Saturday 26 January 2008

Slack jawed hacks and Cole amusement

I would recommend that everyone has a read of this Arsenal analysis piece which neatly outlines just how much pap is being spouted in the press regarding the Adebayor Bendtner 'incident'. Let's just remember that there were umpteen cameras and photographers at the lane, and no one caught anything conclusive on camera. The Sun has been making up quotes as usual and trying to destabilise the Arsenal camp, no change there then.

The Daily Mail is up to its old limp tricks of pretending to be objective but reporting baseless rumour as fact yet again:
'No doubt remains that Bendtner was the victim of an attack by Adebayor at Tottenham which would have produced a red card had it been spotted by referee Howard Webb'
Horseshit. If there was no doubt about it then the FA would have charged him you cretinous halfwits, the FA are always keen to throw the book at Arsenal for things that they routinely ignore Manure doing. Some interesting stuff from someone who actually saw what happened:
'What I saw was the two seem to have words in the box (it seemed to me as though there was confusion over which should take which run) and then, maybe 30 seconds later they squared
up. There was no headbutt, although Ade did seem to catch Bendtner with his hand in a kind of jabbing motion. Seemed to me that he was making a point with his hands, certainly not a punch or anything. That's when it kicked off and Gallas jumped in.'
This is a mountain out of a molehill. The brain dead hacks who choose to stir this up should know much better, it seems that nothing much really happened and there is certainly no evidence that something violent was done. Let it drop and stop rumour mongering. On past records, Ade has shown a great temperament game in game out, whereas Bendtner has shown petulance and arrogance in abundance, I know who I would choose to believe. If you want to read something to cheer yourself up then have a peek at this on Cashley Cole, even if it is probably made up.

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