Sunday 31 July 2011

The booing shambles

It is not often that I have been ashamed to be an Arsenal fan, but sadly today was one of those days. It wasn't to do with the team, the manager, the result, it was the quite pathetic behaviour and attitude of a group of so called 'Arsenal fans' who booed their players in a pre season friendly match.

The behaviour of these fans is already being exploited by various arsenal-hating sections of the media, it is simply completely unproductive, it is deeply harmful to the football club that these morons claim to support.

Pre season matches are generally boring affairs, they have been for as long as I can remember, so people expecting a fully committed high tempo encounter are deluded, players are simply getting some fitness and are going to try to avoid injuries in these meaningless games. Pre season results just don't matter either, and anyway today the first team won their match.

I despair at people getting such ridiculously disproportionate rage and booing their own players for getting a draw in a meaningless friendly, it really is hard to find the words. It doesn't help the players, it doesn't help the club, it only helps our competitors.

I know we have some issues at the moment, after all I have been pointing them out for months. We need a centre back, we need another centre forward with chamakh struggling, the black clouds of nasri and cesc still hang overhead. Still it is bloody obvious that the club is trying to sort all these issues out before the season gets underway.

Some people need to go back to basics and learn what being a proper 'supporter' is all about. Some people have become so self destructive that they are being eaten up by the negativity from within, they appear dour joyless sorts who do little to actually get behind the team that they claim to support. Being a supporter is not like buying a ticket for the cinema, sitting back and watching exactly what you want, making no positive contribution and then whining if everything is not just as you had wished. It is about supporting your team through thick and thin, helping them recover from setbacks and not digging holes deeper.

Maybe this will all pass, but at the moment my enthusiasm for going to games is severely dwindling, I want to sit alongside people who will support the team, through the good times and the bad. The booers are a disgrace to Arsenal football club and if you were on of them, would you kindly rethink your attitude or keep well away from the Emirates in the future.


Kevvy said...

I did not go to the Emirates, so therefore I didn't boo. I showed my annoyance with the team, the season ticket hike, and the lack of team investment by not giving the club any more of my cash. If fans are unhappy with the team and the Board let them boo.

Anonymous said...

we shld booo yu too,wat a rubbish manager

abz said...

totally agree mate.... i hate it wen anyone says anything negative abt arsenal....and then to have so called fans booing the team i love???

think all the ppl that dont like arsenal (hence booing them) should got o the not sure they'd be welcom there either!!!

and what these people are doing are driving away our star players.... the reason thierry stayed so long bergkamp stayed so long was because the fans showed love for them and for the team..... who wants to p;ay in a stadium where 60,000 are booing??? the pressure on the young n new players would make them fail even more...

think these fans are turning arsenal into the spuds and driving away the 'class' that we once had....

all those that booed should be ashamed!

man utd, chelsea, man city now seem to be winning all the trophies.... maybe its time u chose a new team for urselves...

1979gooner said...


By that logic I am also entitled to my opinion, I am unhappy with this section of our support and I will call a spade a spade, a wanker a wanker


The generally retarded nature of your comment shows just what kind of person booed today, well done for your inadvertent demonstration of this rank stupidity.

Anonymous said...

The booing is not the result! or that anyone cares that we drew a pre-season friendly- The booing is to crank the pressure up on wenger so that on transfer deadline day we don't hear ' we were close' to signing X<Y<Z player! we need to mean business and now. Kieran Gibbs at left back will come back to haunt wenger- We will not accept the same mistakes and stupidity repeating themselves last season and wenger needs to know and therefore I fully support the booing.

1979gooner said...


Couldn't agree more mate, the point you make about player retention is a very good one

Anonymous said...

Get a grip. The boos were for Wenger not the players. That he chose to transfer the supporters' frustrations to the players to protect his slimy ego tells you all about what he has become.

Keep booing Gooners, until Wenger is forced out.

Mongo said...

Why shouldn't people boo? The board, manager and players are so far removed from the fans how else can they get their views across? Stupid pre-scripted Q and A sessions?

