Thursday 19 February 2009

Nasri in bus seat shocker!

Thursday 19th February is clearly known as bullshit day on Fleet Street (not that any of the papers are actually on Fleet Street anymore), but we have been treated to the The Star going with an Adebayor to Barcelona in the summer story, The Mirror says we are interested in signing Huntelaar from Real, and the The Sun reckons we are after a young bloke from PSG called Mamadou Sakho who Wenger has "been tracking", presumably like a deer over the Scottish Highlands.

On top of that, its widely reported today that Arsenal's first pay offer to Walcott is well below the £50,000 a week that he wants (I bet not by much and I wish Walscott's agent would keep this shite out of the press) and to cap it all off, there is stuff surfacing today that the person who had a bust up with William Gallas in the French squad in Euro 2008, who everyone knew at the time was Samir Nasri, was, in fact, none other than.....Samir Nasri. Amazing.

However, what is great about the Nasri / Gallas bust-up is it apparently kicked-off because Nasri sat in the seat on the team bus that was usually reserved for Thierry Henry, but Henry had been out of the team for a bit and therefore had not been on the bus much, so Nasri had been sitting there. Some time later, when Mr Prima Donna Henry returned to the team and wanted his seat back, Nasri didn't move quite fast enough, so all the old guard French players had a massive strop at him. Unbelievable.

I can't help thinking that the two people who come out of this farcical piece of childish behaviour are Messieurs Henry et Gallas. What a bunch of prized twats they are. In fact, I quite like the fact that Nasri initially refused to move seats - why the fuck would it matter where you sit on the bus? Your professional footballers representing your country in Euro 2008. Grow up.

It does also echo somewhat with Henry's general level of crap behaviour in his last season at Arsenal, where he spent most of the season shouting at his team mates and generally blaming everyone else. This also confirms impression that both Henry and Gallas were not good choices for the Arsenal captaincy. I may be wrong, but I just wouldn't expect Cesc Fabregas to have a "favourite seat on the bus", or to get a strop on if someone else was sitting in it.

At least the England team fall out over proper stuff, like losing massive amounts of money to each other playing cards, or from catching STDs in Wayne Rooney's latest granny-gang-bang. At least that is the sort of stuff that the kids in Essex can aspire to.


Obsinho said...

Eddy has picked up a hamstring injury (thought he limped off on Monday, but forgot amidst the euphoria)and is out for 2 weeks. Damn.

.Com also mentions that Eboue is back from suspension. Double damn.

Anonymous said...

*Gasp* You don't think the boss will actually pick Eboue to start do you???

Not with Vela and Arshavin available? It's time to phase Eboue out.

Ted said...

Picking Eboue and leaving Vela and Arshavin on the bench would simply be cruel.

Anonymous said...

I fear Mr. Wenger may regard Arshavin as not ready to start and Vela below Eboue in the pecking order.

Anonymous said...

Stop having a go at Titi mate, he carried our club for too long and look where we are without him.

Anonymous said...

hey, Gallas is playing great, who cares about some stupid bus from two years ago.


Ted said...

Being a good player on the field does not mean you can behave like a prick off it.

Henry is a great player no doubt, but lets not pretend that he is beyond criticism. His brand of loyalty also comes at a price, and a large ego.

Dennis Bergkamp never said anything to the press about money. A true gentleman.

Gallas is not even a great player. Good, yes. But not great. And he wrote about the whole Nasri thing in his book! So he clearly cares!

Anonymous said...

Its pretty boring stuff though. They need to sell books...

Now, Emmanuel Petit and his cocaine and sex orgies a block away from Highbury, thats something worth reading about.


Ted said...

now that's what i'm talkin about !

Anonymous said...

Thierry Henry never said anything about Nasri.. no reason to criticize him ...Gallas is a known crook