Sunday 14 March 2010

Phil Brown: eat my shorts you cretinous halfwit

This game demonstrated what a lot of us have been talking about in recent weeks, Arsenal were routinely intimidated by an inferior side and given only minimal protection by an incompetent referee, this led to the end result being far closer that it should have been. If we had dropped points yesterday then only one man would have been to blame, and that would have been the hapless Andre Marriner who was completely lost at sea throughout.

Phil Brown is a talentless tosser and his Hull side have been sculpted very much in this image, an exception is Jimmy Bullard who is a rather handy player who can play football the way God intended. Hull fouled from the first minute as if their lives depended on it and the referee let them do it time, time and time again without proper punishment. Marriner must have blown for about ten Hull fouls in the first half hour and they committed about triple this number, overall the sheer number of fouls was quite astonishing. We played some fantastic stuff in the first half, we were by far the better side, the goal came when Arshavin jinked through and finished neatly into the bottom right corner.

Marrinner gave Hull a route back into the game when he handed them a penalty when Campbell brushed Vennegoor of Hesselink in the box. It was a soft soft decision even if one ignores the fact that Vennegoor of Hesselink was well offside, personally I think the ball had been lost and he slowed down deliberately waiting for the contact. Bullard hit a very good penatly home, one one it was and completely undeserved. The stupid moron that is Phil Brown seems to think that this was the pivotal moment in that Campbell 'should' have been sent off. Well Phil, as even you admit it was well offside, whatever one thinks of the foul to then say he 'should' have been sent off shows you are a truly braindead numptie.

Hull were lucky to finish the first half with ten men on the field. Dawson was lucky not to see red for a horrendously late and dangerous lunge, Boateng was lucky not to see red for his slap in Bendtner's face and his high late tackle on Sagna should have been a straight red, Mendy committed numerous cynical late tackles for which he was not even carded once, Fagan did the same and even got Sagna in a headlock off the ball. Marrinner was woeful, he allowed the nasty and the cynical to go unpunished for far too long, this gave Hull a license to continually break up our superior game with deliberate fouls, what a useless performance from the official.

Marrinner also kept giving Hull free kicks for the softest of challenges, I remember once in the second half when Fagan clutched his face after minimal contact and then Hesselink dived when no contact had been made, free kick to Hull, what a joke this refereeing was. A completely fair tackle by Campbell on Zayatte led to an unfortunate injury to the Hull man, it was firm but fair challenge that won the ball clearly with the laces of his boot, Sky have since dishonestly tried to make this into an issue that it simply was not. Marrinner also waved away two stonewall Arsenal penalties, one was a two armed shove on Bendtner as he went in for a header, the other a late clip of the knee as Clichy got past his man.

Anyway Bendtner's late goal was exactly what Hull and Phil Brown deserved, frankly there's nothing more satisfying that winning a game at the death in this manner. Denilson, who didn't have a great game, hit a good fizzer which the Hull keeper palmed straight out to Nic Bendtner, Bendtner hit the target and the keeper didn't have time to react, the net bulged and the game was won, I haven't gone quite so mental at a goal for a long while, what an awesome finish against such a dire and dirty Hull side. Despite the poor refereeing we probably should have killed off Hull earlier in this game, quite a few good chances came and went, but sod it, we won and that's all that counts at this stage. We're in the mix and there are only a handful of games to go, if we can keep picking up three points then anything could happen. Come on you Gunners.

Player ratings. Almunia 7 Sagna 7 Campbell 7 Vermaelen 8 Clichy 7 Diaby 8 Nasri 7 Denilson 6 Bendtner 7 Arshavin 8 Eboue 8 Subs Walcott 8 Eduardo 6


Unknown said...

