Sunday 1 May 2011

Arsenal teach cheating United a lesson

Frankly it is days like today that make supporting a football team worthwhile, these kind of moments are so very precious and enjoyable, in fact strange as it may seem to say, grinding out a thoroughly deserved one nil win against such an odious United side produces that kind of feeling that it is almost impossible to better. It makes winning trophies seem unimportant, it is these kind of highs that must be savoured and that is precisely what I am going to do.

The victory was catalysed by our midfield's excellent performance and a big part of that was a very hard working show from Aaron Ramsey that was capped by a fantastic goal. The first half was one way traffic, United were simply outplayed in the midfield. United held on thanks in part to some poor finishing, some excellent defending and some pathetic cheating.

Wilshere had a great chance to open the scoring when the ball fell to him just inside the box, he rushed his shot and hooked it just wide. Evra had to be alert when Walcott was thundering in to tap in a precise Clichy centre. Then the first moment of controversy, Wilshere broke through, Vidic clattered into him and missed the ball by a mile, he was probably the last man, Foy was well placed, nothing done. Then the second moment, a fantastic whipped cross from the right flank by Theo, it seemed destined for RVP's head, Vidic batted the ball away with his arm, a quite deliberate handball to deprive a goalscoring opportunity, arguably a red card and a definite penalty, the linesman was perfectly placed, nothing doing again.

So United survived until half time, Foy had been instrumental in this, not forgetting the three defensive interceptions of the ball he made, largely because he was too slow and cumbersome to do his job and get out of the way of the ball. Rooney was also lucky to still be on the field, he was booked by Foy for a late hauling down, he then told the ref to 'eff off' and kicked the ball away, Wayne got his typical one yellow card for the price of three. This was something we were to see time and time again in the second half, the weak referee Foy let several United players get away with blatant acts of dissent time and time again.

Our midfield trio Wilshere/Ramsey/Song were working like lions. Song was an immovable beast who was simply too strong for United players time and time again. Wilshere and Ramsey scuttled around like beavers, pressing, forcing errors, making vital tackles and then importantly having the ability to drive past players when they broke forward at pace. The goal came when Song intercepted in midfield and fed Ramsey, he then slotted the ball through to RVP, he then jinked this way and that in the box, looked up and saw Ramsey arriving late into the box, he cut it back, Ramsey sorted his legs out and side footed the ball home clinically into the bottom corner past Van der Saar's despairing dive, great goal all round and more importantly a deserved one nil to the Arsenal.

United huffed and puffed, and most of their chances came from soft free kicks on the edge of our box, Nani does frequently give in to gravity, Szczesny producing a top save from one of these Rooney free kicks. Vidic had a good chance with a header from a corner, having shoved Djourou out of the way with a cynical two handed push. Generally we defended well and restricted United to very few clear openings. We could have made the game safe on more than one occasion as we counter attacked at pace, a little more precision would have seen United buried by more than the single goal.

The final critical moment in many United games consists of a theatrical fall in the penalty box and Michael Owen provided us with this. He was touched by Clichy, but the contact was minimal, the consequent dive then made Owen appear as if he were parachuting out of an aeroplane, the knees bent and the ankles cocked back, it is not the first time that this dull little man has been caught trying to cheat a referee and it won't be the last, penalty my arse.

What a cracking win. Not surprising that the bacon faced bully is claiming that United are the victims of terrible refereeing errors yet again, he is just taking out the aggression he feels because he knows this United side isn't really that good and they were well beaten today. He would do well to look closer to home to see some of the terrible cheats he has in his side, the diving Nani and the cynical Vidic being the prime examples, players who get away with cheating week in week out.

The team played their hearts out today and showed a lot of bottle in holding out for all three points when it would have been easy to surrender the lead again. The balance of the side was better, it was proven just how important it is to have everyone competing for every ball, nothing demonstrated this better than Andrei Arshavin's cameo role as the maverick slide tacking defensive midfielder, awesome. We need talent and skill, obviously this is true, but we also need eleven 100% committed and motivated players on the field every week, this is the mentality and steel we need to win the league. Aaron Ramsey showed a lot of people today just how important commitment and fight are, I just hope a certain young man who watched this from the stands will have taken note.


thundertinygooner said...

Let's not start crucifying Fabregas.He's not the reason we've thrown the title away.But the rest of your report was spot on.United came for a oint,playing the long ball rather like Stoke until they fell behind.I also agree re serial diver Owen (usually he does it for England so it gets ignored).It would have been a very soft penalty.Vidic would have had to be sent off if his handball had been spotted. Its just so sad its too late for us to get back in it.

