Tuesday 7 April 2009

1-1 Ade sinks the Sub

Its a game of two halves, jumpers for goalposts, they don't like it up em... the old adages are dangerous ground in terms football punditry, but tonights 1-1 draw at the El Madrigal stadium against Villareal was a great example of football being a very funny old game. Its also not usually wise to go for a match report straight after the game, as your objectivity is usually as absent as Tomas Rosicky, but I'll give it a go anyway.

The first 45 minutes was a flashback to early season nightmares. Villareal looked sharp and matched our 4-5-1 formation, Pires the surprise exclusion from the Yellow Submarine and made to sit on the bench against his old team. Arsenal were extremely wasteful in possession. We were in slow motion. Many miscued passes and Adebayor isolated up top.

A nothing sort of ball from Villareal up the inside left channel bounced high and Gallas might have cleared, didn't, and Almumia punted clumsily into Rossi (ex-Manure). It looked nothing but Almunia seemed to land awkwardly and twisted his ankle, shortly to be replaced by Fabianski. But before he went, the Anglo-Spaniard had the opportunity to pick the ball out of the net after Marcos Senna drilled in a magnificent goal from 25 yards with only ten minutes on the clock. The commentators said that Song might have got closer to Senna, which is true, he might, but at least he was there, whereas Denilson and Cesc had gone walk-about. Still, an amazing goal, but not the best goal of the night.

Arsenal played sporadic football over the next 15 mins, but it was largely aimless. Our young midfield looked its inexperienced worst, Denilson largely anonymous, Nasri prone to errors and Walcott ineffectual. It was like they had never even seen each other before. Villareal were playing a tight passing game, and doing it well. A mazy run from Rossi into the heart of our defence caused Song to commit a foul, Rossi fell into Gallas and his leg was trapped underneath him. After a brief and somewhat futile attempt to play on, Gallas followed Almunia off the pitch with about 35mins on the clock and Djourou came on.

Half time could not come fast enough. We were 1-0 down and frankly that was a miracle.

Bendtner was tipped to come on straight after half time, but Wenger stuck with it. And I am glad he did as the next 45 mins from Arsenal were magnificent football. I suspect the chat in the dressing room had the desired effect and I would love to know what was said. I suspect it was something like "Denilson - say hello to the rest of the team. Rest of the team - stop punting it around it give it to Cesc and Ade. And no-one else. Now get out there."

I figure that is how it went, because it kind of worked. Djourou and Kolo were magnificent at the back, sweeping up everything that came their way. They are both big strong bastards and Rossi didn't get a sniff. Gallas lets a striker play on the ground, and makes him think he has a chance. Gallas is often better than the striker, but it breeds confidence for the attacking side. Djourou just wins the ball before the striker and passes it to Song. He is a good player that Johann Djourou.

Anyway, Theo looked a bit more menacing down the right, hit the gas a couple of times and then chipped some pretty useless balls into the danger zone. Danger zone = good, but useless chipped pass = bad. Still, Theo did some good work down the right hand side overall, but the was not the young English striker/winger/not sure's best night. Nasri likewise down the left fluttered in and out of the game, but when he was on it, his workrate was top drawer and I really warmed to his effort during the second half.

And so, with 66 mins on the clock, and with ITV4 (the cunts) showing highlights of something else, like an ugly bloke blowing smoke rings (wtf?), Cesc picked the ball up in the middle of Villareal's half and chipped it forwards towards Ade for the 100th time in the match.

Yet it wasn't. As this was no ordinary chip. This was a newly tattooed, flat angled, holy mother of a good ball Cesc Fabregas chip. And it was to the the mighty Adebayor, my favourite striker in the whole wide world, who gives the impression of being involved in a beach kick around a lot of the time, and then does something like that, something that truly makes you sit back in your chair, speechless, and wonder whether a bath full of jelly with 4 busty blondes could be any better than the goal you have just seen scored. Its a close one.

The three defenders trying to stop Ade scoring had no chance. The control from Ade's left pec was deliberately close, Ade knowing that he did not have time to let the ball drop to the ground, and with the ball still only six inches from his chest and with his back to goal, the lanky fucker swivelled into a low bicycle kick and neatly slotted it, from almost upside down, into the bottom right hand corner. Holy shit that was good.

