Friday 27 February 2009

Adebayor for Chairman of RBS

I wish I had a £650k pension. I wonder what kind of pension package Adebayor is going to have, given that he was thinking about retirement was back in the summer. Maybe Ade should run RBS – that’s be great.

Even though Arsenal still managed to generate increased profit, and delivered a very healthy set of financials for last year, the Telegraph still focused on the looming property loan repayment as a major cloud on the horizon. P Diddy-Wood didn’t hide from the matter in his Executive Statement, stating that we will need to look to extend the terms of the loan;

We are at a preliminary stage of discussions with the banking syndicate about an appropriate extension. In the current financial climate we do not expect these discussions to be concluded quickly, an increased cost is likely to be involved and there can be no certainty that a satisfactory agreement will be reached, but we believe that a positive outcome will be achieved in due course

I don’t think the distinct lack of optimism in his words should cause too much concern, but they certainly do reflect the difficulty in obtaining credit in the current market. And the thing to note, is if we are concerned with extending a £130m loan on some properties of which we have sold a great deal, imagine the difficulties Liverpool are going to have in extending a £350m loan which underpins their whole business. Granted, things aren’t as rosy as they could be but they could be a whole lot more shit-hued if we were Scousers. Or Spuds.

In other news, it appears Arse TV-online is free on matchday this weekend. Although I won’t get the advantage of this (as I’ll be getting to experience the wrath of Stinky-man who sits by us at The Emirates every time Bendtner even thinks about touching the ball) it is good to see the club starting to try more fan-friendly endeavours. The fact they have engaged some blogs to push this promotion also shows a willingness to engage with their on-line demographic. Good stuff – just never place any weight on anything on this blog. Or other ones which rhyme with Le Krove.

Oh, and in a turn of events less predictable than winner of the annual Arsenal Tigger-lookalike competition, Diaby has injured himself again. Useless bastard.

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