The fans pay a lot of money to watch this team which quite frankly is nowhere near good enough.

I think that people who go to games and pay silly money are mugs.

Wenger and the board are going nowhere. Its time for a big change.

Anonymous said...

people are forgetting why its called SUPPORT, f***ing ingrates. whats worse is if we did win the dam thing people still wouldv complained and said "its just pre season it doesnt matter". these fans are driving me up the wall

Max said...

I do agree 100% with you and now I will post your post in my blog... it deserve it !

abz said...

thnx gooner1979

glad there are some fans that actually support the team and all these guys booing are obviously not happy with the team... thats y they are booing because they want signings.... so if this team isnt good enough for u to support... what u doing here???

Anonymous said...

you idiot. Fans paying for games. Nothing happened since last year. the boos were right!!

Anonymous said...

apart from the booing am beginning to wonder if the team is confident playing at home

Massimo said...

Anyway I was at the stadium and boooing came from just few supporters ... maybe on TV was look like all the stadium was boooing but wasn't...

Also today wwhat was wrong? The goal in the last 5 minutes??? Who cares? Was a back four that we not will see never again.. so!??
Eboue is leaving and Bartley was at his first game.. we want kill him for the owngoal!??!?
Or maybe we must kill Van Persie because he try to give a goal to Afobe twice!?!?
Today was a friendly... that's it. And the mood was as that from all on the pitch..maybe some fans didn't get it... !?!??

Anonymous said...

we are all being mugged,if you needed any proof that we lacked good defenders, you saw it this weekend.there are big problems at arsenal and they continue with defenders who clearly are not good enough. we have the funds but even the arsene we trust mob, will be crying in their overpiced flat beer, by november when we will already be out of the title race.
we need 2 established defenders, another goal keeper and posibly a WC goal scorer. or its im afraid curtains for wenger.

Anonymous said...


Mate, I'm a st holder and instinctively i agree with your sentiments. I mean, how could I not? Booing the team is counter productive and entirely anti the Arsenal way. It's an awful thing to hear. However..

The squad/team looks insipid, drained of energy and just completely listless. Our play is at best neat, tidy and pleasant, but we are are completely lacking any kind of X factor. It feels sterile.

Weirdly, I'm not even overly distressed by the defending. Ok, we look vunerable from set pieces, and the same old lack of cover from DM leaves the centre halves exposed. It's a concern, but the main issues are elsewhere, to my mind.

We lack conviction, belief, energy and power, in our play. As a team it appears to be a technical exercise, rather than anything instinctive, joyous or spontaneous.

Each match feels like a funeral.

Dunno why, but there is a real bad vibe at the moment. We are laboured and have no raison d'etre.

It's depressing.

Anonymous said...

@"The squad/team looks insipid, drained of energy and just completely listless." Mate its pre season..

Anonymous said...

each match feels like a funeral...amazing comment, and totally true...

we've got a bid stadium and a big pitch now, and we need big personalities and big performances to light it up.

too many of our squad are meek passengers who look to others for leadership.

i'm very worried.

but booing is not on. if you booed, you're scum.

26may1989 said...

Well done 1979, absolutely agree, anyone who has a pop at the team at a pre-season friendly (a) knows bugger all about what pre-season friendlies are about, (b) knows bugger all about psychology and the importance of fans for creating the right results and (c) is a pretty pathetic specimen.

All those who want to "crank up the pressure" on Wenger by creating a negative atmosphere at home games, ask yourselves this: why is it that Arsenal last season topped the league in away performances but were miles behind in home performances? Might it possibly have something to do with all these anti-Wenger obsessives, who all seem to think they are entitled to trophy after trophy, 49-game-unbeaten runs etc?

Get a life, and piss off from my club you bunch of losers.

Anonymous said...

