Wednesday 29 June 2011

Close season so far- my thoughts

I haven't wasted my time in writing on the various pieces of dross that has been peddled in the media in the last few weeks and I don't regret my stance for a minute. The vast majority has been completely made up and has not been worth wasting my pseudo-ink on.

In fact things have been so very slow and tiresome that a lot of people have been getting very excited about a certain jilted ex-board member's comments on Twitter. I wouldn't trust someone who has so many clear conflicts of interest.

One thing that hasn't changed is the fact that Barcelona are a steaming pack of c*nts, like the world being round or gravity tugging one's belly down to the ground, some things will never change.


Loose Cannon said...

Agreed! Too much crap from certain Arsenal blogs too...not much happened this week.

However, it look like Gervinho deal is almost done. He was in London today, apparently. Fee agreed and medical done they said on Talksport.

Cahill next? I hope so.

The less said about Nina the better.

Anonymous said...

Nina is right.The club is now a shambles.Two billionaires as our two biggest share holders and we dont have pot to piss in when it comes to transfers.Gervinho is another Chamakh good in a crap league.Buy Given Cahill Samba Parker and Defoe all proven premiership performers.Not French crap

1979gooner said...

yeah right

parker, defoe, given et al

pure mediocrity

it's easy to claim the grass is so much greener, but it's naive and insulting

Anonymous said...

Nobody blinks until late July, early August. Then we will analyse the gaps in each team.

Groundhog day.

Shubham Goel said...

Last year we had signed Chamakh and Kosc till July 1st. And they both performed well. And we all know about Squillaci.
I'm quite dissapointed we haven't bought anyone this summer.Even gervinho doesn't look a huge improvement to me.
Here are some of the most memorable Arsenal matches:

goonerkam said...

BARKA needs to be reported to FIFA. then again those jerks won't do anything about it.

DerinO95 said...

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