Wednesday 21 December 2011

Lucky Arsenal saved by Yossi's aerial beef

Our back line had been decimated by numerous injuries, strangely Miguel was another absentee which I have assumed means he must have picked up an injury against City, anyway we had a really makeshift back four with Vermaelen at left back and Coquelin at right back, and the formidable pairing of Mertesacker and Koscielny in the centre.  Coquelin moving to right back meant a start for Frimpong in central midfield, with the rest of the team predictable.

It was not a good performance, we never really got going for any sustained period throughout the game, there was the odd moment and our quality up front meant that we always threatened when in forward areas, but we did make hard work of a game that should have been fairly routine work.

Coquelin battled but Z'Zogbia was a bit too much for him at times.  Frimpong's naivety and inexperience was far too apparent, he was slack in possession and his defensive positioning left a lot to be desired.  This was no surprise though, he has played so few first team games.  Ramsey didn't really get into the game either leaving Arteta to battle on manfully without that much support.  The front three looked dangerous whenever they had the ball but we couldn't get it to them enough, and the midfield didn't really support them very well.

Credit must go to Villa who showed a lot of courage, it would have been easy to collapse when they went one nil down to our deserved penalty after Theo had been blatantly tugged back in the box, they did not, they battled back and looked the more effective side for long periods, and having equalised they did look the more likely to win the game for a while.  N'Zogbia and Albrighton were dangerous all game long.

Having said all that one has to say that there is a hell of a lot more team spirit and fight in Arsenal side than I have seen for a few years, and this must be fairly significant in the way in which we ground out the win in the end.  Arshavin forced a corner, RVP whipped it in, it was mat by the Israeli titan otherwise known as Yossi Benayoun, the header was downward and unstoppable.  There was still time for that malignant piece of Tottenham excrement Alan Hutton to be sent off for two thuggish and completely unnecessary challenges, hopefully TV5 is fine after the second of these.

Overall a great three points and a vital win, some positive and some negative though, as well as some terrible refereeing that included an awful decision to book RVP for diving for being body checked by Warnock.  The fight and team spirit is very encouraging, we are slowly learning to better absorb pressure and defend as a team.  The big worry I have is that we are a couple of injuries away from an utter disaster, we need at least one full back to be brought in and we need cover for RVP badly.  Still a win's a win, well done you Gunners.


Dick said...

Time of the month luv? I only ask as your miserable, too harsh summing up shows a complete lack of class, or indeed any footballing insight.

Why should an away fixture after a really tough outing 3 days previous with all our injuries be a formality?

Whats that? You were wrong and wish to edit your post. Oh OK then, off you go.

I generally like your pieces, but today you've gone way OTT with the criticisms. Bad show

Anonymous said...

one must say that you are being too harsh on the team. we have all had a moan at the start of the season but now it must stop. count to ten in the future before posting.

1979gooner said...


I stand my everything written in the match report.

When we lose and we are unlucky I stand by the team, for example against City.

However when we win and are lucky to win, I will not spin things positively if the performance was not there.

Today we were lucky to win, no honest person would tell you otherwise.

There were some positives which I have mentioned, as many positives as negatives!

If you wish to read some gushing sycophantic rubbish then please go and read someone else's work because I will not give that to you here.


I won't even dignify that with a comment, this is not about rights and wrongs, it is about opinions and if you cannot even argue your case like a reasonable mature adult, then come back when you have had time to consider your opinion a little, calm down and write something a little more measured.

I am not being harsh on the team, I am just not hiding from the truth, and the truth is that we were lucky to win today.

Anonymous said...

Two rareties tonight. A penalty and scoring from a corner! Remarkable and probably a further decade before that happens again.

Soul said...

@dick your name equals my thoughts. We looked crap, Wenger should start Beny over Ramsey next game. Come on you Gooners

Anonymous said...

Its the word Lucky that grates with me. when other teams play badly but take three points its called character now you have joined the bandwagon of media goons who like to label arsenal lucky. Remove the lucky and everything written can be taken in its context, over the xmas season its all about taking three points when playing 4 games in 12 days.

Anonymous said...

It was lucky.

I don't model my own writing on the writing in the mainstream media as they are inconsistent hypocrites.

We were lucky today. It just has to be said.

I haven't joined any bandwagon, I have just stated my opinion.

I will label other sides lucky if they win games like the one we won today, I will remain unapologetic and consistent in my writing.


Anonymous said...

hey amigo or amiga take it easy i think from your writing your mind is set on defending the word LUCKY. All i am writing which you havent acknowledged is playing four games in 12 days is tough on the legs and mind so the issue here isnt luck its about mental fortitude in the face of an avalanche i.e four games in 12 days

Soul said...

to play like crap and win, is great!!! Much much better than playing like crap an losing!!!

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