The short memory fans can see through wht the media is doing and has done.
Initially Arsenal matches were boring 1 Nil to arsenal,then arsenal players were weak so kick them,Arsenal then Arsenal players are not experienced, arsenal players are foriegners , arsenal players are short. now wenger is rubbish. he buys cheap- Chamberlain 15mil / Ryo Miyachi 500 Vermalean 11mil - Cahill 24mil, He is a useless coach. Yet he is able to do better than Kenny / Hughes / etc with virtually useles and unknown player[irony]

Anonymous said...

Why would Fans not booed the team? These Fans are paying the highest ticket prices in the country. This is for a very mediocre team compared to the other top four clubs in the country. At the end of last season, Wenger told us he would address the defensive lapses of team by adding height to the defence.

Same thing he did last year, do nothing until the transfer window is closed, he would then tell he was close to signing almost every other player that were signed by other teams. It is very disgraceful to watch the Manager lie about transfers and assessment on a regular basis

Anonymous said...

100% agree, why pay to go and boo, it doesn't make sense...

and those saying the boo's are for Wenger... You do realise he is the most successful manager in our history? and these same clowns that want him out never offer an alternative... who do you replace him with (that's available..)

It's a sad reflection on the "i want it now" mentality of the younger generation.

Sid said...

There was a few boos, probably the same people who were so enthralled with the game, that they were doing a mexican wave for 10 minutes earlier! Idiots

years ago, we wouldmnt even know how the team got on in pre-season, apart from a score in the paper the next day!

Joyless sky fed sheep.

Blaming wenger for what? Trying to keep pace with billionaire sugar daddies and in united's case a billion in debt ridden club!

Wait at least till sept 1st before deriding the man and players.

I am ashamed to be associated with a few Gooners these days

They have lost all perspective

Anonymous said...

Anyone that pay's over 60 quid to go to a game to boo, and not enjoy the game has serious issues.

You need to find a new hobbie, but more to the point you need a shrink.

Do you go to the Cimema and boo the screen if you don't like the film? walk away and don't go back is the sensible thing to do, only a retard would keep going back paying for the privelage only to moan. Think about it.

JimmyMack said...

I was right down in boo central si tting in front of a bloke spouting absolute nonsense for the whole game (bit like listening to David Pleat commentating!)and shouting shooooooooooooot (that old chestnut!) whenever we had a player remotely near the goal, irrespective if he was facing it or not, and getting in a huff when the players didn;t follow his coaching advice, these people base their footy knowledge on playing FIFA, they seem to think scoring a goal from 40 yards is a piece of cake, oh well, though Benik Afobe looked good today, as did Rosicky, hope Jacks alright, also enjoyed the Boca fans, they were far more cheery than us and they were lsoing 3-0!

Anonymous said...

They pay there money.
They can do what they like.
If your upset at what happened today wait till the season starts.
It will be worse then.

AlexSongshair said...

Abz you fucking moron.

"so if this team isnt good enough for u to support... what u doing here???" You fucking glory hunting prick. Are you saying that we should change allegiances because the team isn't performing? Are you saying that if Arsenal get relegated you'll support someone else?

As for the post, it's you kind of people that make this club a pure business and not a club. Wenger knows that there will be fans such as yourself that won't care about any transfers he makes and will bend to his opinion no matter what. As for the proper supporter comment, you disgust me. I bet you're also the racist type, the one that says fans from abroad aren't real fans. If anything, you aren't the real fan when you don't seem to care about what is happening at our club.

Bastards, the lot of you.

Anonymous said...


you are wrong and i question your motives for this steadfast support of the current regime. and stop insulting genuine fans who disagree with your toady blog.

the punters who payed their money to watch today have every right to boo. i am not going to list the reason why because those of us who do not worship the wenger god already know.

the anger will grow and wenger's head will role. he will understand of course because he is french and they invented revolution.

AlexSongshair said...

To the rest of you, if you hate the booing, why don't you go off to utd, they win things so you won't need to boo. You're the type of people that just let the murderer get away with everything. You don't speak up, you just sit in the corner and hope things sort themselves out. Wenger won't sign a good CB, I can tell you that now. We will finish outside the top 4 next season, that is a fact.

