Sunday 10 July 2011

Woefully short: do or die

Now is effectively make or break for Arsene Wenger, there is simply no getting around this fact. As things stand we have a squad that is simply not capable of challenging for the title, and he has to change this around before August.

Looking through the squad for the Asian tour shows this fact. There is no doubt we have a great first eleven and a hell of a lot of talented kids providing some depth. The problem with our squad is that we do not have enough experienced players to provide competition for those first XI places. I think you need approximately 16/17 high quality players with experience and we do not have this at the moment. Players like Vela/Denilson/Squillaci/Almunia are neither experienced quality or talented youth, they are a waste of space.

The Nasri situation is a joke and personally I do not want to see him put an Arsenal shirt on again given what has gone on, sell him for the 20mill and bring in a big named replacement. The left back situation is of concern given Gibbs' erratic fitness record, if he can stay fit then I see no problem, that is quite a big if though. The other major area of concern for me is the centre back situation, we need a commanding aerial player and don't have one yet. We are also short of strikers, personally I would keep hold of Bendtner but if he is sold then we are looking a bit short up front too.

Now is the time Arsene, we need to properly address the flaws in our squad or we are looking at yet another season of nearly but not quite and that is not good enough for Arsenal Football Club. I am not saying we must win trophies this year or else, it is just essential that we give ourselves a chance by strengthening the squad and bringing in a bit more depth and experience. Come on you Gunners.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're daydreaming too. Challenge for the title? When Fabregas and Nasri leave we're mid-table and unless the replacements are of a similar calibre + more quality bought on top you can forget top four.

Anonymous said...


Don't fuck up our club like you did with Monaco you selfish fuck. We are not your project.

Jekyll said...

As Gervinho can apparently play on both the wing and up front Im sure Wenger sees him as his Bendtner replacement and won't buy anyone else.

The quote about Tommy V is very worrying - it suggests that, yet again, Wenger isn't going to address our CB problem. The inclusion of Squillaci on the tour also suggests that. We have our 4 CBs for next season, I think. So the same problems will persist.

Anonymous said...

I'm really concerned about the apparent state of affairs within our club, what with all the speculation regarding 2 of our best players. We all know that if either of them leave, will probably replace from within and bank the transfer fees. All in all, I cannot see us being much stronger than we were last season, and if this is the case, then we could be in for difficult season ahead.

Loose Cannon said...

Im slightly confused re Nasri. I dont mind him sold but only for the right fee and to the right club. That means only abroad for me.

Selling him to either United or City will be another major own goal for me.

Arsenal are between a rock and a really hard place. Keep him and risk losing him for free...Sell him and you're only strengthening a rival directly.

Id rather have him stay, get him signed around Jan and then sell him under our conditions after showing intent in this transfer window by signing quality.

We need to stop selling players to Man City...This will cost us in the long run.

I share your views on Gibbs, major question marks regarding his fitness. Its a massive gamble since we're already dogged by that every season.

Clichy must be replaced.

Btw, Bendtner and Almunia have been told to find clubs. They're off.