Sunday 2 January 2011

Dirty brum demolished as referees start 2011 as badly as they finished 2010

It wasn't unexpected but I have to say we could have had a smidgen more protection from the referee yesterday from some Birmingham tactics that definitely crossed the line of what could be deemed to be an acceptable level of aggression. Roger Johnson's early tackle on Cesc Fabregas was a red card tackle, a reckless violent lunge with studs showing that could easily have seen a terrible injury at the end of it, it was more by fortune than anything else that Cesc was able to play on afterwards. The referee bottled it and then later on missed some appalling and vindictive stuff from the scum who calls himself Lee Bowyer. The stamp on Sagna was followed by a malicious stud raking down the same player's Achilles a few minutes later, the referee missed the former and let him get away with the latter.

It is not just the way Birmingham got away with these moments of violence that rankles, it is the way in which certain lame duck sections of the media highlight a 'handball' incident while ignoring the woods for the trees. ESPN are just plain shite, but the BBC should know better, I was appalled by Lawrenson trying to justify Johnson's tackle on Cesc by saying that he went for the ball, this is irrelevant, it is akin to going for the ball with a machete, it is dangerous and unsafe, thus both against the rules and unacceptable, as well as unjustifiable. It is typical of an average team full of cloggers for their manager to try to claim the 'big decisions' went against them, what utter hogwash, their claims that RVP's inadvertent handball was a penalty are weak, while they themselves were very lucky not to have seen at least a couple of men sent off for early baths. Hopefully Bowyer will be punished retrospectively by the FA for his stamp, still this was more petulance and I would prefer to see Johnson's tackle upgraded to a decent ban as this was the violent act that was likely to do the real damage.

Anyway the important thing was that we stood up to this physical challenge and came away with a clean sheet and three very deserved points. The eight changes were for the better this time, Djourou and Koscielny combined terrifically well at the back, Sagna and Clichy were both solid, Birmingham rarely troubled Fabianski. When they did Fabianski saved well from Larsson's free kick which was an extremely soft award in the first place, strange that the media ignored this gamesmanship from Johnson but focused on RVP's fall when clearly yanked back by the arm for our opener, while Johnson fired over from six yards when clearly well offside, the linesman missing this rather obvious fact.

The most positive thing is that a clear first choice eleven is emerging and this is key if we are to grind out some solid momentum for the rest of the season. This eleven has a better balance between defence and attack, there is enough drive and work rate in the midfield with an engine room of Wilshere/Song, there is more dominance at the back, while the creative combination of Nasri/Cesc and RVP with the pace of Walcott wide right gives us so many attacking options. I like a lot.

The only bad thing about yesterday was the wins for Manu and Spurs. Manu were particularly fortunate, with the score at 1-1 Chris Foy bottled a big decision, Neville committed an extremely cynical last man tackle from behind in the box, a penalty and red card should have followed, Foy choked it, still West Brom still went on to miss a penalty with the scores leve. Another flukey win for United, no doubt the regular big decisions going in their favour helps them grind out wins instead of defeats. Hopefully their luck will run out eventually. While we're talking of Manure, check out this pathetic piece of blogging, someone seems a little obsessed with out young keeper's spot on comments, dust someone protest too much because their team has yet again got away with murder? Manure fans have started the year as they mean to continue, spouting ignorant puerile drivel rather looking at their own ugly faces in the mirror.

Man City is another biggie on Wednesday and I would be surprised not to see the same eleven starting again, players can easily be rested for the visit of Leeds in the FA Cup. Things appear to be clicking together just at the right time and barring any injuries to key players, January is the perfect time for this momentum to be building. Come on you Gunners!


Anonymous said...

That sad geek from the manky blog uses Arsenal references to get hits mate!

1979gooner said...

Indeed, let's infest his lame little gutter dwelling blog with some rational mocking of it.

Rhinogooner said...

I might not be remembering things correctly, but wasn't the free kick awarded, prior to the RVP handball, particularly a poor refereeing decision?

I seem to remember thinking that Brum shouldn't have even had a free kick as there was no foul committed.

But all the commentators wanted to go on about was RVP handling in the box rather than the fact that they should have never even been awarded a free kick in the first place.

I do seem to recall not getting a handball in the box call in our last match against Wigan.

Anonymous said...

The thugs in the epl are getting away. It's up to the FA to punish them severely. The std three match ban won't do.It doesn't take a rocket scientist that the clubs with a thuggish record be docked points.That will scare the mangers of the thugs and force themto leash these bastards.
I have hust seen some Chelsea players syced down in the AV game and all these brutes get is a yc. I think the refs should be empowered to give a rc. No dicretion should be given.A straight red will deter the thugs. Otherewise prepare for mmore Eduardo type of injuries.

Anonymous said...

epl refs are all cowards, and the media are shit. period.

Chant down babylon said...

Mate, that spunkunia imbecile always has to name-check us to validate his ill-thought out ramblings. He probably sits around in his y-fronts and too small manure shirt scraping the four day old pizza off his beer gut whilst trawling Gooner blogs for anything critical of his yankee dollar debted shit sack of a club.

Roger 'cun*' johnson forearm smashed chamakh by the dug out in our home game. The comment from the media on this incident? Sweet fanny adam. Except if you count kunt kamara on sunday goals the next day blowing johnson and having a good laugh about it. I've read some stuff from posters on other sites suggesting johnson would be good for us, but I never want to see this clod-hopping inbred scum put on our colours.

Uncle Mike said...

"They themselves were very lucky not to have seen at least a couple of men sent off for early baths." Since when do Birmingham City players bathe? They're not called "the Dirty Brummies" just for their style of play, you know!

What really pissed me off was that, while once again the traveling Gooners outsang the home fans, the one time I could hear the Bluenose fans was when they sang, "Same old Arsenal, always cheating!" Riiiight. Next, they'll be telling us that the miners were unfair to Thatcher. Maggie or Ben.