling?

There was no suggestion of it. Just as the war criminals are always on the losing side, the cheats are always foreigners.

Ted said...

interesting stuff.

I actually thought Clattenberg did the right thing in sending Bellamy off. the little gypsy could easily have stayed on his feet but instead flung himself to the ground. It was clear exageration of the foul and deserving of a second yellow.

The fact that everyone could then point to a slight contact by Robinson is nothing to the point. Bellamy took three steps afterwards and then collapsed in a heap.

For once, the FA, media and pundits should actually support their refs.

Obsinho said...

Also, did anyone on MOTD2 hear Hansen saying Glen Johnson "should have made more" of a run in the box, encoraging him to dive? Dixon pulled him up quick, but I was quite gob-smacked by the audacity of him encoraging a player to dive in the wake of some of his comments about Eddy.

Also, the Beeb suggested the free-kick we won in the build up to the OG coul have been a red card for Fab! Again dixon pulled up on this, but again I was quite shocked.

The non-mention of Rooneys booking was a clear case of an agenda being followed - do not show England players cheating.

marcus said...

Uncle Mike, don't know if you checked that Sun article out but, surprisingly, it's critical of Rooney's comment that he "never" dives. It highlights one of his previous dives from another game.

1979gooner said...


indeed, I also noticed Hansen being an utter twat,

he also showed the Torres dive and pretended it was a foul,

the diving by Gerrard and Torres is embarassing, big strong guys who go down like drunk anorexics

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how about Gerrard elbowing Denilson, then throwing himself at the ground, to earn the freekick from which Liverpool got its first goal this past Sunday?

Anonymous said...

I laugh when you hear the phrase''it's a foreign trait that has encroached on the English game''i think there forget the antic's of frany lee,bowles etc who in the 70's admitted to ''conning the ref'' for a penalty i:e diving.The media seem to elaborate coverage of foreign players ''cheating'' but brush aside the same tactic's by our so-called England stars insinuating that only johnny foreigner cheats,it's pathetic and it shows just how shallow the media is by giving Ryan''dunce''giggs that award for playing a quarter of the season.