Sunday 12 June 2011

Transfer rumours: utterly baseless tripe

It's been interesting reading some of the recent transfer stuff in the last few weeks, not because I believe anything I read in some of the so called 'news' papers, but because so much of it has been either completely contradictory or completely made up. One of the worst things about all this guff is that some rather angry fans have been launching into attacking certain Arsenal players for no good reason, just because they have believed the ludicrous spin of a dishonest or inaccurate news story.

For example one paper has been running one story saying that Nasri is going to stay and then another saying that he is demanding 160 grand a week, utterly nonsensical stuff. The Gervinho nonsense has also taken the Michael, one gutter radio source claimed he had signed for Arsenal, then moments later the Lille chairman is quoted as saying that they have had only one bid for the player, which has been quickly rejected.

Some people need to wise up, there are a lot of people out there peddling utter rubbish in order to sell newspapers, generate hits and advertising revenue. It is so transparent and predictable. The rage that has been vented a two players in particular, Nasri and Diaby, has been so very misplaced and misguided. These idiots who shoot off without engaging their brains would do well to realise that this kind of behaviour is completely counterproductive and likely to harm the club that they support.

We have made one signing, Carl Jenkinson, and he looks like a useful addition to the squad, the fact that he is a big Gooner is also a bonus. I have this little suggestion for Arsenal fans, how about we think before we cast judgement, how about we use our brains to separate the invented from the reliable? There is no point getting carried away with the fictional drivel floating around at the moment, let's wait for reliable concrete information before letting loose.


Red Arse said...

Well said my friend.

I fear you are wasting your time railing against the big mouth-no brain merchants but it's good that you have principles -- and a good brain! :-)

Mark Wellington said...

Good article. I totally agree with what you say about Diaby and Nasri. Unfortunately, people believe what they read.

Anonymous said...

Too true! These fans that believe baseless tripe really are a shocking embarassment to our club.
The sooner we get rid of them the better. Does Sir Alex employ them? I wouldn't put it past the master of dirty tricks.

Danish Gooner said...

I would rather sign a garden rake then Scott Dann and Roger Johnson.

Anonymous said...

Well writren. However, Man Utd have done their business early as usual and we're still dithering. No change. We need new blood. We need an experience centre back and a goalkeeper. So please Arsene, spend some money.

Uncle Mike said...

I have no problem with signing Jenkinson, but if he's the biggest import in this off-season, then I just might sign up with the Wenger Out Brigade.

Anything new on Radamel Falcao of Porto?

sportsnet said...

gunners should keep both nasri and fabrigus for their future during transfer window.

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