That's £120,000 well spent on Ade's wages this week and no mistake. I'll bore you all later again something about how good Ade is, but that goal was for the doubters. 'In your face doubters', it said, loudly.

Anyway, that's enough soft focus Ade-porn for now. This game was well and truly on and Arsenal looked for the winner in the last 25 mins. Our main tactic for most of the 90 mins seemed to be to work an angle and look to cross to Ade, which is all well and good, but with Ade the only striker on the pitch and our crossing generally poor, we didn't really create a good chance to win the game. But we looked like we were trying to win it, which is a good thing.

So, it finished 1-1 and well played to the Arsenal. The crucial away goal means we are well set for next week's rematch at the Emirates. Also well played to the away fans who have made the 3-day trip to Villareal, and who will now be sitting in the cold, empty stadium for an hour or two after the game watching highlights of Steve Bould's 10 greatest ever near post-flick-ons (its great) before being abandoned into an empty, closed town at about 1am. Thats what its all about.

Plus, with the late news coming through that Porto got a 2-2 result at Old Trafford, the thought of Fergie shitting himself at the prospect of going out next week is another reason to smile.

Over and out. Thanks again Ade.


Rhinogooner said...

Alright, alright Ted. It was a fabulous goal by Mr. Adebayor. Absolutely intentional and expertly dispatched. I was elated and relieved. Thank you ADE!

There, humble pie consumed. But I will be back yelling at the lazy, arrogant prat the next time I deem he isn't putting in his shift for the team! ;-P

Top notch write up too, Guv.

Anonymous said...

its good to have the old Ade back.
maybe a couple of months helped.
same with Cesc.
i'm sure all those guys can get worn out.


Obsinho said...

BIzarre kind of game.

First half sounded appalling (missed it - bit like Denilson apparently) and the highlights show some very lethargic players generally looking disinterested.

I reckon Le Boss must have unleashed a rocket at half time though, as i thought the seonc half performance was exemplary. DOn't know how Song did in the 1st half, but again I thought he looked very efficient.

What a goal - that has to win goal of the season in the Champs League. If that had been Rooney it would be all over the papers. Ade looks like he's back to his knowing-where-the-goal-is-and-being-able-to-hit-it-with-a-banjo self.

WOuld say that Nasri and Theo were very wasteful in possession though.

Home tie will be tricky, and we now know we will need to stay focused. That Senna can bloody hit a ball though can't he?

Obsinho said...

The result (and Ade's goal in particular) last night seems to have dropped off the media radar already.

On the BBC there are 5 main links to stories about Utd. There is 1 about the Arse hidden down the page.

As I said, if Rooney had scored that goal, there would be "Top 5 Goals of all Time" stuff all over the place. The love-in for Utd is sickening.

Ted said...

I am happy that Arsenal are not the story at the moment. We are doing quite nicely at the moment under the radar - when was the last time Arsenal were in the first three games for MOTD? I don't remember.

Manure going out of the champs league next week in Porto is a great distraction for everyone. Fine by me.

1979gooner said...

Great report, blondes, jelly, buxom, shame there was no mention of Eboue.

As I am permanently on call at work at the moment I caught the highlights and listened on the radio, Song did seem to have another solid game, he looks much more confident.

Obs is spot on about the pathetic United loving we've seen in recent months, it's sickening, nauseating, pungent, purulent, faeculent gushing streaming rot.

The complete lack of coverage of our Champions League campaign on the TV throughout the whole season has been a disgrace, United always get priority even when they are playing a shit side. The BBC always give priority to United, hence you have these ridiculous scenarios where Manure are on both the terrestrial Tv and the radio, while we are just on one obscure TV channel, fucking pants.

The biased coverage of Manu's lame football has been beyond a joke too, 12 1-0 wins this season, they have just been grinding out wins by defending well and fouling efficiently.

This hype about great football and great young talent coming through is festering horse manure.

Fuck United, Fuck ferguson, Fuck em all, fergie can't even take his chewing gum out of his mouth when being interviewed on TV, the man's lack of class is summed up by his complete lack of manners and class, as well as his sickening love for the corrupt Zanu Labour party.

