Sunday 22 May 2011

Disastrous end complete and a tribute to Blackpool

So I think I can say that our end to the season has been an unmitigated disaster, there have been so few good performances, so many average ones, so many defensive errors and so many poor shows, it is not a surprise that we have picked up only two wins from twelve, a truly terrible record by anyone's standards. Our points total of 68 points puts us on a par with 2005-6 (67) and 2006-7 (68) and it does show that no progress has been made. I won't bore with you my deranged ramblings about where these changes should come, I will save that for a later day, but what has been abundantly obvious in recent weeks is that significant changes in terms of both personnel and thinking are required.

The big talking points from today will not be the football. The absence of our club captain will be hyped up by some and played down by others, but I cannot help but feel that despite being injured, he would have shown more commitment by travelling with the squad to the game at Fulham. Maybe I am on my own with this one, but I feel we would be better off without Cesc if he is not completely committed to the club. The absence of Song was also slightly baffling, Bendtner's failure to make the bench may also be a hint of what is to come.

I would say congratulations to Manu if they were an outstanding side and their squad wasn't riddled with such filthy human specimens, but as things stand they are one of the most mediocre league champions I have seen in my lifetime. Chelsea have gone backwards too, the only team that has made progress is City and it's not hard when you have millions to blow, this is no reference to Imogen Thomas and Ryan Giggs, I would like to make that 100% clear.

Blackpool have been a breath of fresh air in the Premiership all season long. Their work ethic, commitment and team play is quite something, the fact that they have played such lovely football in the process makes things even more remarkable, their manager is also a legend, his unique brand of humour and dignity in defeat have been a credit to both him and his club. I was truly sad to see them relegated today, they put up a typically brave fight at Old Trafford, in the end they just didn't quite have enough in their locker but they played some scintillating football in the process, their second goal was a great example of their lovely passing game. Bravo Blackpool and Ian Holloway, my manager and team of the season.

If you haven't got anything good to say then don't say anything, so when I move on to Birmingham City FC and their relegation, I will leave it there, the championship awaits.


Sinkar said...

I agree, we don't want players who are not committed.

The world is blaming every aspect of the club but not its caption to that extent.

It is simple, when your leader is eying outside how could others in the club produce better performance. I or for that matter any person with a little common sense would have reacted to such situation much earlier. How this has been ignored by the great 'Professor' is beyond ...

Anonymous said...

Gutted to see Blackpool go down - a breath of fresh air with exciting football an an interesting manager.

Anonymous said...

I stopped reading after I read Manu.Do you know how hurtful that is?
Anyhow wish you luck next season and your choice of manager if you Gooners like Liverpool fans can cause change in the boardroom at the Emirates.Its a game.Cat and mouse.You need to stand strong together to make change happen.19 and counting more to come with United youth blossoming. Feels ohh so sweet.

Anonymous said...

For a team that contains a rapist, a spitter and a whole bunch of divers its a bit much you calling ours a bunch of filthy specimins. Jealously is an ugly sin.

indian gooner said...

I am pissed at the attitude shown by cesc.he was at spanish GP it seems...great...the so called professor is busy mollycoddling his favourite son while he has his eyes on another me this sums up our team.too much power to wenger and his arrogance has lead to this.i would like to see a couple of new people in the coaching dept and also a new guy to be brought in as a replacement to wenger when he retires. deadwood has to go. and if wenger continues to do the same shit that he ahs pulled over for the last few years...i say get rid of him too...

Unknown said...
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Arsenalisto said...

Can Blackpool get Europa League for winning fairplay award coz they will definitely be top with just 1 yellow card today while Fulham had 2 and a red while they're on 52 while Fulham on 50 points before game so Fulham will be 2nd. If no relegated teams can get it then it will go down to Everton or Liverpool as well as Sunderland if liverpool got a lot of yellows and reds today, interesting! :)

Anonymous said...


United youth blossoming?

You really just add weight to the theory than manu fans are amongst the most arrogant and deluded if all.

Manu have bought their success just as city are doing, you cannot criticise and condone the other.

I am old enough and ugly enough to know there is far more to life than numbers on a board.

If it hurts so much to hear the honest truth that the top sides this year have been relatively poor, then keep those deluded fingers in your ears!


weedonald said...

Why do you lot keep on writing and commenting on Wenger and our ¨disastrous¨ season when by any sane definition, 19 wins and 11 ties is by NO means a disaster. What you pessimistic nihilists are groaning,moaning,whining and spreading your gloom and doom about would more properly be attributed to Blackpool, who merited better. But they only won 10 and tied 9 so they reaped what they sowed.
Cesc, Bendtner, Rosicky and Arshavin are no longer committed Arsenal players and should move on, unless AW is able to make them wake up and see that the grass won't be greener elsewhere.
When you are ignorant as you lot are about professional Football management and playing tactics then I guess we can't expect a balanced opinion or intelligent analysis...its much easier to say the ¨prof¨ has lost the plot and this or that player is rubbish. Typical lazy blogging from a bunch of cretins calling themselves Arsenal supporters.

Uncle Mike said...

Awful finish, but there are still 16 teams in the Premier League that would love to have our problems, if they could also have our strengths.

Yeah, it would have been very hard for Cesc to get from the Emirates to Craven Cottage, what with it being, you know, 9 miles away and all.

A rapist? van Persie was never charged and there was no evidence. A spitter? No evidence; I wish Cesc HAD spit on those Hull bastards. A whole bunch of divers? Name one! Okay, Eboue. Name another. Eduardo comes the closest, and he's gone now anyway. I know Arsenal haters like Anon at 19:39 are expected to be stupid, but don't lie.

arsenal1first said...

We need to get back to winning ways!

great blog mate keep going ;)