Friday 18 May 2012

RVP, our scum support and eleven Yossis

I have been away and unable to blog for the last week, and I must say that I enjoyed my holiday considerably more after we had managed to secure 3rd spot by squeezing past West Brom by the narrowest of margins.  It wasn't brilliant any means, but the bottom line is it was enough and qualifying automatically for the Champions League means that we can now hopefully set about properly strengthening our squad for next season.

The three big players with just a year left on their current contracts are RVP, Song and Walcott.  Talks have begun with RVP and the truth is that no one really knows what is going to happen, much of the speculation has been based on nothing but gossip or a rumour, it is best ignored.  The fact that some moronic fans have decided to abuse RVP and his wife on Twitter, I truly despair at the ignorance and stupidity of these cretinous wastes of space, does sum up just how pathetic and aggressive this loud minority of our support is.  I wish they would leave our club alone, they do nothing of help, they often unsettle the players by propagating their small minded negative hatred at games.  Scum the lot of them in my humble opinion.  It is worth remembering that a significant element of the abuse may well be coming from fake accounts, sadly I doubt we can entirely blame the abuse on others.

Whether this trio sign on or not, the club can and will go on without them, football is a team game and it is vital that we build on the team spirit that we saw at times last season, and to do this we need eleven fully committed players on the field at all times.  Hence if any of these three do not sign on then they simply must be sold and replaced as best as possible.

One man that showed just how important attitude and commitment are is Yossi Benayoun,  I would like to pay a special tribute to him for his highly professional contribution to our cause.  He could have sulked, he didn't get many games early in the season, he didn't, he kept working hard and eventually he got his chance, he then took it and in every game I saw him play, he gave his all for the Arsenal shirt, he ran non stop, he chased and defended every ball, and his two vital goals against Norwich and WBA may well end up being absolutely massive in the club's history when we look back on them in a few years time.

Yossi Benayoun is the kind of character that we need at the club and he is a great example of what you can achieve if you have the right attitude.  No matter how talented a player, if they are not fully committed to the cause then we should move them on, the impact of having eleven players as committed and determined as Yossi on the field at all times cannot be underestimated.  I would like to wish Yossi well wherever he ends up next season, he is a truly class act, there are not many like him in the modern game, a true professional and a real gent.  We need more Yossi types for next season.


Anonymous said...

OK, I was at a function yesterday morning where there was an Arsenal member of staff and a well known person. I asked him about the negative reports in the media. He said he had heard that the meeting was very positive and the belief was a deal will be done. He spoke to me off the record which I respect and I wont name him.
As for the abuse on twitter there is a belief that some city fans posing as Arsenal fans targeting Nasri last year help him make up his mind. It is likely that said same persons are doing this again in an attempt to alienate RVP from AFC fans. RVP is alot more intelligent than Nasri but it may be worth putting something out there for his ears.

charlie said...

By the way, Song has 2 years left on his contract, not one.

1979gooner said...


cheers, good point and i will include this, still feel there are some of our own who need to support the players and club more than they currentyl are though

Anonymous said...

Robin will stay I think. We can't forget he's actually spent half is Arsenal duration injured ,and the club and fans stood by him, he owes it to us.
We were all quietly hoping City would win nothing this season but Unfortunetly this was not the case. City are now using their success as a bargaining tool along with top wages. Robin has more integrity than Samir however and I think 2 or 3 good signings and a clear out should guarantee his playing days out in North London.I just hope it doesen't boil down to money.

Anonymous said...

haha, I was at a function yesterday, what a joker. Van Persie is going, of that there is NO doubt. my brother's sister's uncles' great grandmother told me.

Finny said...

I expected such a reaction. It makes no difference if you believe it or not. I will say this I am 100% RVP is going to stay after the converstaion I had yesterday. I am aware people say such things all the time. All I can say is my job gave me a one on one situation and this is the truth.
The fact that muppets come on to Arsenal sites and feel compelled to post illustrates my second point above. But Like I say RVP is not an idiot like Nasri who prefers to be on the bench and win a medal.

Anonymous said...

I love my football club and do not want to appear negative. However, RvP is gone. This is the modern Arsenal, the sustainable model. We are now a feeder club for the likes of Man City & Barcelona. We were sold the Emirates project on the basis of competing at the highest level with season ticket prices to match. We are paying top dollar to see a team that does not look like winning the title or the champions league. It hurts!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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rizal said...

"to Above poster whoever you are",
Arsenal fans targeting Nasri does not help his mind to leave because he already want to leave long before the summer, and the reason why he kept his intention under wrap is because that he does not want to share the same faith with Adebayor who relish his transfer tp Milan before the transfer actually materials.

As for RVP case I don't mind if he leave since this would be his final transfer before he turn 30++. ANd I hope Arsenal main problem will be sort well SOON (but highly unlikely)which is the OWNER Kronke and the Board = PUT YOUR COMMITMENT AND INTENTION FOR WINNING or else f***off.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I don’t know it is true or not but heard, that Arséne chasing Fabregas and Yaya Toure.
I know it sounds strange but makes sense.
Ivan Gazidis have this mantra year in year out that we really have that financial background.

Go Gunners

Anonymous said...

Twitter is a menace at the moment people are free to write whatever crap they like-without fear-that can't be right.
Twitter needs to be much more tightly controlled-swearing and abuse can and should be edited out by software and the offenders tracked and prosecuted.
RVP deserves all the money he can get-he has carried this club this year-and these morons who abuse him and his wife are beyond contempt. If people are angry that he's going they need to direct their anger elsewhere-away from people.
Disrespect towards others is rife in society and it is endemic in England-and if you think its confined to a few morons think again-take a look at just about any Arsenal website-from the pro-Arsene untold to the anti Wenger site Le Grove-any dissenting voice is usually met by personal abuse.-the editors only ever delete comments that they don't agree with-tacitly encouraging such behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Turning on players is the wrong thing to do.

Does anyone think that Lampard, Terry, Ferdinand or Rooney would still be at their clubs if they were offered what RVP is? All of that lot are paid twice what he is ? What is the justification?

That RVP isn't worth it? Nonsense

That Arsenal can't afford it?

How many players does the club have on the payroll-34? Most of whom are not and never were good enough to get into the side. Yet the 4th richest club in the world can't afford to pay its best player a competitive salary?
Some gooners will believe any propaganda the manager and club put out.

Anonymous said...

Go to bed, you silly person