Friday 16 October 2009

Enthisiasm on the return

Is this a mirage? Or are we about to see some exciting football return to our planet as the boredom and general dullness of international football is replaced by the hustle and bustle of the Premier League. I certainly hope so. God FIFA and UEFA have a lot to answer for. The international game is so bloody dull, we so so rarely see decent teams play each other, there are so many meaningless or uncompetitive games, even the big competitions have become so expanded to include the useless that they have been massively diluted down in terms of quality.

Personally I think they should have a more Davis cup tennis style of competition where the weaker sides play each other and the stronger sides play each other, the successful small sides can be promoted up divisions while the under performing sides get relegated. If things carry on as they are then interest in the International game will drop, drop and drop and that will be a great shame. Just look at the list of teams that have qualified for the World Cup, it includes Honduras, North Korea, Mexico, Japan and more. There are many more weaker sides that will make it to the 32 team tournament, it is so watered down it beggars belief. The reason for this is the fact that appeasing the small weaker countries is a good way for people like Blatter to win lots of votes for their elections.

Anyways back to all things Gooner. Gael Clichy is recovering from a knock picked up on International duty, other than that Eduardo is still out, as is Bendtner, while Diaby is expected to be fit. Nasri is expected back soon which is rather good news. Gibbs will surely get his first start of the season at left back which will be good for him, while Manuel will return in goal to hopefully command his box as well as he did last season. The rest of the side will be fairly predictable, I'd imagine Song, Diaby and Cesc will play in the midfield three, while Rosicky, RVP and Arshavin will spearhead the attack. Birmingham have been solid if unspectacular, I'd like to see us defend well and keep a clean sheet tomorrow, hopefully an early goal will be forthcoming. Another three points is needed to keep up the pressure on the top spots. Off the pitch Stan Kroenke is building up his share quota which must be a good thing if it keeps that fat repulsive criminal out of our the running of our club. Come on you Gunners.


Drew said...

Unless I am mistaken, Gibbs started against Portsmouth, so it will be his second start of the season...

1979gooner said...

good point, forgot that