Come on you Gunners (at loud volume).

I screamed so loud when driving home when Ade scored then I almost crashed, come on.

Obsinho said...

Sounds like you're having a good day at work 1979!!

The footballing press is a reflection of how money has changed the game. You get all the moronic pundits complaining that the Big Teams are ruining football, then they do nothing but show coverage of the big teams. The Championship is great entertainment - the BBC should go after the live rights for that, and show some commitment to getting live free-to-air sport.

But instead they spend their money on suits for Lawro and the boys, who then just suck-off ManU all season until Shearer get's a job at Newcastle. Imagine being a Fulham fan - they're having a great season, but never get any coverage whatsoever. Manager of the season? Roy Hodgson has done a far more difficult job than any of Wenger/Fergie/Rafa as he has no money at all, no-one in his corner bigging him up and no bandwagons for people to jump on.

Player of the season - Vidic?! Why, what exactly has he as an individual done that was so remarkable? Got away with shirt-pulling and cynical fouling repeatedly? I am not denying that he is a very good player, but he is not the best defender at Utd let alone player in the country. Ronaldo? Fuck right off - he's had half his goals from set pieces and pisses more Utd fans off than any other player with his pathetic self-serving attitude.

The valid options for player of the season from the big 4 are gerrard, and Gerrard alone. The rest are there because of who they play for.

I think your rage is contagious 1979!!

1979gooner said...

rage is productive, sometimes it's good to tell the objective calm opinion to sod off,

Ted is right though, we are nicely placed in the shadows at the moment, sitting on the shoulder of the race leader, hopefully ready to make our sprint for home...

Obsinho said...

It's good to see Utd and Liverpool both in trouble in the Champion's league.

Liverpool are out, but I am sure Utd will go through in the end.

Si said...

Mate, what a turn up for the books that was in the end. AdeCashCardBeyor comes back to earth to play football for a team realising it is a team game after all, fair play fella, welcome back.
But please what is the love in for Song? He fucked up royaly with possession. I mean for fuck's sake, Walcott is through, I know I'll put the ball behind him so he almost trips up. Walcott has to pass it back to Song (thinking, fuck Song's got it again), Song then smashes the ball as hard as he possibly can to Eboue who funnily enough can't control it. I don't rate the bloke, simple as. Denilson, Wenger must have hit a few bottles of scotch the way he keeps talking up Denilson. Just because a player plays every single game for eternity doesn't make him any good, it just means he plays a lot of fucking games.
But we're nicely bouncing along, hanging in the wings whilst the Barcacuntas and the Man Fridays of this world steal the lime light. They're fucking welcome to it, I hate lime any way and I've always prefered the dark.
Oh and Robbie earle reckons we're on the ascent, he is the football sage after all, so I'll take that. Look a little flat in the middle, that Alonso bloke would've been pretty good in that position I reckon.

1979gooner said...

Song has played very well of late.

Particularly against Blackburn where he was outstanding and Newcastle away where he had a very good game indeed.

He is our one midfielder who can break play up, win the ball in the air and foul.

Denilson has a long way to go before he convinces me he is up to the job of being an Arsenal regular.

He's not awful, but he just doesn't do anything particularly brilliantly. He's neat and tidy in possession, but not great defensively, not great in the tackle, not that quick, not a scorer of goals from midfield.

Oh and Alonso is a crock of shit. The guy is not only a monumental wanker, the way he dives and does nasty fouls makes me want to shoot him, but he really doesn't do that much on the pitch otherwise to the cheating and fouling.

We saw this perfectly evidenced by last night's shambolic whipping by Chelsea, Alonso was utterly useless, not in the game, not making any tackles, off the pace completely.

Mascherano was missed very very badly indeed, he is their key man.

Ted said...

Thanks Si. If you don't like Song then he must be damned good.

Si said...

Mmm. Didn't mean to upset anybody, but I clearly have. I thought the idea of a blog was for other people to read your mutterings and comment on them. If you only want people to agree with you I suggest you either keep all opinons to yourself or just write emails between yourselves.
If you think Song is any good, you're barmy (opinion).