As for those of you that say, "get away from my club", why exactly is it YOUR club? People have a right to support the team they want, what exactly do you contribute to the club? Oh yes, I forgot, undying support of Wenger that allows him to let him get away with year after year, not solving problems the team has and continuing his faltering project youth.
People also pay to be entertained and in this case to see that their manager has gone a way to solving, or attempting to solve the defensive frailties we HAVE (should be had). That should be in the form of seeing the team looking more stable, or seeing a new face on show.

Sid said...

re; AlexSongsHair

Shit man, you need fucking help dude! Seriously, if you aint on medication, you should be and if you already are, then you need to increase your dosage!

Anonymous said...

SID you are an asshole, do you realise that this team is heading for the championship, everyone is entitled to their opinion, who are you to tell people how to voice their concern, fuck u mother fucka...You sound like Wegner wife

Anonymous said...

where were arsenal without wenger????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

I think it is as much difficult to condemn booing as much it is to condone it. Arsenal supporters have patient and generous for the last 7 years. Yes, 7 years as we haven't won EPL title for the last 7 years. In all those years Arsenal have persistently lost their title bids mainly due to a few known reasons: dodgy defense and the lack of a strong defensive midfielder. Every year Arsense Wenger said that "this team is young and will only get better". But the teams hasn't nor he has plugged the gaps by signing established players, despite the claims about the availability of money. Wenger has even lost his star players steadily and has failed to bring in proper replacements. Just check the list
(1) Patrick Viera
(2) Robert Pires
(3) Thiery Henry
(4) Ashley Cole
(5) Matthew Flamini
(6) Adebayor
(7) Gilberto Silva
(8) Alexander Hleb

And now we also look certain to add the names of Nasri and Cesc to this list. If we don't win something credible next year, I wouldn't be surprised to see us losing RVP and Wilshere too.

Wenger has even refused to recruit a quality keeper since Lehman's departure and the team has repeatedly paid the price for this failing. If Aston Villa can afford to sign Shay Given, why can't Arsenal?

Indeed, Wenger has taken this club to new heights, but his stubborn refusal to sign established/proven players has cost Arsenal dearly in the last few years.

If Wenger does address Arsenal's known frailties by bringing in one or two solid defenders/DM, and the team still ends up losing, I am sure no one will blame Wenger.

Anonymous said...

More rubbish out of Wengers mouth, more rubbish written by the AKB's and more of the same rubbish from the players. OK sure pre-season friendlies but they are the warm up that normally shows how things are coming together for the season (only 2 weeks away remember!) and on this showing nothing has changed.

As for the booing.... please enlighten me on how supporters can get their dissatisfaction across other than vocally? If this increases pressure on the board to push for the necessary changes then I am all for it. I must admit I do not believe that the core of the players that Wenger has assembled is good enough and I am firmly of the belief that he will stick subbornly with his ideal.

Sadly this season will be yet another in the decline and fall of our club from the once dominant position we fought to achieve alongside Man U.

All we see and hear from Wenger are the positives relating to the young players coming through .... but you cannot always have a situation where this is the heart of the club, at least not a successful be successful you have to have quality and expaerience, which has to be bought and paid for at the going rate even if it is more than you would like to pay.

Be prepared for more booing as the season unfolds! and for you idiots who say that anyone who is unhappy should go somewhere else, perhaps it is you who should whink of going with Wenger when he goes and that I believe will be sooner rather than later!

Anonymous said...

while i don't condone booing a team i love without extreme cause. I don't blame the fans who did. It had nothing to do wit the friendly, it had everything to do with the fact that a meaningless club sponsored tournament where the outcome is pretty much designed to end in our favour, managed to sum up Arsenals problems not just on the pitch but in the transfer market and in the trophy cabinet over the past 6 years.
The fans are more than aware there is still no central defense brought in 10days before the season, and the black brooding clouds of Nasri and Fabregas hang over the team without a resolution it seems forcing us once again to rebuild as we have every season for the last 6 years. While Wenger spouts nonsense for 6years that its all part of the grand plan despite his squad getting weaker and ticket prices getting steeper. How else can the fans vent about the unacceptable state of this once proud winning club, that we're having to beg Fab to stay and captain a team he wants nothing to do with anymore. what does that say about the lack of elite quality and leadership in the squad we're resorting to begging and that includes Nasri. You think Sir Alex puts up with that?
If the booing is reverberated into Kroenke's seats and reaches Wenger then maybe it sparks them into action. I demand an end to the Fab saga one way or another and i want some quality additions brought in immediately. No excuses.

canapol said...