Savage said...

Is this what an Arsenal team without fear can look like?

Anonymous said...

Honestly have you ever been a ref or even studied the laws of the game?

Your analysis is complete rubbish. Vidic 'clattering' Wilshere was never a sending off. He wasn't last man you crazy fool.

Things like this is what other supporters laugh at us for being paraniod. The reality is that we had a pen appeal turned down and so did they.

Anonymous said...

"claiming that United are the victims of terrible refereeing errors yet again, he is just taking out the aggression he feels because he knows this United side isn't really that good and they were well beaten today"

Change UTD with Arsene and who would question the statement?

Anonymous said...


i'm not trying to slate cesc, just pointing out that his work rate has not been as high as it might have been in a lot of games


the vidic foul on wilshere was a cynical foul, whether he was last man or not is debatable, and this is made clear in the original post by the word 'probably'

it was a foul and a yellow at minimum, arguably he was last man, wilshere was almost through on their keeper

therefore your analysis is actually the rubbish, not mine

if that's all you can criticise me for then it doesn't amount to more than nit picking over small details



Anonymous said...

lol, it seems someone needs some reading lessons...

The sending off comment by the OP refered to the handball incident, not the challenge on Wilshire.

First rule of debate: engage brain before opening mouth (or rather, in this internet age, before fingers on keyboard)

Davi said...

I think the reason we had more balance in midfield was that song was actually employed as a defensive midfielder for once. He has too often been played as a box-to-box type midfielder, and the defence has come under too much pressure as a result.
An on form fabregas would only have improved us, even though ramsey was fantastic today - It's brilliant to see how well he has recovered from his injury. I hope he can maintain this form and take it into next season.

Davi said...

@anon 18:53 - the reality is that we had a legitimate penalty appeal turned down that should have resulted in a penalty and a 3 match ban for vidic (which could impact the title btw), whereas they had an appeal based on an obvious dive by owen. They seem to have fooled themselves into believing that if someone touches you in the box, it's a penalty, unless they do it of course.
Another dose of reality - United have escaped clear red cards at least ELEVEN times this season now (giggs, scholes x2, rooney, gary neville x2, fletcher (pushing referee), ferdinand, vidic x2, rafael) - maybe the paranoia is justified!

Anonymous said...

Wilshire was also tripped inside the box for a clear penalty that the "pundits" are studiously ignoring.

Chris Foy was manusa man of the match for the 3 defensive interceptions and the blatant body check on one of our players that he didn't even blow himself for, never mind give himself a yellow for a blatant act of thuggery.

I was expecting Foy's next move would be a full on rugby tackle on one of our players when through on goal.

I was absolutely flabbergasted to see some manusa-supporting chops on other blogs claiming they should have had 2 penalties?!?!?!

Honestly, the sense of entitlement from those quarters is nauseating.

As for fungusbum's claims, the dude really does have blinkers on, and the media idiots claim Wenger is blind?!?!?!


Anonymous said...

Pressure.When there is pressure on we couldnt beat Birmingham Sunderland Blackburn and Bolton when there is no pressure we beat the champions elect.Just shows our bunch of players are a team of bottlers who cant handle pressure

Anonymous said...

I think Fergie finally ran out of viagra to motivate his team.

I think he will be off to the pharmacy in the week. This will no doubt please Darren Fletcher.

No wonder why Wes Brown, or John O'Shit dont want to leave Man U.

Anonymous said...

bye bye cesc.

great balance and commitment in the midfield. A shame we did not show same commitment previously.

A nice change to see the midfielders tracking back and helping out the defence...

I wish we could have Eto on board next season...heard Inter want to offload him to us to take Cesc...I would bit their hands for that deal

Anonymous said...

This is probably true: "Just shows our bunch of players are a team of bottlers who cant handle pressure."

I would say, though, they can't YET handle pressure. They still need more belief; that's it. It was the same with all title winning teams. So AW, give them the belief and buy in an experienced champion or two that will make the mental as well as tactical difference and edge us ahead of two of three chelsea, ManU, and Citeh so we can be in the hunt for a trophy or two next season!

Anonymous said...

I am an Arse supporter, but that UTD team is the worst i have seen for many many years. We didnt win, UTD lost.Screw the refs decsions, they happen (Henry)...its time for a change

Anonymous said...

