Monday 8 March 2010

FIFA: standing in the way of progress

Some of you may have heard that the International FA board has voted against using goal line technology to help referees out with these tricky decisions. FIFA make out that this is some kind of democratic system but the reality couldn't be any further from their spin, in fact FIFA's majority of votes means that they can block any progress that our domestic FA's want to back, such as goal line or video technology.

This was only just skimming the surface of FIFA's malignant control of the FA board. They have approved more experiments on extra referees while they have blocked the excellent idea from the Scottish FA of punishing simulation retrospectively. Arsene cannot believe it, Alex McLeish cannot believe it, generally anyone with a functional brain cannot believe just how narrow minded, short sighted and completely stupid FIFA's standing in the way of progress is.

Virtually every other sport has adopted the sensible use of video technology to make things fairer. The arguments against it do not cut the mustard, video technology and goal line technology can be introduced in a sensible way so that they are not overused and do not disrupt the flow of the game. In tennis the challenge system actually makes things more exciting for the crowd, I envisage that something similar in football would do the same. Listening to the cretinous dinosaur John Motson on the radio tonight made me fume, his argument that human error is part of the game and should not be reduced is nothing but moronic, he should keep his views within the foul stench of his paedophile jacket.

FIFA are a bunch of utter fools, they are so out of touch with the modern game it beggars belief.
Video technology is so desperately needed in the modern game, it would make everyone's life easier. Referees want it because it makes their job less pressurised, the players want it because it will cut out a lot of errors, the managers want it for the same reason. It seems that about the only people that don't want it are John Motson and FIFA. It makes me fume, why stand in the way of progress? Why not reduce error if you can do it so easily? I'm not saying it will make everything perfect, but it will certainly cut out a lot of the barn door errors that we are forced to endure at the moment. The debate and the subjective nature of a lot of footballing decisions will not be lost, video technology doesn't change this despite what morons like Motson may say, it will simply help referees make less mistakes, and what on earth is wrong with that?


Anonymous said...

I whole heartedly disagree about the need for goal line technology.

I dont disagree that FIFA are a bunch of idiots and probably acting out in some weird way for their own benefit.

Life isn't perfect. sports shouldn't be either. that is one of the joys of football to me. its a bit informal. the ref keeps track of the time, there are added minutes, etc.

over a season, you get some calls your way, and some go against you... thats life.

we need to enjoy the imperfection. and the lack of it is fair, anyone can be robbed or awarded a non-existent goal. thats okay.

the NFL, NHL, yes, NBA, they all have replays, does it add much? i don't think so. there is more or less still disagreements about calls made with replays.

for example, we saw the ramsey tackle. i know your opinion on it but in the blogosphere, there is still tons of discussion about it.

where would replays stop? they could be used for tons of things, penalty calls?

then eventually, a clock would be next. time would stop and go.

and what would happen? Commercials and adverts of course. thats the next step.

if it aint broke, dont fix it.


kunal said...

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Ted said...

Tricky one. I am all for making things fairer, but I am not sure about video technology in football. Its probably worth an experiment though, to see what happens. And its surprising that FIFA is not even willing to give it a go.

That said, I think the major leagues could probably also do more. Surely someone has a commercial agenda to push to get the technology in place - Sky would love the replays and Hawkeye simulations.

1979gooner said...

I am sorry but the perfection argument is very very very weak.

We don't need to enjoy the imperfection.

There will still be debatable things, these won't suddenly become clear cut.

However the ball that clearly crossed the line, the penalty given when the foul was outside the box, the wrong red card when there was no contact, these kind of errors would not be missed by anyone.

A system like tennis would be good. Say each manager/captain has two appeals to the video ref each half, while the ref can appeal if unsure over a big decision (any card/penalty decisions)

This would add to the game.

It is broke, progress can be made with simple adjustments.

A clock? Well why not?

Anonymous said...

Bit harsh on Motty just cos he disagrees with you. Doesn't make him a paedophile mate! I bet you scream at people when they chuck such comments at Wenger.

You would have thought fifa would have approved the retro puinishment after the attempt to stitch Eduardo up.