Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lady unluck, the pathetic media on Adebayor and Finances

Watching the Tottenham game again in the cold light of day it was really clear that our performance was far better than in some previous games and that overall we were rather unlucky not to come away with at least a point. We controlled long periods of the first half and cut open Spurs several times, Gervinho and Walcott the most guilty of missing excellent clear cut chances. Spurs looked like the away side, struggling to get hold of the ball, completely outplayed in midfield and relying on the occasional counter attack.

One key moment that went against us was Van der Vaart's deliberate handball for their opener, it was overt cheating, he had no chance of controlling the ball without using his arm, he knew exactly what he was doing and his sly use of the arm enabled him to score. If we had technology, this would have been a second yellow card to Van der Vaart and no goal to Tottenham, surely it must be time for technology.

The sad thing was that after the deserved Ramsey equaliser came following some excellent work from Song down the left flank, we didn't go on to win the game, we fell away and lost it. The negative for me was how wasteful we were in the final third, Gervinho and Walcott were frequently the chief culprits, we found time and space in dangerous areas again and again, but too often the wrong option was taken or the final ball was simply not good enough. The lack of a defensive shield in front of the back four was rather evident for Walker's winner, Song made a great initial block, but Walker was afforded far too much time and space in a dangerous area, we need to protect our back four far better in the future.

The other major negative was our lack of quality attacking options to change the game from the bench. We have precious little striking backup to RVP and this is a major concern, personally I find it very strange that we didn't bring on Park, Chamakh didn't even make the bench. Arshavin came on but he hardly scares a mouse these days, let alone a defender, while Benayoun didn't really get into the game.

There were some significant positives, Francis Coquelin was superb, outshining Scott Parker by a country mile, repeatedly tackling the gravity prone Modric and looking a general class act in the centre of the midfield. It will be a great shame if Coquelin has to move to right back now as a result of Bacary Sagna's unfortunate injury that sees him out action for at least 2 months or so. Arteta look calm and assured throughout, running the game for the most part. Kieran Gibbs had a very solid game, his best of the season thus far in my opinion.

Overall Tottenham were rather fortunate to come away with a win and the way in which their management and players behaved after the game summed up the complete lack of class that the club has. Clive 'chav' Allen's behaviour after the game was more befitting of a hooligan that someone who works for a football club, while Harry Redknapp's rose tinted view of the chants from both sets of supporters took the piss. Given the disgusting violence and abuse that Tottenham fans have dished out in recent seasons it is thoroughly hypocritical of Redknapp to drone on about the abuse dished out to Adebayor.

Firstly Adebayor is a shit of an individual. He is a self-obsessed egotistial waste of space. He has repeatedly shown that he is a lazy arrogant individual and not worthy of much respect, his own rank unpopularity with his own team mates at several clubs prove his status as one of the biggest idiots around. The Daily Wail tried to turn Adebayor into some kind of saint, hardly wise journalism and utterly lacking in any kind of perspective, shadowing Redknapp's pathetic hypocritical comments from after the game. It is worth remembering that Spurs fans dished out just as bad to Adebayor when he didn't have a Spurs shirt on, strange how the media and Redknapp were so quiet when this occurred.

It is not the first time that the media have spun things in Tottenham's favour, it is well worth remembering that some rather disgraceful chants continue to be directed at our manager but he does not drone on about it after games, it is also worth remembering that Spurs fans have launched violent assaults on our team bus in the past with the media saying far less than they have done recently in trying to protect Adebayor's 'dignity'. Adebayor has very little dignity left, he epitomises the modern day football mercenary, a money grabbing whore who has sold his soul for hard cash.

Anyway moving onto AFC's financial results, I would suggest you all read this excellent summary by SwissRamble which points out just where we need to improve in the years ahead. This is a critical period for football with revenues generally dwindling, and for us it is even more key, we have some big commercial deals up for renegotiation in a couple of years time and it is vital that our footballing results don't drop off in the meantime as the combination could be quite catastrophic. In my opinion we have to do three key things, maximise our commercial revenues, keep achieving on the field and restructure our antiquated wage structure. The problem is that two of these things cannot be forced in terms of time, while turning around the current football results is going to take some doing.


jim 1973 said...

The most biased and unrealistic article I have ever read!!! Keep on kidding yourself to the extent that it gives you some sort of comfort!! The best team won by a canter!! How the mighty have fallen!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that jim 1973 should give his mum back her laptop, after he wipes of the sputum and semen of course.

Anonymous said...

why are spuds so intent on coming on our blogs?

jim1973 said...

Love it!!!! The comments are so consistent with the article!!!! So predictable, unoriginal and repetitive!!

E988 said...

Some Gooner fans and their manager in particular are very sore losers and find it very hard to accept any defeat with dignity and humility whatsoever. So Funny as it happens every time they lose these day's!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey gooners enjoy life middle table in a huge relogation battle , where fabregas knocks u out the champions league and nasri knocks u out the cup meanwhile Mr Adebayor will ensure we finish well above your period stained gunner garments in the league and probably leave you in football limbo , out of Europe! THFC kings of north London !!!! We can't stop beating u twats on and off the pitch !! And all your articles and comments truly prove that
Right now u gunners all wish u were spurs!! Hahaha Tottenham till I die!

Uncle Mike said...

