Sunday 7 March 2010

Fate and fortune

This weekend I was just briefly pondering just what the best outcome in the Champions League and FA Cup was for us as Arsenal fans. On balance with the title being so wide open, the best thing is that Chelsea and Manu have as many games as possible to play between now and the end of the season. We have nine league games left in nine weeks, Manu the same, and Chelsea ten. Potentially the most games we could have left until and including the final league match would be 14, Manu the same, Chelsea could have a whopping 17. The fixture congestion and who gets knocked out of the CL could have a big big effect on the title race.

Chelsea now have a game in hand, but their fixtures look like they may well pile up somewhat, they now have an FA Cup semi final against Villa to ponder, ideally Chelsea can beat Inter in the second leg of the CL to set up at least another two games in this competition, with a few injuries already mounting up, a regular two/three games a week could really have a big impact on their league chances. The same goes for Manu, it would be good if they can knock Milan out to set up another two CL games in the next round. Every little helps, and every little thing that can tilt the title our way should be encouraged.

ACLF spotted a good bit of pompous drivel in the Observer this weekend, it is precisely this kind of toilet paper that needs to be rammed up the media's derriere come the 9th May. It is strange that the media have never complained when Manu have won the league despite a dismal record against the top sides, they always seem to trot out the 'best side wins it over a season' line. This line of argument is then completely ignored for Arsenal, it would be so sweet to win it this year and ram it down their throats, given that we have been written off time and time again by so many people. It would also be payback for the times which we have been narrowly missed out on the league title when we were arguably the best side around, 2002-3 and 2007-8 spring to mind for me. Come on you Gunners.



dont really agree with the post,i want united and chelsea both out of the champions league,id fancy our chances a lot more if they werent in the draw for the quater finals.

anto said...

agreed irish there the 2 teams tat id worry bout in champions league and teams tat stay in europe usually do well in the league it keeps up momentum

Obsinho said...

It's a good point that Irish Gooner makes. We have already thrown the domestic cups to focus on the league and Champions league - we have (maybe) a better chance if winning te Champs league than the prem so maybe we would be better of hoping Chelsea and Utd are dumped out.

If we do draw them in the latter stages, I'm not going to be exactly brimming with confidence!! Also, a cup loss can and does have a knock-on impact of form, so could also lead to some dropped points in the aftermath.

Interesting times....

Uncle Mike said...

I actually want to face ManUre and Chelsea in the Champions League. That's right, both of them.

If we beat them in the CL, what the hell can they say if we win the League? "We beat you when it counted!" In this scenario, "Uh, no, you didn't!"

I have nothing against Porto, but I want this one. Really bad.