Monday 19 October 2009

Walcott out for a few weeks

Theo has strained his medial knee ligament which means he is out of action for at least three weeks, pretty unfortunate given his recent bad luck with injuries. People have said it was a fair challenge, I disagree, it was an aggressive tackle and was definitely not fair. Ridgewell followed through with the leg that didn't win the ball and the venom shown with this follow through was clear. It was a definite yellow card in my book.

The injury list is lengthening, with long term absentee Johan Djourou already out til well into the new year, Denilson is out for several more weeks with his back injury, Eduardo has another niggle, plus Bendtner is also out. Gael Clichy is fit again but Tomas Rosicky misses the Alkmaar trip as a result of what is hopefully only a minor knee niggle. Elsewhere Arsene has commented on Brum chants of the weekend, pathetic at best really, it's hard to understand the motives of such stupid cretins, it really is.


Ted said...

Well said 1979. The FA has been incredibly inconsistent over the years about booking dangerous tackles.

One month its a straight red, the next its not even a free kick.

The issue should not be whether you 'got the ball'. RVP was given a straight red in a Euro game for taking the ball with his feet off a player's nose some years ago. Why? Because its dangerous.

Ridgewell's tackle could easily have put Walcott out for much longer than three weeks. However, we should count it as lucky that no worse damage was done.

As can Ridgewell

Uncle Mike said...

Ah, but you forget, 1979, that in the eyes of the FA (sometimes standing for Fergie's Apologists, sometimes standing for F---in' Asinine), tackles on Arsenal players are just defence; while tackles BY Arsenal players are crimes against humanity.

You know the old saying: "Just because you're paranoid... "

1979gooner said...

indeed uncle mike!

if vieira had nailed ronaldo as ridgewell nailed walcott we would not hear the end of it