Friday 6 November 2009

Mancs don't dive

This was a blatant dive. The clip above makes it look like a dive and it is the most forgiving angle. From the side one can clearly see Fletcher throwing himself down before any contact is made and the contact that is made is microscopic to say the least. The ref got it spot on and booked Fletcher for his gamesmanship.

The media reaction has been an utter shambles. Both Andy Gray on Sky and the ITV commentator are bigots living in denial as they both called it a cast iron penalty, refusing to even acknowledge that there might have been a bit of gamesmanship at work.

Alex Ferguson has gone ballistic as always, refusing to even consider that one of his honest players would ever con a referee, remember that this is the man who let Ronaldo get away with the worst cheating of any player around for year upon year:

"I can't believe it. I watched the camera by the side of the dugout and it is the worst I have ever seen in my lifetime – unbelievable."

It was one of the worst dives you've ever seen 'Sir'(*). Just remember what Sir Alex said about the Eduardo situation, as if we needed to know what he thought:

"It was a high-profile game and something has to be done, it creates an incredible reaction from the media and public in these instances. Something should be done and we hope the message gets across."

Either Ferguson is a moron in denial or his is cunningly trying to detract attention from the dive by pretending it wasn't one, either way he's a clear hypocrite. Strange how it's fine for Fergie to have his say when one of our players exaggerates a challenge, but if Arsene had his say on Fletcher I bet he wouldn't be too happy. The media's refusal to even acknowledge that certain players from certain special clubs ever dive is frankly pathetic and reveals their complete lack of objectivity. The media's partisan coverage of Arsene's and 'Sir'(*) Alex's respective behaviour also gives their game away, one is labelled a whinging moaner whatever he says while the other is routinely given a free ride to justify the unjustifiable.

(*)-denotes the fact that the title 'Sir' means nothing more than Alex Ferguson being rewarded by the Labour party for backing them both financially and non-financially, it has been purchased with money just as if you or I went to the supermarket to buy an apple, it most certainly does not signify that he is a man of good repute or of good honour.


Obsinho said...

Didn't see it live, buy after a few views on the small YouTube screen I can categorically say there is no contact. Flectcher does well to anticipate the defender's left leg dragging back but goes over very easily and then does the classic look to the ref.

It is a dive. But the opponents weren't Scottish and don't care. So no-one else will.

Anonymous said...

Bigots eh?, sometimes you gooners make me chuckle :-)

Uncle Mike said...

Does a player for The Devil's Own United still count as a "Manc"? Or is that name reserved for City players or someone actually from Manchester?