Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Injuries and tabloid misinformation

So the meaningless international week has left us with at least one significant problem, if not two. Firstly RVP has sprained his ankle and will be out for a few weeks, despite hacks at the Sun speculating wildly when they didn't even know the true nature of the injury, he will NOT be out for the season, and it is not possible to predict exactly how long it will take him to recover.

I am amazed that tabloid hacks with no medical knowledge feel capable of speculating on injuries and try to predict exactly how long players will be out for, they are idiots. Recovery from injury is an unpredictable process and even the experts can only give rough estimates, sometimes even these are wrong. RVP will be out for a few weeks, it's impossible to predict with much more accuracy than that really. Even with extremely detailed scans it is still impossible to predict accurately how long injuries will keep people out for, you just can't tell I'm afraid. Honesty doesn't sell papers though.

Kieran Gibbs has also picked up an injury playing a very 'meaningful' game for the U-21s, despite the tabloids claiming it is a fractured metatarsal, the club have not yet released the details of his injury but I am sure they will let us know shortly. This could leave us in trouble at left back, Traore may be the man to come in, hopefully it will not be Silvestre.

This weekend's trip to Sunderland will be tricky. Steve Bruce has recruited some handy players and has organised them into a fairly solid unit. Lee Cattermole is a long term victim to injury but Cana is expected to be fit for the weekend, would this be a good game to try the Ramsey-Song-Cesc midfield trio? I think it would. Certainly Emmanuel Eboue will be on the mic, apparently he wants to be the new Eddie Murphy, expect him to be cruising down a street near you looking for some loving, but seriously, I don't think Emmanuel quite has the intellect of the legendary Murphy despite his great intentions of making people happy.

ps Good news on Gibbsy, he has no fracture and will probably be back to face the chavs in just over a week, it shows that some tabloid hacks should save their breath until they have the full information


Obsinho said...

I know this is off topic for this post, but my god the reaction to henry's handball is pathetic.

He handballed it. Wow. He got away with it. Wow. So by the almighty laws of this blessed land he shall be stoned to death with rocks made of shit.

Utterly ridiculous. Next time I see any player anywhere do any of the following I am going to complain to FIFA;
dive, win a free kick when there wasn't a foul, get away with a foul, be offside and not get given, appeal for an offside that wasn't, appeal for a throw on when it came off you, play on even though the ball went out of play, pull someones shirt, back into someone off the ball, uses their hand, moves the ball forward at a free kick, impedes a runner on a corner, claims a goal when it wasn't over the line or takes a corner when the ball is not in the triangle.

These are all attempts to cheat, and I will not be a ruthless agent of this new shining justice in the world.

How dare a sportsman do something wrong, and have the utter cheak to get away with it.

Ted said...

'Brave Ireland' are a home nation as far as the hacks are concerned.

Imagine if fat Wayne does the same to France. He would be a national hero.Burger King would announce a special 'Fat Wazza' quadruple cheeseburger, and the Sun would talk about Wellington and Napolean.

Its no wonder the rest of Europe thinks we are cunts.

Uncle Mike said...

Let's see, forgive Thierry Henry for doing what a lesser player, Diego Maradona, totally got away with... or stand up for a team with Robbie Keane on it...

With all due respect to a country which, particularly if you include the six counties of Ulster, has given Arsenal a lot...

The British Isles media all need to put a sock in it. Fact: If the incident had not happened, the game would have gone to penalty kicks and Ireland still might have lost. They lost the two-leg series in the first leg when they let themselves get beat at home, and they deserved to lose -- not because of character (except in Keane's case), but because they were the lesser team.

Anonymous said...

Republic of Ireland 2-1 Georgia
11 February 2009

From the BBC:
"A bizarre penalty helped the Republic of Ireland come from behind to beat Georgia in a World Cup qualifier.
They had trailed for most of the game after Stephen Kelly's early blunder gifted a goal to Alexander Iashvili.
But Robbie Keane equalised from the spot in the 73rd minute after an amazingly harsh handball decision against defender Ucha Lobjanidze. The ball appeared to hit Lobjanidze on the top of his shoulder. But ref Hyytia pointed to the spot and Keane rolled in the equaliser"

I don't recall Robbie Keane apologising over taking the pen and requesting a replay, and I don't recall anyone, anywhere demanding "something must be done".

1979gooner said...

completely agree obs et al,

massive over reaction,

it is almost assumed that ireland were going through, the score was level at the point of the henry hand ball,

fifa's reaction of trying to introduce more refs is utterly farcical, it is comical, words almost fail me

videos sepp, you fat corrupt c*nt

Anonymous said...

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