At anonomous;
You are stupid C**nt of a man and I wish I would have the privilage of sitting beside while you booed so that I could smash your face in repeatedly until you decide to go and cheer for tottenham.
No you dont have the right, you never did 7 you never will no matter how much you pay for a ticket you limp supporter of a man.

Anonymous said...

Sing to the rhythm of the nursery song London Bridge! C'mon everyone!

Arsenal is going down,
Going down, Going down.
Arsenal is going down,
Wenger I trust.

Next season no champions league,
Champions League, You're dreaming,
Next season no champions league,
Fark you Hill-wood.

We are heading for Mid-table,
Mid-table, That's for real,
We are heading for Mid-table,
Good-going Ivan.

Anonymous said...


RockyJay said...

for all you guys saying we should not have booed, where were you yesterday? why did i not hear you cheering to drown out our boos? the team, the manager, the arsenal board, they all need to know we are not happy! they all need to realize, that what's going on at the moment is not acceptable!!
and there you are, ''so called arsenal fans'' who did not even go to the emirates, asking us(who were there) to move out to shyyt hart lane!!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the booing was about the result. Or even the performance. It was about the seemingly unstoppable drift of Arsenal Football Club. Since last season ended over two months ago none of our very obvious deficiencies has been addressed.

We still haven't made big signings that really state intent and that justify a 6% ticket price increase. We still haven't got rid of dross like Almunia, Eboue, Squillaci and Bendtner. We still haven't sorted out Nasri's contract. We still haven't got a captain who actually wants to play for us. We still can't defend a lead even with our best defence against poor opposition. We still pass sideways and backwards around the box and fail turn possession into goals.

Here we are just three weeks away from the start of the season and we are precisely where we were three weeks before the end of the last one. What do you want us to do, dance a conga around the pitch?

Anonymous said...

It's scary to consider that the players we want to sign were mostly likely watching yesterday. Would they want to sign for Arsenal and play 16+ plus games in front of those booing muppets? And Nasri, how loyal is he feeling right now? It's just disgusting. Arsenal needs more supporters and fewer fans.

Anonymous said...

it is NOt "bloody obvious" the club are trying to sort problems out at all. Our C/B pairings are woeful, and we have made one bid of a paltry 10m for jag.
We cant score and we have not been for an out and out striker.
Get your head out of the sand.
The boos showed that fans anger at the end of last season was more than end of season disapointment and should serve as a real loud alarm bell to the board and the dithering wenger

Chuck Berski said...

"Wenger has even lost his star players steadily and has failed to bring in proper replacements. Just check the list

(1) Patrick Viera
(2) Robert Pires
(3) Thiery Henry
(4) Ashley Cole
(5) Matthew Flamini
(6) Adebayor
(7) Gilberto Silva
(8) Alexander Hleb

And now we also look certain to add the names of Nasri and Cesc to this list."

Do you even read back what you posted? FFS! You've listed multiple players in the same position, who played at different times and then you claim Wenger has failed to replace any of them... You've listed the replacements in the same list you fool. Stoopid.

You've already written off Gervinho? Mata? Ramsey and Wilshere?

You're a moron; feel free to boo if you ever get within the same postcode as the Emirates.

Gary said...

Thanks for a great article. Recommended reading for any idiot who boos the team. What is the point ass-holes? I am seriously worried about Arsenal, because of the stupid fans, no other reason. As another poster said, imagine Mata, Jagielka or whichever player you want Wenger to sign, watching this lot? No wonder Arsenal has faired so poorly at home last season. Please give up your season tickets to real supporters and ask for your money back if you are going to boo the team.

