Sunday 2 October 2011

4 league defeats by early October

I am sure many of you will be feeling the same frustration that I am feeling now, it is hard to take defeat to one's local rivals at the best of times but when it is after such a shambolic start to the season, it becomes rather gloomier for me anyway. The sad fact that is dawning on me now is that we are now not significantly better than Tottenham as a first eleven or as a squad, this is the first time I have said this in my adult life.

It was a close game, it could have gone either way in the end, and our players on the field tried their best, there is no doubt of this. Also we are looking far far better than the shambles of a side that took the field at Old Trafford a few weeks back. These are positives no doubt, but how far backwards have we gone in recent years for these to be the positives, quite a long way it appears.

There was an element of bad luck to the defeat, the Van der Vaart goal should have been disallowed for the clear handball by the goalscorer and Szczesny would probably save the second goal if he got another chance to face it. Still we are still at the point of early October where we have lost 4 league games, we do not have much understanding and cohesion in the side with so many new players coming in so late, and as a result we are playing catch up with the big boys such as City and United.

The thing that has been concerning me for a while is where on earth are our goals going to come from if not from RVP? We have so little quality goalscoring striking backup to our Dutch maestro that it beggars belief. Seeing Arshavin come on as the final throw of the dice said it all, his lack of threat and pace has been evident for a while. We blatantly lack striking options and it frustrates the hell out of me. This is a decent Spurs side but no more, the fact that we were about as good as they were is depressing as it means that we are no better than a decent side ourselves these days, we are no longer one of the best sides around.

I'm fast running out of patience with the current direction of the club, big preventable errors have contributed massively to this appalling start to the season that we have had. There is no denying that the board and manager have both contributed to this disaster in progress, it is arguable as to how this blame should be spread between them, even so to deny it is a disastrous start is to be living in cloud cuckoo land. Results must improve and fast, what we have been served up thus far this season has simply not been good enough for Arsenal FC.


Anonymous said...

get used to is only going to get worse...AW thinks we are still in the title race!delusional

Anonymous said...

Luka Modric has never played on the losing side against Arsenal. They keep thier best players, we sell ours. Its worse that this was a decent performance by our lot AND YET WE STILL LOSE! They had 3 one-on-ones and we were lucky they missed them all. We edged posession but in terms of clear cut chances there was only one winner.

Anonymous said...

To think we could have signed Cahill and Given in June for 18m and given them 2 months to bed in.

Let's face it this team is rubbish. Without a 19 yr old kid and one defender we look awful. The squad is so thin and we have no threat up front other than RVP.

We need a new manager to come in and sort out this disaster. The league doesn't lie after 7 games. Yes our fixtures have been tough but if we are going to lose every difficult game we face this season we'll be lucky to finish 10th.

How bad must things get before the AKBs fade away and the board finally act?

Uncle Mike said...

Gary Cahill just allowed 5 goals in a game for the 3rd time in 6 months. He stinks. He is not good enough for the Premier League, let alone for Arsenal. If Arsenal had Cahill today, we would have lost 5-1 WITHOUT the aid of a handball.

Afrogunner said...

I am of the opinion that Arsenal are fighting relegation this season. We have managed only 7 points out of 21. Thats relegation standard.

Does Arsene still know?

Anonymous said...

Arsenal are shit, it's been happening year after year tho it's really just kicked in hard this season. You can't sell your best players and never replace them. I'm not even bothered anymore, in fact being as we're shit, I want us to be as shit as possible. Needs some sort of impetus.

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