There will come a day, very soon, when we will once again teach Tottenham fans about football. Until that day comes -- on February 25, barring a cup tie -- we will have to settle for teaching them about grammar, spelling, history, and, above all, class, about which they haven't got a damned clue.

You'll notice Jim 1973 -- and if that's his birthdate than has he ever since his club win the League? Has he f*** -- calls the article biased and unrealistic, but he doesn't challenge the facts therein. Because he knows he can't, the dope.

Anonymous said...

Jim 1973

If you cannot even make 1 sensible point then I suggest you either come back when you can engage your brain and come up with some rational criticism or bugger off elsewhere to a place that you can read something that you can unquestioningly agree with, something that won't trouble your small brain

the spud comments prove just what classless morons some of their fans are

we were quite clearly unlucky to lose the game, we dominated the midfield, created a lot of chances, in the end we were beaten because of a great Walker hit and some poor finishing from ourselves

the cheating from van der vaart also helped

if that is winning at a canter Jim, then you truly are a deluded tool


Jim 1973 said...

What are you like!!!! There was only one team that wanted to win the game last Sunday and only one team that showed a true passion to the fantastic game which is the NLD. That for a start is a sin to your travelling support, that you players did not put the same effort into playing as your fans did to supporting them

Your goal keeper made some vital saves that keep you in the game, fact. Going forward you were just not good enough to cause Spurs any problems, especially in the second half.

I can't even recall the last time seeing an arsenal team come to WHL and not cause our goal keeper any consistent trouble. Yes you had possession but you had more in midfield in bodies and anyhow the bottom line is it’s what you do with it that possession that counts. Spurs also had options to change their side and tweak the formation (Sandro coming on for VDV) which turned the game back in Spurs favour which lead to the winning goal.

When Spurs had the ball they always look like they could cause your defence problems. Arsenal did not do anything with it when they had it. I know you guys hate the fact that at this moment in time Spurs are having the upper hand on you and this season will be defining for both our great teams.

But even the most hardened of gooners surly most see all is not will with their empire and if Spurs finish above you in a champions league place this season the wall’s of you empire are going to come tumbling down.

How much will you need to spend in Jan to have a chance of preventing this? and who will won't to come anyway !!! The buck stops with your manager but it’s obvious to all that he will never change his attitude. The thing is, Spurs fans are enjoying the season, Arsenal fans are not!!!!! There are reason that are clear to both our supporters why!

Anonymous said...


Sorry but I disagree.

It was a very balanced game overall in terms of decent chances created etc, and there's no doubt we dominated the midfield element of it.

I take your point that spurs created more for the amount of ball they had, but overall they had less ball so in the end in terms of chances it worked out pretty even.

The difference in the end was small between the sides and the main thing I'm saying is not that Arsenal should have won, but that we were unlucky not to get a point.

Having said that that's not good enough for Arsenal as this Spurs side is decent, but no more, and we should be beating this quality of side.

The sad thing is that we have not brought in the required quality and we have let too many good players go over the last four years or so, hence we have been caught up.

You are also ignoring the fact that Van der Vaart cheated for the opener and should have been sent off, game changer if ever there was one.

It will be close between us at the end of the season I would guess, the thing that frustrates is that it shouldn't be close, we have made so many bad errors to let things get as bad as they have done.


Jim 1973 said...

Good point 1979 Gooner, Its good we can both debate like true football fans.

Of course the replays did show that the ball did touch VDV arm and yes this could have been given against us. These things do go 50/50 and yes this went in our favour. I would disagree to say this was blatant cheating as it was not that conclusive to prove that. To call for a sending off is a bit harsh too even more so to call for one after his celebration, after all passion is the man element to why we both love football right ?

Arsenal will always be a fantastic footballing side but they seem to have lost a bit of cutting edge at present.

My best friend is an Arsenal supporter and were both always chewing the fat over our teams. We were watching the “Blackburn” game together and after the game we spoke of some of the issues that “Wenger” failed to address in possible signings

Shy Given was available and he is an experienced, and reliable goalkeeper, just what you needed. Chris Samba was just the type of no nonsense solid centerback that you were crying out for with an English style of defending in everying he does, granted his from the Congo mind you.

I could not believe you did not sign Scott Parker before we did, he just what you need in midfield, Cahill, I agree that Bolton were after too much money, so I can understand why he was not signed.

A bit controversial this one, but why not “Barton” on a free? Ok I know he had a barny with Gervino, but so what. When footballers are on the same side they soon settle their differences. You would soon start loving him when he starts throwing himself around a bit.

My point is those players for example would have given you a good solid British type base of player behind your impressive forward line and not much money would have been needed to achieve this.

Sort out Arsenal defence and you then have Arsenal back on track, it’s that easy

Bringing me back to Wenger I know he has been fantastic for you club in the past but it is so clear he is holding you back now and here lies the problem, will the club be bold enough to replace him?

I know as fans we should hate each other, that’s what over 120 years of top rivalry does and let’s face it, it would not be half the fun if we weren’t rivals too. As clubs we both play great football and have proud histories that speak for themselves not to mention the great players that have worn the respective shirts

Good luck, (But not too much luck) for the rest of the season

PS. Any chance of us having RVP in the January Window? Or I am I stringing it a bit too much!!!!!

Jim 1973