Patrick said...

To AlexSongsHair...

It's a FACT that we won't finish top 4? Really? Really?

Here's a definition of the word FACT.

And it was a pre-season friendly. No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

When have the pundits put arsenal in title race during pre-season preparations.

It is ridiculous how bad officiating went against arsenal when manu draw or lost a game last season. Even super mourinho now praises Wenger for playing against match officials.

Its about time the FA did something about this rubbish. Now look in the EPl most of the mid fielders doing well have I time or the other been associated with Wenger. Larson, Muamba, Wilshere. If you take wenger riegn and compare to fergie i beleive wneger has produced not soo overhyped but better players for England. Tony Adams, Ray Parlor, Wilshere, Ashley Cole,

Ronney never got booed even when he was not scoring and still demand a pay rise.

Anonymous said...

@ Chuck Berski
Your logic is funny .
Nasri came in for Hleb,
Fabregas for Viera,
van Persie for Henry ,
Flamini for Gilberto,
Hleb for Pires.

When Chamakh was at bordeux during the CL people cried Wenger is stingy go buy Chamakh. Now he gets him on a free transfer and we cry he is not good enough. Arshavin was only a half season player yet soooo expensive and I beleive same would happen with cahill if he is bought. Cahill's bolton conceeded more goals than Arsenal and about 8 or our so called ( set pieces ) that we keep quoting are from ridiculous spot kick awarded against Arse becos manu is the only team with the right to win epl. Even Kenny commented on that.
Thats why I like Balotelli and Bendtner who can stand up to the press with their ego

Anonymous said...

watching arsenal trying to defend a lead now is like having an anal prolaspe .. you now that no matter how hard you try its all going to fall apart / smells like shit/ makes a mess ... we need to start praying to god above for some toilet roll now

Gooner in Exile said...

I do most of my Arsenal blogging over on ArsenalArsenal, but after starting to follow you on Twitter I decided to come and support you in your war on the booers.

It is a crying shame that so many "fans" see it as their right to boo, I don't know where they are or where they come from, I don't remember it when I witnessed some absolute tripe mid table fair.

The default position for an Arsenal supporter should be positive unfortunately without silverware some of our fans have decided that they should demand it.

If you want to complain about 6% ticket increases don't come to the ground but then if you complain about price rises you don't seem to appreciate that Arsrnal offer the best value tickets in London compared to Chelsea and Spurs. There are only 1,000 seats at Stamford Bridge cheaper than the Emirates. Many more fans can watch the Arsenal in the £30-£40 bracket than at Chelsea or Spuds. One of those teams is owned by a super rich investor.

I paid £35 a ticket for most home games I went to lag season, I paid the same for a restricted view at Goodison Park, roughly the same to sit at Blackburn, Birmingham and Bolton.

I vowed never to go to the Emirates again a couple of seasons back as I couldn't take sitting with passionless supporters who want to be given something to cheer. Try a few away games where you sit amongst like minded fans who want to represent Arsenal and inspire the team to play well.

When your home form is weaker than your away form the fans really have to take a long hard look at themselves and ask why. Not that preseason matters but did you watch the previous three pre season games, looked to me like the players enjoy playing away from home.

I still went to the Emirates last year I have decided to sing no matter what if everyone stares at me funny or not. Time for the silent majority to stand up and drown out the imbecillic boo boys.

Kevvy said...

There is a really bad atmosphere at Arsenal, a dithering Manager, an arrogant Board, and a team of losers!
The only people who can turn this around are Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board, give the fans something to cheer about, stop dithering and sort out the team.
Get Fabregas and Nasri sold if they want to go, then use the £50m+ you get for them, add it to the £40+ you were supposed to have at the start of the window and buy some quality players.

Benny Blanco said...

Totally agree. If you want to boo The Arsenal then FO to White Hart Lane.

Gooner in Exile said...

Kevvy "give the fans something to cheer about"

Why not give the players something to play for, like a fervent support?

