Wednesday 30 January 2008

Flam tames the Toon

Its been pointed out that some of my so called 'short' posts are, in fact, not short at all. Well, I'm busy today so this one actually will be short.

Newcastle have been beaten 3-0 twice in the last 4 days. On paper, they have some decent players and I have to agree with 1979Gooner, our beloved creator on Another Arsenal Blog, that N'Zogbia is the pick of the bunch. Although he plays at left back most of the time for the Toon, he actually seemed a better player in the middle of the park on saturday. He could do a job for us, but is genuinely going to get in our side - not at the moment. I also don't think he is a winger.

Anyway, back to my main man, the Flamster. What a goal. Fully 25 yards out, he smacked it with his right peg into the top right hand corner of the goal. I haven't seen anyone work it out Sky Sports style, but it was from quite an angle and the total distance travelled by the ball must have been nearer 30 yards. Shay Given didn't even touch it.

It was the best goal I have seen at the Emirates. Ever. I think...

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1979gooner said...

agreed Ted, N'Zogbia is definitely no left back!

Flamini was awesome again, I also reckon that a few other players are looking better and better with a few more games under their belt: Diaby, Senderos and Eduardo.

The work rate, the pressing, the winning of the loose balls, awesome last night.

One thing: how quick is Clichy? that boy scares me.