Wednesday 23 November 2011

Job efficiently done - media take note

I just wish the media would stand up and be counted at times like these. So many experts thought we would be the only English side struggling to make it through the Champions League group stages. The polar opposite of the mainstream media's predictions has come true and this tells a whole story in itself.

Other than the last minute lapse that gave Dortmund their consolation goal, this was a pretty commanding performance on the whole and we even saw a set piece goal from a corner, Vermaelen flicking on to RVP to smash home emphatically to make it 2-0. Song's skill and trickery to jink past three men to set up RVP for his first was simply sublime and capped a fine performance from the solid midfielder.

Man City, Manu and Chelsea all have various amounts of work to do. We do not. Those in the media who were so very very incorrect with their predictions should own up to this and say sorry. They will not though, there are a lot of biased ignorant fools who think they know a lot more than they do in our football press.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Not enough experience in those other three. Too short, too. Too many johnny foreigners, Carlos kickaballs. And so loose at the back; an accident waiting to happen. Shit goalkeepers. Flappers the lot of 'em. The managers are all wimps and transmit mental weakness to the players, who don't like it up 'em. Whinging and moaning. They'd do well to spend, spend, spend.

Football. Fuckin' hell. Mug's game making predictions.

Anonymous said...

totally agreed....they underestimate the will of this Squad.. Saw only the second half.. but i must say Song was Magnificent and Per was also commanding alongside Vermaleen and Koscielny. We all know what RVP give week in week out. Simply The best.Other players were good to, However Gervinho and Walcott need to start finding the back of the net. Hopefully our other strikers and Midfielders can also start scoring because we would need everybody to be on point for us to achieve something massive. GOONERPOWER

alex said...

Someone should start putting together a video of select Santos's
unorthodox tackles. Love the guy,
Looks like one of those kids that shows up for the weekend's pick up game in the 'hood without the propper attire, a big sandwich and a soda in hand but everyone wants him on their team.
Song is an absolute monster!

Abraham Simon said...
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Anonymous said...

This team is all about teamwork...I haven't seen players backing each other out like this in past 5-6 season. Song arteta and Aaron did marvelous job..kosh and song were contenders for my MOM. Only place to improve is Gervinho and Walcott must finish the chances they get.Well Rob Van Gunner is firing all cylinders at the moment but we need other strikers to keep scoring and make sure we win games comfortably rather than waiting for RVP to score. You won't get one on ones and through balls like that every game.

MDennis said...

I totally agree. The media writes us off every time. But I think the bad press has spurred the players on even more. The media have been very harsh on us and being the first english team to qualify in europe must have put them doubters to bed. RVP is just solid every game easily the best striker in the premiership right now. I'm liking the way the central midfielders are working together and Per is looking a bit more sturdy.

Come on gooners

Uncle Mike said...

To quote a movie from a different sport, The Arsenal are giving the media a great bit shitburger.