Wednesday 28 July 2010

A centre back please

Another interesting if not mind-blowing pre-season friendly is out of the way. Emmanuel Frimpong and JET are certainly two players who have made a big impression thus far. Not many of us would have expected them to come into contention for first team places at this stage, but Frimpong's defensive skills in midfield and JET's combination of power and skill make them both very useful squad assets. Obviously Wilshere has also shown how much he has developed over the last twelve months, but for me Wilshere has already shown he can do it in the Premiership.

The centre back area is a big problem for us at the moment. Sol Campbell has signed on for Newcastle and good luck to him. That leaves us with the proven Vermaelen, the unproven Koscielny and the injury prone Djourou. Of note Djourou suffered another niggle last night, it doesn't seem too serious but it does remind us of this tendency of his. The fact that the promising Bartley is out with a clavicle fracture also shows up the weakness in our squad quite dramatically. Arsene must know this and I will be extremely shocked if we do not sign up a proven experienced centre back before the deadline passes. We need another centre back badly.


Anonymous said...

we need a goalkeeper , dm , and a cb ... if we dont its same old same old

Mug said...

Yeah a Centre back is surely on the shopping list.

Frimpong has been outstanding, as has JET (and nasri too btw!) I think loans to premier league teams, where they will get regular football would be the best thing for them.

As for the doomer comment above...

Change the record you mindless sheep.

Anonymous said...

only what, best part of 5 years we have been asking for gk, cb, dm

Arsene is deluded, blind, past his sell by date as a manager.

Great coach by the way, just a shoddy manage

^^Prick^^ said...

Fucking clueless plastic twat.

Clive12 said...

Buy Mertesacker , Sell Almunia & Loan Szczesny or Fabianski ... and buy an Experience Keeper and i think we are ready to challenge

1979gooner said...

Mertesacker looks slow and average to me, don't think he do well.

Jagielka would be a decent signing I reckon.

spectrum said...

"We need a centre back badly". No, we now need TWO more centrebacks badly ! Can you see Wenger buying TWO ? About as much chance of that happening as us winning the league this season.
"In Arsene we rust".

1979gooner said...

Come on, we don't need two centre backs.

If we buy one experienced player that leaves us with four, I can't see the need for five specialist centre backs.

spectrum said...

1979Gooner - I'm talking about "top, top quality" players, to quote the manager.You know, the type of player Wenger said he would sign for us in time for this season.
Well one quality player ( Campbell ) has left.That leaves just Vermaelen. Koscielny is unproven in the E.P.L.and doesn't have E.P.L. experience.Djourou is hardly top quality, and is injury prone.Nordtveit is inexperienced and may not be ready, nor is the required quality.So you feel confident with the four defenders we have ? And they would be ? Please state your reasons.
"In Arsene we rust".

1979gooner said...

As I wrote in the original piece I think we need one more.

That would leave us with this extra player, TV, LK, JD and KB/HN as young back up.

This would be adequate in my opinion.

I think Jagielka is decent as I have said above.