Sunday 23 January 2011

Wigan obliterated/Martinez+Pulis/Gray+Keys

As convincing a win as you will see all season, without some terrific goalkeeping from Al-Habsi Wigan could have been looking at rather embarrassing scoreline, and frankly I could write paragraphs detailed the superb passing and movement which opened up Wigan time and time again, but that would be boring, it was simply a scintillating display of football.

Wigan have a terrible away record against us and it showed, they couldn't get out of their own half such was our dominance. The territorial statistics made dismal reading for Mr Martinez. We simply had too much for them all over the pitch and RVP's finishing (other than his overly exuberant penalty) was unstoppable. It was pretty much our first eleven and it showed, the midfield trio of Song/Wilshere/Cesc has the balance, while the front three of Nasri/RVP/Theo gives us a very nice mix of pace/aggression/movement and trickery.

The fact that we are now keeping clean sheets on a more regular basis should not be forgotten. There are several reasons for this in my opinion; the goalkeeper, the centre back pairing, the full backs' improved form and the defensive balance from the rest of the side. We have conceded just three goals in seven games in January, maintaining this run of defensive form is going to be key in challenging on all fronts. The trick for Arsene is going to be rotating things with two games a week without disrupting the flow of the team, the eleven that he selects for Ipswich will be interesting.

The Martinez comments on Cesc and the Pulis comments on Dempsey, both from yesterday, can be lumped in the same box of stupidity. Both Cesc and Dempsey were clean through, both challenges had no chance of winning the ball cleanly without taking the man first, both challenges made clear contact that brought the attacking player down. They were both clear fouls and the attempts from both these managers to pin the blame away from their own cumbersome and stupid defenders is not only dishonest, but also rather malicious.

Have a listen to these blatantly sexist comments from the comedy duo of Gray and Keys, not only do they slag off female officials, but they have a dig at Karren Brady too. Even if the lineslady from yesterday's Wolves-Liverpool game had made an error, then it shouldn't be insinuated that it's down to her sex, because when a male linesman has a shocker we don't hear people going on about it being because they're male! If officials are shite then they should be criticised for being shite, their sex simply shouldn't come into it. Personally I think Gray and Keys should have been ousted from their positions a long time ago, their short sighted and partisan tabloid style approach has been beneath contempt for some time now.


Joe said...

could't agree more .we were fantastic yesterday and a clean sheet too to boot, begs the question, should fabianski get back in between the posts again?
as for richards keys and andy gray , farcical from both of them and they should be made to publicly apologise for their sexist remarks

1979gooner said...

szczesny should stay there for me

excellent keeper and more dominant than fabianski

our no1 in the making

Anonymous said...

grt. game all around, except 4 the penalty..... think. we should make Nasri the designated pk taker.... nxt. seven game will see us improve on all cup fronts..... i know so.... can't wait to meet the catalonians with a full healthy team..... vengeance is mine, saith the lord..... hahaha... wat have u heard about Macharano to Arsenal.:... hope its just a rumor,, can't stand the cheat sob... a butcher really, not a footballer.... til nxt time.... goonerkam out..
ps. shame on the birmingham team, bend over & say aaaoach,, 5-o ... sorry lot in the mold of Alerdicks blackburn,,, shafted as a favor to ferret face Ferguson

Dan said...

Just listening to fat Sam on Sky again talking about himself in the 3rd person and yet again, bigging himself up! "Sam Alladyce was labelled a long ball manager by managers of big clubs because I always beat them..."

What a fat chubby faced jowly deluded cunt he is...

As for Arsenal (!!!) excellent stuff, long may it continue and as for Keys? He is a slimy twat who needs to be dumped by Sky, not just for his pathetic comments, but because he knows less about football than the women he is belittling!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Tell you what, rather than have Keyes sacked - lynch him? That way we can be seen to be really right on! Tell you what - let's get rid of all the male players and replace them with females. Oh - plus Gays of course. God forbid we should leave them out of the frame. What's more, lets get rid of every shred of the working classes - they're just keeping the game in the dark ages anyway. Let's ban anyone who says or does anything we don't like - because women running the line's just about the greatest thing to happen to football.

1979gooner said...

anon 2023,

what are you on about?

there is no reason in the world why a woman cannot run the line

HighburyJD said...

sexism is intrinsically working class...?
projection much

Anonymous said...

No there's no reason a woman can't run the line - I'm sure she'll be as useless as all the men that do it.
Sexism's certainly not intrinsically Working Class but the game of football once was, and the views of those two men joking about the lineswoman stem from then. Now however, the game is watched by a bunch of squeaks. Arsenal have suffered from this more than any other club I can think of... Progress? Maybe but maybe what you're left with now is a soulless money making machine, where once was a Football Club that was the pride of Islington, Finsbury, Holborn... & St. Pancras.