Saturday 5 November 2011

The machine starts to purr

It was only just over two months ago that we got spanked 8-2 at Old Trafford, the turnaround since has been rather extraordinary, it has not always been glorious in terms of the ease of victory but over the last month the team has definitely continued to grow in a way that has seen the performances mature and the nature of the wins become more and more convincing.

"The spirit of the squad was right from the first to the last minute. We worked well together. I was always positive with the team because of course we were in a very bad position - but you felt the desire to do well. Now that we are doing better it is still there."

Arsene has emphasised the togetherness of the team and that is what I am most happy about. There have been so many games in the last few seasons in which the eleven have not all pulled their weight, in which we have not worked hard enough as a unit, especially defensively.

There were many excellent individual performances today, certainly the young Jenkinson did fantastically well, the centre back pairing excelled, the midfield was slick, the forwards dynamic. The fantastic thing is that we now have a proper unit, we have a group that are properly motivated and that will fight for each other.

This season is one for rebuilding but there is still much that can be salvaged from the early season wreckage if we can keep this kind of ethic going. If we can continue to grow as a team and secure our big three men to long term contracts then there is certainly hope for the future. We have several very winnable games coming up in the league before we face City on December the 18th.


Anonymous said...

Keep Diaby out of the team, he´s the last of the three cowards....Denilson, Eboue and himself. //robin

Abraham Simon said...

This squad looks balanced now. With Sagna and Wilshere back this team can do very well in future. We need one more quality Central striker unless Chamakh/Park can prove me wrong.