Anyway are you sure Samba, Cahill or Jagielka will provide us something to cheer about? Give them half a season at the top level and then maybe we will see why no other big club is in for them.

AlexSongshair said...


If you look at last season, the additions of a sole attacking player and a young defensive. Our defence wasn't good enough last year, our whole team collapsed at the end. Other teams have strengthened, despite Chelsea having a strong finish to the season, they now have a new manager, City will no doubt spend, we WON'T. Therefore, it is a FACT we will finish outside the top 4.
In simple terms:
We're going downhill, that means we WILL get less points
Liverpool are resurgent, their players have desire, they will push on and have signed players that will compliment them. Adam is a great signing for them. Downing will get many assists through crosses for Carroll and henderson will provide a good work rate and be able to fill in for midfielders. Face it, your moronic undying support for Wenger has been undone and Arsenal are going downwards. The manager's lost the plot, the players don't care anymore, we just conceded another 2 goal lead to a poor team. We can't even win our own competition. The defence will not improve, there's no coaching. This team is shit, get over it and realise we will finish outside the top 4, never mind coming anywhere near winning the title. I would feel different if there was any desire to sign a centre-half that would ADDRESS OUR PROBLEMS. Not Jagielka, someone tall, an intimidating presence and an organiser, someone reliable in terms of injury. That's not Jagielka.
Pre-season friendly,m so you wouldn't be concerned at all if we'd gone in losing every game 10-0? Are you saying that Man Utd won't play well at all despite having a 100% record on tour. Pre-season should show that problems are being addressed and that players can get in a winning feel. It's not SOLELY for fitness. Why do you think there's a cup? Why not just two friendlies? People like you always protecting Wenger's policies and allowing no criticism on the club means that they can get away with anything. This is a complete disgrace that fans such as yourself think there is nothing wrong with the club.

Anonymous said...

Gooner gal says, I am ashamed that arsenal supporters think it is acceptable to boo the team, at a bloody friendly, as well, with the legend that is thierry watching, I just cannot get my head round it, the emirates cup was screened in many countries and watched by hundreds of thousands, god only knows what the americans must think of us. Talkshite and the other media assasins are having a field day, If you want to make a point do not go, march up and dowm ashburton grove all bloody day and night if you want ~ get your point across to the board some other way you are destroying our club, and wrecking our players confidence, they will become so scared of not winning that they will all want to leave and you will end up with eboue and denilson because no one else will want to play for us, so carry on if thats what you want, if any one challenges your disrespect you slag them off as akb's, you spend your money, blah, blah, blah, we all spend money on arsenal to varying degrees, so no given bragging rights there, even our little Jack is starting to feel the pressure. Wenger is not going anywhere so forget that, if I was cesc I would be running out of the door to barca. We have no god given right to win any thing it comes from the team the manager, but most off all the power of the fans, go and visit anfield and see the passion for the team, it is an honour to be an arsenal fan there are many wish there teams had done 100th of what we have acheived, a good honest article as far as I am concerned.
I am first and foremost a gooner and always will be ~ for the rest maybe you should consider taking your fairweather support to some other more deserving club!! rant over.

Benny Blanco said...

@ Alexsongshair

you need to switch to decaf

benny Blanco said...

@ gooner gal

spot on. some of our own fans are helping the media create hysteria about our club. we're all entitled to our views, but there's a time and a place.

ctc said...


Kevvy "give the fans something to cheer about"

Why not give the players something to play for, like a fervent support?

You've got it backwards mate. We already pay their wages they in turn earn our cheers.

They don't have to win. People understand they can't always win. What they can't stand is watching the same movie played year after year. They have to put out top effort, consistently, and stop making the same fucking mistakes over and over and over and over and over....and stop choking.

Management needs to support the team by doing what they can do to ensure that. When neither of those two things happens the result is what you've seen at the end of last year and it's starting again.

Management want it to stop? It's really simple. Stop lying to us, stop putting players out there that make the same fucking mistakes over and over and....get some players who are willing to fight instead of going down like cheap whores at a stag.

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