Saturday 3 November 2012

Brave Di Matteo opens Man United can of worms

I am no Chelsea fan but I do think Robert Di Matteo is a very decent chap.  Therefore it is no surprise that he has spoken out against United and in particular the malignant bully that is Sir Alex Ferguson.  Ferguson disgracefully labelled Chelsea's Clattenberg accusations as 'unthinkable'.  Ferguson should be charged by the FA for commenting on the truth of such serious allegations like this, it is appalling that he has practically labelled Chelsea's allegations 'lies'.

 We all know Sir Alex has a lot to hide in his dirty corrupt locker and the evidence that United routinely get the benefit of dodgy refereeing decisions is mounting.  Di Matteo said what many a fan and manager suspects and believes:

“There is a lot of evidence for being concerned that all the decisions go in United’s favour”

There are many potential reasons for this pro-United refereeing bias including the influence of Sir Alex, the influence of United on the FA and PGMOL, the FA's incompetent handling of discipline, the PGMOL's biased selection processes, the geographic bias of referee distribution, Mike Riley's incompetence and the lack of on field discipline which allows United players to regularly intimidate officials.  Di Matteo also added:

“There are some feelings in general but I don’t think they (referees) do that with a purpose it’s just part of their decision making and it seems to go in one direction.”

There may be no deliberate conscious bias from referees, this is something that many people completely fail to understand, but this doesn't mean that United are not systematically gaining from dodgy decisions, far from it, the evidence points towards the fact that they are routinely gaining many points from bad refereeing.

The ignorant idiots who write off the systematic bias of refereeing without thinking would do well to look at history and in particular the 2006 Italian match fixing scandal.  All it took to rig the league was for clubs to have influence over referee selection, the clubs simply made sure that they got favourable referees and the inevitable bias followed, of note it did not rely on any deliberate bias from referees.  All the hallmarks are there that the very same has been going on in England for years and United have been the chief beneficiaries.  Wake up people, the momentum is only going one way.


Unknown said...

Good to see this highlighted. There's a lot of evidence to show what happens to referees when they give decisions against Utd. Not quite the direct bribery of calciopoli but it is clear that Utd have influence to veto unfavorable refs and that itself offers incentive for refs to favour them and this influences decisions

Unknown said...
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D - Gooner Till Death said...

This news is not reported by (only a part is reported - the favouritsm part is omited) both BBC and Sky sports. Again an indication how Mafia United is using their media slaves for their advantage.