Sick n tired of the Skysports anti Arsenal bias, I sent this email regarding their INACCURATE & DISHONEST report of our match vs Hull to It's about time Arsenal fans deluged Sky with complaints about their anti Arsenal bias & dishonesty............
'Your report on the Hull vs Arsenal match which you broadcast every hour is factually DISHONEST as follows ............. With regard to Hull player Zayatte's injury, the reporter says that a freekick was awarded but no yellow card to Sol Campbell. WRONG !! A free kick was not awarded to Hull City , play had continued until being stopped for treatment to Zayatte. Play was resumed with Arsenal having the ball back in their possession. Correctly it was therefore NOT a foul by Campbell & therefore a potential yellow card was not an issue. In any case it is clear that it was a fair tackle & therefore mischief making by Skysports who are continuing their usual negative & Arsenal bias. A copy of this email will be sent on to the Press Complaints Commission & Arsenal Football Club as this DISHONEST & INACCURATE broadcasting is unacceptable. Kindly have the decency to amend your broadcast accordingly'

Stav said...

tPhil Brown...what a tw4t. The poor man's Sam

Great win for Arsenal; they are starting to show some character now.

Unknown said...

Hull did actually get a free kick but it was not for the campbell tackle it was for the next bit of play after that.the campbell tackle was perfect the sort of challange every centre half loves

Anonymous said...

Brilliantly put, and needless to say but I will, I agree with your every word. Lets hope that we've given Hull a big helping hand back towards the championship where their brand of football belongs. As for the biased reporting from most of the so called 'experts' and pundits alike, I can hardly wait until we are crowned PL Champions so that they can all come out and say we don't deserve it. Cunts to a man, the lot of emm.

1979gooner said...

to be fair the BBC got things spot on and agreed that Phil Brown was completely wrong with all his calls

Anonymous said...

I'm glad someone has mentioned the cynical way that Hull played. A stronger referee would have clamped down on that early so that a game of football could actually take place. I bet nothing comes of the headlock on Sagna - violent play and therefore should have been a red card.

Geoffrey D. Wessel said...

I'm still pretty bemused that ESPN were debating whether or not Campbell should have been sent off versus the penalty given; he was a mile OFFSIDE to begin with, NOTHING should have happened!

But, it did, and in the end Phil Brown got it right up him. Enjoy life back in the Championship, Phil, if you even make it to next season. Useless prick.

Anonymous said...

Phil Brown (17/3/09) after the linesman failed to spot an offside in the buildup to a goal conceded against Arsenal. "We've not been beaten by Arsenal, we've been beaten by the referee and the linesman. The game was turned on its head when the referee succumbed to local pressure. You'd better ask Mike Riley how much that will cost us. I'm sure he wouldn't have the faintest idea."

Phil Brown (13/3/10) on Hull being awarded a penalty by the referee after the linesman failed to spot Vennegor of Hesselink in an offside position. "It may have been offside but as long as that linesman's flag doesn't go up then it's not offside."

Just fancy that... What a difference a year makes!

Anonymous said...

Still haven't got over Geovanni's winner at the Emirates last year, have you?
Viewed from the bottom of the Premiership, your infantile whining and self-pity is truly ridiculous.

1979gooner said...


very much over it,

your team is a disrace to football, i'd rather see you go down than anyone else for this reason, add to that your manager being a first rate tosser


just following Phil's example!

Anonymous said...

17.04 you are a dick, it's not about that, it's your manager tango man is a first rate lying tosser. Wake up and live in the real world you prat, your side do not deserve the premier league. End of

marcus said...

Notice how every single Hull fan resorts to mentioning their win on our home ground, something we've long forgotten about but they clearly haven't, it's their ONLY achievement, the only thing they can talk about, they never forget it.

For us, the WORST league defeat that season was the awful loss at Eastlands and Chelsea at home, we'd long forgotten about Hull when that happened.

Gooners had NOTHING against Hull when they came to the PL nor after their win at our home ground -- the home crowd APPLAUDED the Hull players after that game, we were highly critical of our team.

All the bad blood was started by Brown and Horton and their blatant LIES about our captain and our manager. Their blatant OTT timewasting from the 17th minute in that FA cup game didn't help either.

THAT'S when it all started--Hull's manager and his staff came to the Grove with a massive chip on their shoulder with intent to "show" it to the big boys and act like petulant 10 year olds.

I never had anything against Hull until THEY started acting like scumbags. Now it will give me enormous pleasure to see them go down and STAY down for good.

These are the kinds of games that prove our team are turning into serious champion material. This game and the Stoke game. We're on our way.