Chesser is gonna be as good as Schmeichel.

Anonymous said...

Some Arsenal "supporters" drive me crazy... We play well without Cesc, and suddenly we're happy to let our best player go.

We win a game, and it's further evidence that we're bottlers because we don't win every game.

The performance today was great, but we also played well against Spurs and Liverpool. If Foy had given a penalty for Clichy/Owen (which was an obvious penalty, we got away with one there for once) we would have had more headlines about how we "lack mental strength", or "don't know how to win games" etc.

I'm just saying that this team aren't far from where they need to be. All these trolls and haters who shout and scream about how Wenger and/or Rice need to go, need to look at things with perspective and a grasp of all the facts. There are clearly things that need changing at the club, but you can sense the negativity from some people in The Emirates and it does no good for anybody.

Anonymous said...

If Anon 18:53 studies the rules as closely as he'd like you to do, he might know that nowhere in them do the words 'last man' relate to a sending off. The last man idea was taken out years ago and only exists now as media hype, denying a clear goalscoring ipportunity is what the rules state these days.

Good try though Anon, but maybe you should know what you are talking about before slating others.

Anonymous said...

Man United fans have been spoiled by Ferguson moaning every game.

The media slate wenger for a slight moan, but Ferguson always gets good press.

Therefore because of this their fans think they are untouchable goods.

Anonymous said...

Top posting mate, slightly off topic, I went to the game expecting a negative result (particularly when heard Cesc was out) and just like my Arsenal, we pull off a good performance and win the game which gives the lot down the road a chance to retain their Pl crown.

Cale said...

Arsenal fc only seem to preform when the pressure is off it happens season in and out

Anonymous said...

I think it is nonsense to suggest that there was no pressure on the players yesterday, there was a shit load!

some people are never happy and will always whinge, sad that


Anonymous said...

evra evra evra your a cunt your a cut

Anonymous said...

to the so called arse supp at 21.01 on 1/5/11-u wot?we didn't win it manure lost it?are u sure?don't know what match you were watching where it's due & for once we were combatative.manure couldn't deal with it because that's there ONLy game plan when they play us because they can't beat us when it comes to pure football.but yes,do agree it's a one of the worst,overated,lucky MANURE sides in a long time..

Anonymous said...

Just want to say that the analysis is spot on. vidic should have gone TWICE, and I reckin he is probably the best central defender in England.

The fact tha Fabregas did not play is neither here nor there. The real question that needs to be asked about Fabregas is "How committed to the club is he? While Cuntalona turn his head again? People keep sayin oh he could move to Inter thats bollocks but if he were to move to Inter it would have to be for Lucio and 25 million or Lucio and Eto'o plus 24.5 million lol.

Sadly I think personally that fab though who has been a great servant for us will go and will end up in SPain with those cheatin bastards .

Great review by the way to whoever wrote it.

I heard today that contrary to popular belief, Alex Ferguson has come out and said that Chris Foy is not for sale for any price.

Only downside if there is one is we probably won the title for those anti football russians yesterday. credit where it is due, at least Utd. try and play football

Thanks for reading this to those who have bothered

Anonymous said...

some insider news...
barcelona are preparing a bid that includes ibrahim afellay and around 30 million pounds for cesc.
i reckon they need to increase the bid by atleast 10 million more before we give them cesc

Camberwell Gooner said...

Are beavers known for breaking up play and tackling other animals?

Chelsa Fan said...

I'm a Chelsea fan and after watching this game, it really shows the fluidity and beauty in Arsenal's game. Because Arsenal beat Man U, they could possibly come 2nd in the EPL and opened the title race right open to this weekend for the EPIC Chelsea vs Man U game. Anyways... thanks Arsenal for beating Man U and not providing them with those vital three points and again labelling Man U as chokers....Man U were once 15 points ahead of Chelsea...*choke* *choke* :P

Anonymous said...

What a biased blog! Even Wenger admitted the foul on Owen warranted a penalty. It was a clear stamp! Minimal contact, my arse. Such an article only goes to show how frustrated Arsenal fans are, and one win takes them to the moon. Anyway, even as a United fan I'd agree it was a very well deserved win for Arsenal. Congratulations on defending the second runners-up title.

Anonymous said...

Check out your great captain collapsing..

It is not about minimal contact...this is abt NO CONTACT

What a great team you lot have..captain a diver?

Create an article and you gonners can discuss about this first..I'm pretty sure that you all still will find excuses...

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