Saturday 3 July 2010

Rosell - the new Laporta

How amazingly tedious is this whole Cesc to Barca story becoming? The collective of scum that passes for a football club named Barcelona appear to have even less class than some imagined, their vice-president feels it is appropriate to say:

"Our objective is for him to become a Barcelona player this summer."

This is outrageous. They are talking about a player who is under a long term contract with another club, they should be sanctioned for such disrespect for the rules. Sandro Rosell has followed this up with:

"We won't pay an unjustified sum, we won't lose our heads over this business."

Well Sandro you c*nt, if you won't pay a decent fee then you won't be signing Fancesc Fabregas, he is our player and under a long term contract with us. End of. Seeing as we're on the topic of c*nts, at last the England team are being portrayed as the selfish morons that they are. Irrelevant of their ability, it is clear that they are an egotistical group of primadonnas who let down the country with their lack of effort.

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JT said...

I think it's time for us to be done with the entire saga and simply sell him. It's clear Cesc wants out, after all if he didn't want to go there he would've come out and said so. We can take £50M or so and use it to boost our squad. We need a few centre-backs, a few in midfield, and a new keeper.