Sunday 24 July 2011

Cesc and Nasri must go

Some fairly encouraging signs were noted in our away victory against Cologne yesterday, Gervinho's excellent goals and performance in particular. The biggest down was the injury to Conor Henderson, fingers crossed it is not a really serious one and good luck to the lad. The absence of Armand Traore was interesting, it may signal something big or he may have picked up a minor injury, I'm sure we'll find out in due course.

The big stories that we need to sort out are those concerning our 'club captain' Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri. For me both need to go and soon. Why I hear you ask? Well the reason we dropped a lot of silly points last season was down to a lack of commitment in games when we should have know better. Cesc appears less than 100% committed, as does Nasri, the latter's behaviour leaves a lot to be desired and he has shown his lack of commitment to the cause by failing to sign a new contract. It is foolish to keep players who no longer want to play for the club, it would also be madness to loose over 20 million by letting Nasri walk away for free next summer.

The club could easily cope with losing these two, we have lost far bigger and better players in the past. It would be a big loss, Cesc far more so than Nasri in my opinion, but if we then used the millions gained to replace them both with some top drawer talent then I am sure we would have forgotten about them in no time at all. There are some top players around who would surely be keen to come to the mighty Arsenal FC, Juan Mata for example. My hope is that the club's pretence of wanting to keep Nasri is simply a way of getting the biggest possible fee for the wantaway Frenchman.

Overall I think the priorities must be shipping out these two and replacing them, shipping out more dead wood (Eboue/Bendtner/Almunia et al), bringing in a young pacey powerful striker and a strong physically powerful centre half. If we can bring in that little bit of needed experience then it will complement some of our top drawer young talent very nicely indeed. I am particularly hopeful over Gibbs, Frimpong, Lansbury and Miyaichi.

I am not naive, the club has to be very cunning in the way that it spins reality in order to get the best deals in can in the market, both in terms of selling and buying players. This means that the club will very rarely be honest and open in revealing its motives to us, it would be foolish so to do. The club are running out of time and they need to act fast to resolve these rather significant outstanding issues. I just hope we can get it all done and dusted in time for the season's opener in August. Come on you Gunners.


Sahoo said...

Spot on. Absolutely agree that Cesc and Nasri should be shipped out. This should be sone fast so that we've time to find replacements. Even if we get players half as talented than the above two but 100% commitment that would serve us much better. I don't like players whose mind gets turned by contributing for only half a season.

I agree with you on the need to get in another striker and for sure a defender (two is better). But I feel a defensive midfielder (experienced) is also required.

Getting real restless though.

Anonymous said...

Sure, selli them but Wenger never reinvests the money in player. He doesnt care about anything but his stubborn pride.

Anonymous said...

On Fab & Nasri, I was beginning to think I was the only Arsenal supporter not wanting these 2 players here for the start of the season! How on Earth can you have senior players in your ranks that are not fully committed? Don't get me wrong we all know Fab is an outstanding player but it takes more than having a footballer’s brain and skill to win medals. It’s about heart and courage. Nasri on the other hand has still got a lot to prove, he’s had one good half of a season and is now believing he's own hype! Wake up smell the coffee beans! 20 million for a player who in a lot of peoples opinion is still only average; it’s a no brainers for me! Use the money to buy Cahill and Samba we wouldn’t miss them!

Anonymous said...

Agreed Let them both go, we need to work on set pieces or bring in a cb, remember we had the best record in not conceeding goals in open play. All that is neededis tweaks notmajor surgery

rickey said...

Talking of dead wood,what about the likes of Thomas Rosisky and even the at times hapless Arshavin. I am gutteds to read that JET is up for sale as I believe he is a player who will come good for Arsenal and has respect from all of the youths.

Arsene Wenger will soon be met by a chorus of "you don't know what your doing" unless he bucks up his ideas and shows some genuine intent to bring in some real talent and win trophies for Arsenal!

Anonymous said...

yes let them go if they dont want to play for the team again let them Go we dont need people who are not committed to the club we no they are good players but they are not good as they think let them go

Jekyll said...

The key thing that those who would defend Song as our DM should remember is he actually doesn't want to play the position. He went on last season about 'adding goals' to his game and kept ambling forward and getting caught out of position. So how about we buy a DM who actually plays the position and actually wants to?

Of course, Wenger will do nothing about this, nor will he about CB. The insulting bid for Jagielka is just to try and take some heat off his back. He wants to go into the new season with the same 4 CBs. We all know what's going to happen as a result of that.

I also don't think Nasri's lack of commitment will convince Wenger he should be sold now after all. Wenger has many uncommitted players on his books, we saw that last season, it doesn't seem to be an important characteristic for him. I think his main concern is it'll make him look bad if he sells both Nasri and Cesc. It'll spell the end of his 7 year vanity project. For that reason I hope they both go. In fact I'd rather we had a bad season next season and Wenger then went than flatter to deceive again, flirt with challenging, then end up in 4th yet again, so Wenger can do it all again. It's well overdue time for change at Arsenal but it'll never happen as long as Wenger keeps getting 3rd/4th.

ctc said...

"but if we then used the millions gained to replace them both with some top drawer talent"

And if my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle.

Neither are likely to happen.