Friday 24 April 2009

The FA love the colour of TV money

Happy Friday. The best day of the week, but it is better when there is a game on the Saturday. However, for us there is no game this Saturday as we have to wait till Sunday. Unlike, our opponents on Wednesday who get to play on Saturday.

Why the hell are Utd given an extra 24 hours (almost) before such a huge game? Without doing Boro a huge disservice, our game against them is hardly a Classico, and although every game means a hell of a lot to them at the moment, they don't have a midweek game. The reason is that the FA are so in thrall to the lovely-lovely money of the TV companies, that they are probably going to allow the fabled 39th game, and will do anything thy are told. And there they are slating the Southampton management for their inept handling of finances. People in glass houses.....

Good news is that our prayers have been answered and that Johann is fit - no more Silvestre!!! We also welcome back our Spanish Waiter and soon Eduardo as well. This is all good news. However, RVP looks like missing the 1st leg against Utd. This is bad news.

In an absolute thuderbolt from left-field, Rosicky won't be back this season. Well that really is one of the great shocks of our season, along with the actual existence of Amaury Bischoff. Tommy is a dud, lets pay out his contract and sign a replacement (if needed?) and let the Medical team focus on players who have a chance of recovery.

More detail on Saturday or Sunday when 1979 or Ted are less busy.

Breaking-ish news is that the FA are an even bigger bunch of numpty arse-bandits than previously imaginable. I don't know the technicalities of it, but I guess this means they bought Hull's witness statements taken from the friend of the cousin of the binman of the brother of the dungeon-raised-Austrian-offspring of the Fitness coach, who suddenly appeared on the scene when Phil Brown was too busy breaking-down in live interviews with 5Live. What cock-smokers.


Rhinogooner said...

Alright Obs? Similarly, last week I questioned why were made to play Liverpool on Tuesday after having played Chelsea on Saturday. Chelsea played their midweek match v. Everton on Wednesday. 2 days of rest is not on.

I was pleased to see Djourou back as well. But then it struck me - you watch Mr. Wenger keep Silvestre in. He might decide he doesn't want to hurt Silvestre's feelings by showing him that he is fourth choice, plus if he yanked Silvestre to play Djourou it would be like admitting one of his players isn't good enough.

I think we ought to complain to the FA about Horton's behavior during the match when he was shouting obscenities at Mr. Wenger and our bench. He was disrespectful and classless. And he incited a poor reaction in return. There ought to be an investigation of this. Now I'm going to have to listen to fans from other clubs continually slag Cesc as a spitter.

Obsinho said...

I just find it risible that a charge can be brought against someone (which in Tabloid world is as good as being branded guilty across the forehead) because someone else said so. There is no evidence bar hear-say, and that simply cannot be sufficient to charge him.

To also charge him with being on the pitch - really? Players always come onto the pitch after a game, especially cup games that have been hard fought. It is totally pathetic.

I fully expect them to charge him with having a foreign sounding name and not dressing British.

Rhinogooner said...

It's hard to believe that anyone even believes anything that Phil Brown says since he's already been proven a liar and out of touch with reality when he said that Mr. Wenger never shakes his hand.

I would have liked to seen him hammered a bit more by the papers for this errant comment. It's barely received any coverage. And then the Hull owner goes on about how he believes everything Brown and Horton are saying because they're trustworthy.

If Mr. Wenger had slipped up like that, the media would have been all over him.

Anonymous said...

As I stated in my blog:
"That paragon of virtue Wayne Rooney, rants at the referee and punches a corner flag after being sent off in United's defeat at Fulham, and what was the response from the mighty Football Association?

SWEET FA!!! The silence was deafening (so much for their "Respect" campaign then)....

However, it appears this august body now wants to nail Fabregas for coming onto his own pitch after the match, wearing his street clothes (a black hoodie jacket, jeans and trainers), appearing belligerent towards the Hull players and allegedly spitting in the general vicinity of Brian Horton.
What a farce"

Anonymous said...

"15 months after our stunning win against Arsenal's school team, the Spurs club shop are proud to present a thrilling DVD of our incredible first half win at Manchester United." Get it here:

Rhinogooner said...

Does anyone know what is going on with Eduardo?