Saturday 1 September 2012

A time for tumbleweed........

I summarised by thoughts yesterday and having endured yesterday's transfer window, I have to say I feel betrayed by the club.  There is no other way of putting it.  Defensively we are solid, up front we are short with the failed Chamakh being relied on as 3rd choice, and central midfield is a potential disaster zone.  We sold Alex Song and we have not replaced him, we also got a relative pittance of a transfer fee for him, it stinks.  Song had three years on his contract, there is just no excuse for selling him and not replacing him.  The club and manager are setting themselves up for a major fall if we do not achieve this season, after this both senseless and reckless gamble.

I simply have no more to say, I feel flat and let down.  Just take a few slow deep breaths in and out and watch the above video.  It truly is a day of tumbleweed, unadulterated pure high quality unrefined tumbleweed, rolling along, voiceless, the nothingness, the emptiness and demonstrative of the total lack of anything of real meaning.  Tumbleweed sums up the transfer window perfectly for us Gooners.


kenneth said...

I think arsenal fans will continue paying for frustration (at the hands of Wenger and KORIONKI) rather than happiness

Rauf Arshad said...

hope this week Arsenal can win thier match
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