Monday 2 February 2009

Arshavin signs

On, off, on, and finally confirmed by the one trustworthy news source that doesn't speak out if its derriere. Hallelujah.

Throughout this saga we've learnt a fair bit about a fair few people. In fact quite a few so called Gooners were slagging off the club, board and manager for having let down the fans; maybe they should have remained patient and saved their comments until the facts had emerged. The mainstream media was also shown to be nothing more than a hollow talking shop full of largely gossip and rumour, very little fact seemed to permeate into the hundreds of stores we've read over the past few days.

Anyway we've got our man, he might not quite be a Palacios or a Bentley, or even a Chimbonda, but he has just about enough quality to push Eboue for a slot in the side.


WeGunnerBeKings said...

Short but sweet. Totally agree with u. There are way too many fans too quick to give out shite, it's why people tar us all with the same brush calling us moaners!

A different blogg had good one about Palacious and Bentley, how they are two players that couldn't get into our squad.

It's nice to see a big name come to the squad it might spark a bit of life into the team. Hope he's as good as everyone says he is. Will reserve judgement until I see what he's like.

Check out my blogg 1979 I have a song for the match at the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your blog seems to be dedicated to slagging others off.

Don't you ever get bored of doing that?

You are one miserable little man.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a very nice and respectful and reasonable blog.


Anonymous said...

Yes its a very well written blog.....few arsenal blogs that i actually read lol . The content is very informative and unbiased .

Keep up the good work !!

Obsinho said...

Firstly, 1979 IS an angry little man, but he is certainly not miserable.

And now - Hoorah. We have made a signing, by the skin of our teeth. Much like our recent performances where we are praying for a goal in injury time.

Is he any good? Youtube says yes. And that is good enough for me. And he is better than EBoue, in the way that oxygen is better than shit for use in breathing.

So, we can soend all day making little diagrams of how we will line up at the weekend and in future. Yay. Here is mine;

Sagna Toure Djourou Clichy
Eboue Denilson Ramsey Diaby

Read it and weep Fergie.

Ted said...

My blog is dedicated to the Niggaz who've been down since day one. Welcome to death row.

(attr. Dr Dre, Phd, Compton University, 1992)

1979gooner said...

anonymous number 1,

I would argue that this blog is most definitely not dedicated to slagging others off, we may on occassion point out where others choose to shoot from the hip a little bit too liberally, however this is a very different thing entirely,

as obs says I may get angry at times, often this is because people are so keen to jump to slagging others off before thinking and waiting a little so see the actual facts of a situation emerge,

also we don't write this blog to get the maximal number of readers, it's very much for our own pleasure and for that of our small number of readers, not there is no advertising on this site, hence no revenue and this will continue,

it would be very easy to appeal to the lowest common denominator and attract more readers, however this is something we choose not to do,

we also welcome comment and criticism from anyone, unlike some other sites, so I will not be slagging you off or censoring you comments, I will respond to them and explain myself as an adult,

by the way I'm rather happy today!

Obsinho said...

Has there been any comment by the FA (or is it in fact not an issue) regarding Spurs playing Palacios when he was banned?

He was on a 2 match suspension at Wigan and has since played for SPurs without missing any games.

My assumption would be that any transferred player would carry suspensions and bookings across.

There is momentum gaining in the blogosphere but nothing in the press yet.....

1979gooner said...

ps anonymous no 2 and 3


anonymous 1,

interesting and also amusing how your sort are always very keen to throw around the insults but never so keen to stay around and fight your corner.......

Anonymous said...

haha :D