Friday 30 December 2011

Myles Palmer - Henry will not make it as a striker

So with Thierry Henry set to return to us on a two month loan deal, I thought it worthwhile to go back into history to see what Myles Palmer thought of our current strike force.  Myles seems to rate himself quite highly but it appears that this confidence is more than a tad misplaced.  Here were his early thoughts on Thierry Henry:

"And remember, Thierry Henry is not a striker. He is not a goalscorer.
He scored only 20 goals in 103 games for Monaco. And he did nothing at Juventus. 
Henry is a right-footed left winger who is quick and skillful. He can also play wide on the right.
Even Arsene Wenger cannot make Henry into a striker.
So lets get that straight in our minds before we read any more ignorant tosh in the papers.  Got it? Thierry Henry is a winger."

I think the 174 goals in 254 appearances have answered Myles comprehensively on that one.  Strangely the links to the next piece have vanished:

"Why Van Persie should be sold (Sep 29, 2008)
By Myles Palmer

Robin van Persie doesn’t make it. He is a bang!bang! striker whose style does not fit the way the team plays. He is not a team player and will never be a team player. He plays far too selfishly, most of his passes are afterthoughts, he slows the moves down, and he shoots from silly angles again and again and again.Van Persie is a current international striker but he hasn’t made it. He’s had his chance and he’s not good enough. He will never be any better than he is now. Arsene Wenger should not deny that for one more day. Robin van Persie should be sold. "

It would be one thing if this had come from a deranged fan on twitter.  However Myles Palmer is a journalist, one who thinks himself expert enough to have written a book on Arsene Wenger.  Clearly Myles doesn't have much footballing nous, and the worst thing about him is that despite this clear lack of understanding, he has such a breathtaking level of obnoxious arrogance that it beggars belief.

For me the most beautiful thing about the social media is that it has allowed your average football fan a right to reply to idiots like Myles Palmer.  Their rank ignorance and stupidity can be exposed for all to see, and there is simply no hiding from it anymore for Myles.  The social media has made journalists far more accountable to the public.  Interestingly those sites that don't allow comments or that heavily edit comments are just showing themselves for what they are, no coincidence then that Myles allows no comments on his site.


wake up gooners said...

hey really liked this piece of are absolutely spot on with myles' arrogance which thresholds the belief in reader's mind

GunnerPete said...

Sadly there are 'journalists' with agenda's such as Howard of the slimy SUN and Lewis of the Mirror. They can be excused because they are biased and cant hide it...but this bloke Palmer (whoever) believes he is right. Now everyone has a right to opinion but at least make it based on facts please. I think Henry will be used in a floating role to suit RVP and it will fit. I cannot see him doing many 40 yard runs with the ball or outsripping the others..but I can see him scoring the type of goal we have been missing via Chamakh and Theo. To be honest, all this proves is that AFC will not spend for quality. We all know it. I just pray that for the sake of my great club of 61 years of support, that Arsene has the guts to have a massive clearout of the failures he keeps paying ie; Denilson, Bentner, Almunia, Chamakh, Squillaci, Arsharvin, Flappy, even Sagna ( a surprise to most but very overrated). We need much more UK blood so go get the Rodwells and Johnsons etc who will do us proud.

OshunsBlessedSon said...

LOL!!! Mind you, he tried to get out of the PVP one by saying the bang! bang! thing was a compliment and tribute. I tried searching for that to repost in anger, but could not find it.

There are lots more.

How about the many pieces on Alex Song being a muppet and anything but a footballer? How about the one about Arsernal having just one world class player in Ashravin and 2 "okay" players in Fabregas and RVP.

We can go on and on and on....

Anonymous said...

Great post. Myles Palmer is a massive wanker. Ive seen him write that he isnt a Arsenal fan which makes me wonder why he even writes his blog?

He only ever posts letter from middle class arse kissers who back up his stupid claims. He seems to think he has insider knowledge into club transfers etc but in general none of his 'tips' ever come true (last season he was predicting a week where would sign cahill and 2 others). He glosses over that though.

Last week he claimed Podolski was about to sign at any minute. Im still hoping that is true, though given his track record, its most likly to be a pile of shit.

And when he uses the phrase 'this old beatnik' i truely see red mist.

sorry for the rant.



Anonymous said...

Priceless.... LOL

Anonymous said...

I liked ur submission until the point you spoke about sagna.
i think you are inward looking and probably a racist as well.
why do you think sagna is overrated and why stress on the need for british talent when in fact they are overpriced and very average?Arsenal need good players irrespective of nationality.

Anonymous said...

Excellent piece, good to see that he's not on your blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Free form Jazz, yeah!


Anonymous said...

I deleted his URL some years back.

3 words that describe Palmer's ANR perfectly:

Obnoxious, ignorant and arrogant.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Myles Palmer...I'd almost forgotten about him: what a massive wang. Does he still do those 'ANR Replies' posts like he's the Prime Minister or something ?

Anonymous said...

The fact is, Palmer is 10 x more popular than you, and more popular than any other arsenal blog. Sure he gets things wrong, who doesn't? If you don't take risks then everything you write would be boring and homogenised. Everyone has an agenda, your agenda is to suck up to Arsenal and fly in the face of reality. Perhaps if you were not so insecure you would focus on your own blog, not others.

1979gooner said...

Anonymous 2344

Myles Palmer is not prepared to stand by what he writes, he has frequently removed posts that have either been bordering on racist or complete nonsense.

It is the manner in which he speaks and gets things wrong that irks people, he clearly is no footballer or football coach himself, yet seems to think he knows more than Arsene Wenger, even when it is frequently shown that he doesn't know much at all.

He may be popular but this seems to be waning, and popularity is no sign of quality or truth, look at the Sun for that, he is perfectly capable of taking some criticism for some of the nonsense that he spouts.

So overall, I'm not sure why you are defending the indefensible and 'sucking up' to Myles Palmer, strange but you are entitled to comment here, unlike on Myles Palmer's site!

That should tell you something.


fritz said...

Palmer is one of the most annoying pricks on the internet. And a racist tosser too.