Anonymous said...

refereeing like this is destroying the game I love. if I wanted to watch rugby I'd be watching the 6 nations.

These moronic refs need to sort it out asafp before the fans start turning away from football, and before someone gets seriously hurt - oops too late.


Anonymous said...

You guys don't get it. No Hull fan believes that we play good football, or deserve to beat Arsenal. We are grateful for every minute we play Premier League football in fact, something we never expected to happen.
It just seems strange how big clubs like Arsenal resent having to put up with sharing the pitch with us plebs. That's why your moaning is so grating - we've probably lost Zayatte for the rest of the season, and all you can do is moan about not getting enough protection from referees. Honestly, you're just a bunch of spoilt kids. Who, by the way, haven't won anything for years! said...

What a satisfying win! I haven't been that irritated by a Gunners game in a long time. The complete lack of control over the game by the ref was absolutely RIDICULOUS!

Two questions for the blog:
1. Thoughts on Altidore's performance for Hull? I thought he did an admirable job holding the ball up and hustling for an over matched hull side. Nice to see him improving...
2. What the hell is wrong with Arshavin's finishing? As long as he's under pressure, same old Andrei, but when he's been open lately, he just shanks 'em over the bar. Maybe he's just rounding back into shape after a few weeks off?

1979gooner said...

Hull fan,

Marcus tells the story well, Phil Brown and Brian Horton have behaved like idiots and have brought this on themselves, they have torn up any respect that would have been shown to them.

'Spoilt kids'?

I think not. Zayatte was hurt in a fair challenge, Campbell won the ball with his boot laces, a textbook tackle, actually Zayatte went in late and high and got none of the ball, it was unlucky but that's life.

This is completely different to some of the fouls by Dawson, Mendy, Boateng and Marney. They were deliberate cynical filth.

Brown obviously tells his team to go out there and cheat, it's pretty pathetic really.

I really don't get where you're coming from on this, your manager is an absolute wanker, he is the least gracious in defeat of any manager out there, he makes up excuses of the most flimsy variety to blame everyone but himself when Hull lose, the man is a moron and a cad.

Rhinogooner said...

RESULT! Phil Brown got the sack!




Oh, that is satisfying. Woohoo!

Ted said...

That is very, very, funny !!!

Anonymous said...

Sol Campbell is our mate is our mate Sol Campbell is our mate he hates Tottenham

Goodbye Brown, hope Hull go down for a team miles apart in talent and location, it is weird I can't stand them.

Anonymous said...

(Rule Britania)
Oh Phil Brown
You don't have a job
Good riddance
You are a total knob

Anonymous said...

Kind of says it all. Rather than worry about getting slaughtered by the three top teams in the Premier League, you go on about how Hull City have less talent than Arsenal.
A bit like Thierry Henry, who set the tone - classy against the bottom half teams, anonymous against the big guys.
Of course Sol's tackle was fair - he's playing for Arsenal. That's Wenger's definition of fair play, and was even when Patrick Vieira and co were busting shins up and down the country.
Arsenal do in fact play great football, but if this blog is anything to go by, the fans are real losers. The opposite of Hull City really!

Anonymous said...

Bye Phil..guess you've just been Tango'd...:D

Unknown said...

I'll lay 4 to 1 odds that after Harry has to leave Tottenham, their next permanent manager is Phil Brown.

Makes sense, doesn't it? They think hiring the permatanned schmuck will get under our skin, when all it will do is move St. Totteringham's Day up to March again.

Rhinogooner said...

HT against West Ham and we're 1-0 up. But Vermaelen has been sent off for a nothingy coming together in the box. Almunia saved the resultant penalty well. But a ridiculous decision from the ref, who has had an abysmal performance so far.

Anyone still think there is no conspiracy against The Arsenal by the FA and referee's union this season????

They absolutely DO NOT want Arsenal to win the league this season. And are willing to ensure by any means necessary that we don't. If we manage to somehow nick the title this season, it is going to be made all the sweeter because of having to suffer all the anti-Arsenal bias in the media and from the referee's and FA.

We have to cope without Vermaelen for the next two matches now....
Can we appeal?