Monday 2 February 2009

Arse and chaving

The absolute bullshit in the news this morning makes the media appear very very stupid indeed. It seems that researching a story properly, getting some evidence to back up ones claims and writing something that has a vague basis in fact is very much beyond most hacks these days. A share of the blame must go to the idiots who swallow each different story as if it were true, does experience teach these morons nothing?

The various reports have never added up because there are so many vested interests at work here, the media want to draw in punters, the player and clubs all want as much cash as possible. Goonerboy's interpretation of events appears reasonable to me. Frankly I'd advise you all to wait and see what has happened by the time the window has closed, then make your comments then, otherwise egg is likely to appear on several faces.

Elsewhere I have heard from an important source close to myself that the mainstream media are desperate bastards who will write anything, no matter how untrue, in order to sell papers and attract visitors to their websites. This close source also advises people from taking anything written on these scurrilous websites too seriously, it's not goood for your health and you could certainly spend the time more productively doing other things, such as having a crap.


Ted said...

this really annoys me. I have cancelled three craps today to read Arshavin links. I now have cramps.

1979gooner said...

squeeze it out, leave skysports for an hour, it will be back on then back off, then back on then back off, there's therefore a 50:50 chance of no change!

Ted said...

This from the BBC:

"I work in the Arsenal club shop and have done 20 Arshavin shirts with squad number 15 - my manager has given us the go ahead."
John G from the Emirates, via text on 81111

My need to coil one out is killing me.

Anonymous said...

Any news on Diaby's injury? How long will he be out?

I thought he looked more dominant tackling against West Ham than I have ever seen him before. His passing was still a bit loose though. I've been waiting for a performance closer to this level from him for awhile. I feel that Diaby can become a colossal player but he hasn't shown it often when given the chance this season. I hope the injury isn't too serious.

On a side note, Parker looked good against us on Saturday. He would be welcome at Arsenal in my opinion.

1979gooner said...


agree on Diaby, looked up the stats too- 13-16 tackles won, awesome performance,

don't agree on parker, he's not good enough for us, decent mid table player, no more

Anonymous said...

You may be right about Parker, 1979. But he stood out against us.

Perhaps it is similar to the way we made Mendy look good :-)

Anyroad, Parker seems very Flamini like to me. I'd swap him for Song.

Ted, let it go mate ;-)

1979gooner said...

I don't think Parker has anything like the athleticit engine that Flamini had.

Parker is a decent ball player who can do a solid job in midield, however he is not an athlete that can cover the ground the flamster did.

Song is potentially a much better player than Parker, he's only young and he has played reasonably so far this season.

Obsinho said...

Latest quotes from the FA (to Russian media - don't know why) is that the deal is in jeopardy and that we did not submit everything correctly.

This thing has gone beyond any adjectives I know and can spell.

Not sure if it is pure embarassment, shame, anger, disbelief or simply ignorance. But if we have a minimum of at least 33 days to complete a signing we so clearly wanted, agreed a fee and personal terms, and now maybe seem to have not been able to do this all correctly, then it is simply pathetic.

Ted said...

I think the Arshavin saga has been a fun and exciting frolic down the avenues of international negotiation which casts an interesting new light on the Soviet view of the Western machine in the post-Yelstin period.

Or its a big bag of horse shit.

Please discuss.

Anonymous said...

Ted, you're not still clenching it I hope?

Anonymous said...

Agree with Obsinho, but this has also made the whole PL look laughable. Why Arsenal get another 24 hours beyond the deadline to shandy about is beyond me. Arshavin jumped on a private jet and had his medical in good time so the weather had nothing to do with delaying the negotiations. Yes, the PL were lacking a few paper pushers yesterday to rubber stamp any deal but they've had 7 hours today to say yes or no. And it's pretty simple - if the correct paperwork was not sent to PL/FA by 1700 yesterday, then the deal is off. All the more reason to get rid of all transfer windows which only seem to clog up the back papers and more importantly clog up Ted's digestive system.


Ted said...

Wow. I just lost three stone down the karzi.

I love Arshavin. He is the best player in the world. EVER. And now we are going to win every match 10-0. Its going to be great.

Anonymous said...

10-1 Ted. Don't you know that our defense is still crap? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Our Defence is still crap

Anonymous said...

Wenger is not a football manager. He is an Economist. More @

Kinny said...

Wenger is the best Coach in the world

Wenger said...

Keep up Wenger. You should get Flamini Back

Sports Media said...

Another great wenger